Swaragini life is a game (Episode 1)


hi am jane i am not good in writing plz plz forgive the spelling mistake because am so weak help me suggest me so let start

a girl is sitting in the plane and her lips r shown it s like rose petal she thinking that “i don’t no wat s happenning around me .a life s game which has twists and turns hw can i do that 2 my own sister i allways wanted her happiness but now wat i did s a unforgiveble mistake thinking this she breaks downs her face s fully shown she our ragini in bridal costumne . her frnd kaaviya s with her
kaaviya: ragini stop crying u did not do wantedly u know something swara is not angry on u plz let us go back plz letsgo back

ragini: no kaaviya now swara is married to my ficnace because of me i can’t show my face 2 her plz don’t compell me if u want 2 go u go
kaaviyaa:no ragini i will not leave u alone i have talked 2 my uncle and i have got a job 4 u there so v can go 2 london
ragini :(hug kaaviya ) and said no one can understand me except u kaaviya i love so much never leave me alone

a sound came that plz were ur seat belts the fight is going 2 take off
ragini:(in mind) god i know there is many problem in my house and i know it is correct 2 run from problembut i have no solution 4 that thank u 4 sending a nice frnd like kaaviya
i wish swara will be happy
kaaviyaa: (in mind) oh god plz make ragini’s life normal plz make ragini’s family understand ragini plz god plz

sence sift 2 a big mansion it is maheswari mansion
a girl is shown doing the arthi she is non other than swara wereing sarre she giving prasad’s 2 every1 and goes 2 her room and she is taking a photo it is ragini’s photo
and saying

swara: y ragini y i don’t know wat is happening here within a 2 days i got married our mother try 2 commit sucide and wat happened 2 u whwnever i was in u take care of but no is therenow

Credit to: janebetty

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