Swaragini (life full of love) promo

Hey guys ..I know many are hurt with pairs and some are happy …so this is my story ..I can interchange it for guys ….
So the pairs will
It’s quite difficult for me …to change the storyline in these pairs but for u guys I will do it …
Bu swalak fans ..don’t worry ..
I am a great swalak fan ….I love namish like hell ..
So they will get equal importance as swasan …don’t worry ..
As always raglak ..it’s quite difficult for me ..as the story line of now is different …but I will make sure …to show them tooo.
Many of u were saying that I am not giving importance to ragini ..I am sorry ..
From now on I will show her …
She is positive …just showing her jealous ..
So I think I will maonly focus on swasan and swalak …then ragsan nd raglak …
Ok guys …but plz don’t stop reading my ff ..plzz
I one more thing ..jaf mentioned that I write I hate u tooo ….no u r wrong
I am new to swaragini ff …I dint write I hate u too …..
So guys stay tuned swasan and swalak both will enjoy ..I will give both centre of attraction
Thanking u ..keep reading ..

Credit to: Dolly


  1. supreet

    awww plz dont change…i was enjoying it nd was happy with swalak and ragsan…..only i wanted ragsan bcz less ff r on them…plezz keep the pairs swalak and ragsan

  2. Aarti

    U cant change d pairs nd according 2 story ragsan nd swalak suits coz they have already proposed

  3. abi

    so d pairs r swasan nd raglak…..thank u sooooo much…..i m die hard fan f swasan…..dnt change dese pair pls pls pls…..i request u…..

  4. sarah

    Hey….plz dnt change pairs year…..it’s not fair….it hurts….let it be Rafsanjani nd swara laksh

  5. Dolly it’s too sweet of u that u r changing the pairs on r demand… But r u sure it’s swasan and raglak huh.. No prob I hope

  6. simi

    If it’s swasan then a bye to your ff…..
    I thought you will be different but like other sawasan writers…u changed your ff to swasan….till date I loved it but no more reading your ff…bye

  7. abi

    i dint read ur ff as u dint mention d pairs…..bt i was continuosly reading al d comments n ur ff to know d pairs….bcoz i hate ragsan pair….i cant c dem as pairs…..so pls tel me clearly d pairs bcoz last epi u told swalak nd ragsan….nd now u say as swasan nd raglak….so if u clear it i will read ur ff from first…..pls can u clear it….pls pls

  8. shloka

    I just want to say that I loved your ff.but now it’s time to bid a good bye to it.you saw that some of them wanted swasan but you didn’t noticed or cared that some are happy with swalak..I feel like crying reading that you changed the pairs

    • dolly

      Same here yaar i don’t think i myself will like to read it with swasan further…i wanted swalak…hey dolly ur ff was going on really good ..i really loved it ..but i don’t think there is any use to change pair …continue it as u were planning earlier only…please don’t change pairs yaar…it will be really bored to have swasan …otherwise i really love ur ff…

  9. gayu

    Thank u so much.. I love swasan and raglak as pair. I will read every update like i am doing till now for sure.

  10. pavi

    yo r confusing dude.. its Swasan or swalak..in last episode lucky propose Swara n she accepts it n similarly ragini propose sanskar n he accepts her… now yo r telling Swasan n raglak… n anyway frankly I don’t like ragini with sanskar… she looks good with lucky only..

  11. Simi that’s so rude of u .. It’s the wish of ff writers what they write .. Okk u didn’t like the changing of the pairs.. U could say it lil sweetly ..it does not matter u r swalakian or swasanian

  12. Kiara

    Finally… i so happy…i thought i would not a ble to read such awesome story becoz of pair…thank u..for changing pairs…i have no problem with swalak…its just that i cant imagine ragsan as pair…

  13. what is this yr u also care abut comments on ur ff u want many comments on ur ff that’s why u changed the pairs u are also like other
    but atleast they don’t interchange pairs on otgers view ones they annunce pairs its final
    but u have played wid the feelings of swalak fans

    i short u choose swasan becoz u want many comments on ur ff soo bye im not going to read yr ff
    i throught it will be intresting but no u are also like others who want comments u have broked my heart and i have already given u explaination why to choose swalak and for swasan fan but u want only to please swasan fan
    ok then bye

  14. Krystal

    Yeah..I read I hate u too….Eva wrote it…and I love the couple of raglak and swasan..keep writing dear….

