Swaragini (life full of love) episode 4

Hey guys …I am with the 4 the part of my ff …I am really happy …let’s get started
A man takes his phone and callls someone : have u reached …
The boy who slapped Swara : haan dad ..but car got stopped so that’s y …
The man : then wait near the India gate ..we will reach there ..and we can go together to shergil mansion what say ..
The boy : OK dad
The man cuts the call
The man is in car with wife and daughter
They are sharma
The man is ram sharma
His wife sujatha sharma
His daughter uttara sharma …………..

The one who slapped Swara is ………..?????????????????

@ shergil mansion
Swara goes to her room angrily ….
She gets call
Ashvar ( ar ) : hi shona what r u doing ???
Swara ( angrily ) : simply silting just now came back from school …
Ar : what happened dear is everything alright ….why r u so angry ..
Swara : nothing dad ..just small headache that’s it …getting ready to go to party …yaayy !!!
Ar : sry to inform but there is a sudden change in the plan we coming today only home
Swara : so what dad u come …..
Ar : no no actually my friends and family also coming ,ram uncle daughter is having marriage in Delhi …so they are gonna stay with us …
Swara : oh I see …
Ar : not only ram uncle
Swara : shekhar and durga prasad uncle will also come right ..???
Ar : how did u know
Swara: dad I am ur daughter …I know they are ur best friends …so even laksh is coming right ..
Ar : ya ..wait what laksh …..something something ..
Swara : nothing dad he is really good friend from childhood ..so ..and even that boring (she says boring silently ) ragini and that sanskar
Ar : ya so we all are on the way …some may come fast ..just help them and prepare the guest rooms and allot the keys OK

Swara : OK dad I will everything fine ..so I can’t go to party …its OK
Ar : dry but it was a sudden plan ….OK shona talk to u later ..he cuts the call
Swara : now I have to be in this boring marriage …hmmmmm…..with that ragini and sanskar ..that two boring company ….
But laksh will come ..I am really about that ….my laksh will come …how he will be I saw him in 4th ..now he would have grown ….how handsome he would be I am waiting …
I wish he looks like the morning person who slapped handsome and dashing
I don’t know why I couldn’t slap him back after I saw his face ….why god ????
Screen freezes on Swara and ragini thinking about sanlak

So guys ..why she couldn’t slap him
What’s the reason ? What destiny actually wants ..wait to see more …?
So guys plz comment whether u like or not …ur comments gives me courage to write ..so plzzzz and post ur suggestions about pairs ….. thank u

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    1. Thanks a aarti. ..keep reading

    1. Kruti thanks a lot for the comment …there is suspense in the pairs

  1. plz make it raglak

    1. Thanks rafee …I will keep in mind about the pairs ..there is suspense in the pairs ..so keep reading

  2. Awesome its humble request to make it somewhat long if u dnt mind…

    1. Thanks renu for ur comment …ya sure from now on I will make longer episodes ..I was scared that u wouldn’t love this ff ..but thanks …keep reading

  3. nice …

    1. Thanks cute girl ….keep reading dear

  4. swalak

  5. Plzz make it Swasan

  6. Everyone the next one is updated …keep reading

  7. Plss make it swasan….

  8. Swasan…

  9. Nice but don’t wanna swasan as couple im fed up of reading swasan fff sry to say i don’t like ur last part

  10. Plz make it raglak plz

  11. swasan and raaglak plzz..anywayzz superb

  12. ragsan plz

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