  15. jus

    Stop writing ff.u r cheater. Just for comment u changed ur pair.i m not fan of any one.but i hate writer like u.

  16. jus

    I m not fan of any couple. I know some peoples are fan of ragsan.guys please read megha’s ffs..that’s ragsan ff.belive me just a fabulous story.she did not care about comments.her ff just best.no1 can beat her in writing here.

    • Kiara

      Dude jiska ff read krna h kro…agr ye ff read nhi krna mt kro…but please don’t bash her…aur galt kya kiya…she is a writer n 70% audience wanted swasan…even though she is swalak fan…so chill

  17. bye bye dolly i was silent reader but u made me to comment i will stop reading this ff because u changed the pairs u think only about swasan but wat about ragsan .l like swasan but ragsan is also nice . i cann’t see ragsan fans in pain i want u to put ragsan abyways bye bye to ur ff srry to hurt u

  18. i hate it to the core i want swalak and ragsan wat the hell u have done the same thing is happening in the serial showing swara has mahaan
    good bye to ur ff

  19. Niharika

    Why did u play with the feelings of ragsan and swalak fan? U said about I hate u too ff right? I read the comment of Jaf on your 15th episode…tbh….it was better cause the writer didn’t play with our feelings at least…u got more comments for swasan and that’s why changing the couple…..I’m a diehard swasan fan….but didn’t expect this from u…and yes jaf…please don’t hate swalak cause…they a loads and loads better than that raglak…..

  20. Anahita

    Hehehe..I know that u didn’t write I hate u too…that’s because…u change your pairs because of comments…..Eva di wrote I hate u too..and she didn’t change the couples despite of getting so many swasan and haters comments….but my question is in the previous episode u showed Swara kissing both the boys…I mean…isn’t that very odd? U just played with swalak fans feeling…..soory if my words have heart u….I used to read this ff and all alone Ragini…but now..I’m not reading ths ff anymore….bye…

  21. Anu

    Thanks thanks so mch for swasan I love them like hell even I like swalak but I hate ragsan nd raglak also but I m bearing raglak for swasan thanks thanks so mch for swasan this will be teh great ff till now because most of the ff r giving importance only to ragini most of the ff r ragsan nd raglak but its will the my favourite because it is giving importance to swasan nd swalak thanku so mch

  22. you cann’t cheat like this hw cheap dolly yesterday u said it is ragsan and swalak for comment sake u r changing it i hate it i will stop reading this i was a silent reader

  23. ambika

    hey don’t change d pairs yar.. coz of pairs all story will ruin.. don’t think about others . be brave and write what u wanna tell dem..

  24. i also say goodbye by to ur ff. i’m really happy that in ur ff ragsan are the pairs i just love and i’m eagerly waiting for ur ff before that ur shocking news that u change the pairs. but why dolly i hurt it u change the pairs sorry afterwards i cant read it sorry if i hurt u after all i hate laksh i dont want laksh with ragini.

    After reading my comment..no other swasan or raglak fan should say that its Dolly’s wish to select pair because i know it that its her wish..But she already said in 15th episode that the pairs are ragsan and swalak…at that time itself i stopped reading her ff because iam a swasan ,raglak fan..But she changed pairs today .All the other swasan raglak fans might be happy but iam angry..Guys just think if she said first swasan,raglak then changed to ragsan swalak..then how you people will feel..Ofcourse will feel angry na..All of you are human beings ….try to understand others.And dolly what you did is wrong.Eventhough iam swasan fan i think you should change it back to ragsan,swalak.
    Bye forever..

    • Kiara

      Dude be it clear…u r swasan or ragsan fan…as the way u reacted show u r a swalak n ragsan fan…

  26. u change the pairs its a big shocking to me why u do this u only consider swalak fans and their request what about ragsan fans? do u care about that? nw i say goodbyeee to ur ff its really hurts me and soo sorry if i hurts u

  27. hi diya i dont know who are u. but i’m really happy to say u .u are really superb afterall as a swasan fan u must be happy but u support ragsan fans and stand for their feelings thnx

  28. M big fan of swara..nd thanks fr swasan nd swalak nd sry if i hurt any1 bt pls dnt give much imps to ragini pls only focus on SWALAK ND SWASAN as u said ur lakshs fan thn pls give both pairs same imps..

  29. I can understand how much ragsan fans are sad but even the writer of ff an invisible feeling called love firstly told people to vote and as per votes swasan should be the pair but at the end she chooses ragsan at that moment we were very shocked as we were waiting for swasan but she made it ragsan as the pairs are writers choice if u want to read u can if u don’t want to read plz don’t hurt anyone feelings sorrry if I hurt someone sorry but it is just my point of view

  30. Anjali

    Dolly, I am a die hard swasan fan…I too have written ffs….I’m in my second one now…ik how hard it is to get your fans’ approval and their comments….but you were very successful….you had so many supporters..so what if ppl didn’t like ur original pairing? You should have stuck to it….I felt bad that it was swalak….but so many others loved you for that….I just think you should reconsider. ….
    But pls don’t change again and again…that will just annoy everybody….do whatever your heart and your creativity tells you…
    Sorry….I didn’t mean to hurt you….but you have to understand this….a good writer writes for others. .a great writer writes so that she feels good about herself….

  31. Wow….acc. to ur ff …swasan and raglak is also best for their opposite behavior …please continue ….don’t be sad for negative comments…

  32. Avni

    Tysmm Tysmm Tysmm
    O God
    Yesterday I was litrary crying tht U made Ragsan
    I was NT having any problem if it will be swalak
    it just tht I can’t imagine Sanskar to romance wid Ragini
    like seriously
    Tysmm Dolly
    Tysmm Tysmm Tysmm
    & also
    I love U I love U I love U

  33. rishita

    All the swalak and ragsan fans don’t worry …there r many ff which u can read.
    main tujhe Kitna chahta hu tu soch na sake ,all alone ragini,swaragini the beginning,swaragini meant to be together..and many more….
    Vo actually I don’t remember all the names they r my favourite…but there r many more ff too.

  34. Eva

    Dear u should reconsider your decision cause everyone is feeling cheated right now..I like both swasan and swalak..i’m fine with both but others r heart broken….

    • Eva

      And yeah I wrote I hate u too..and trust me..i’m really happy that no one hates me…cause I didn’t change the pairs for comments….and I’m also glad that after reading my ff many started liking ragsan…dear don’t be so greedy for comments and hurt others…

  35. abi

    pls let it be swasan nd raglak……dnt change again pls…..an invisible feeling called love she also did d same guys like changing d pairs….that time so ragsan fans dint say anything u were happy…..so let swasan fans b happy n dis ff….dnt bash her….dolly let it b swasan I can’t c ragsan as pairs pls….

  36. U changed the pair….what the hell yaar…u showed rags as a jealous & little grey but still we read it hoping its swalak & ragsan….but u just broke us…we r note raglak or season haters…infact im a raglak fan I just love temish…but in ur story ragsan & swalak wr perfect… But whts the use u r hr just for comments…good bye

  37. sara

    Pls don’t change the pairs.. go according to ur opinion not others.. Plsdon’t change the pair it’s request

  38. Ayesha

    Plz make swasan only..i like ur ff very much i read only for swasan ..i cant even image ragsannor swalak plzz continue your promo…
    Just do what you were doing .plz not change your pairs or either your plot…

  39. Tooba

    I really love your every ff bcz of storyline but I love swasan more than that…….you always make swalak but thank you soooooo much for making it swasan this time

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