Swaragini (life full of love) episode 24


Hey guys ..I am back with the 24th part …keep supporting …let’s get started .
@shergil mansion
Engagememt is on a swing …
Swara goes to the stage …
Swara : good evening everyone …its a pleasure being ur host this evening ..the engagement is already on a swing ..to add more masti …
We all r gonna play a game …guess what ..
I will keep a bowl in the middle written names of the girls and ladies present here ..
All men’s will get turns to pick a chit ..all the ladies and women will be blindfolded …they will not who they r dancing with ..the music will stop ..the girls and women’s should say with whom they r …if they say correct ..we will give gifts …and will have to keep on changing pairs after every song ….at last in all round which girl or lady say her pairs name correctly will the winner …I know its impossible so ..at least 2 rounds pairs out of 3 rounds name u should tell,,…the judges are uttara di and raj jiju …so shall we start ….
Everyone cheers ..
Vikram : ur daughter is really smart come let’s join ….

Ragini : nice game Swara ….
Swara : thanks ragini
Sanky : so I have to go and pick a chit …
Lucky : ya me ..too there r many hot girls here ..
Swara gives a angry look to lucky
Lucky : just in game
Swara : accepted ..
Sanky : count down starts ..
Ragini : accepted ..
Swara goes to stage with a bowl ..

Swara : so ladies and girls present plz blind fold ur self …even Swara blind folds herself ..
Swara : someone help me to reach the stage
Lucky comes ..holds her hand helps her to reach stage ..
Swara : thanks lucky .
Lucky : how did u find …
Swara : I can feel the touch ..
Lucky smiles and gets down
Swara takes mic
Swara : attention everyone all the women’s are blind folded and no cheating ….so men one by one come and take a chit and reveal the names through mic …
First Ashvar comes he takes a chit
Ashvar : mishti …
Mishti : what me ….OK ..
Next vikram comes
Vikram : rithika ..

Rithika : sure
Next Dp
Dp : sujatha
Sujatha : aap ..tike …
Next rp
Dp : ap ji
Ap smiles ..
Next lucky
Lucky : ragini
Ragini : lucky no problem nice partner.
Swara becomes a bit upset ..
Next sanky
Sanky : Swara
Swara : nice .
Lucky becomes upset but thinks while changing pair she will come to him
Sammy : Tania
Tania : wow u superb but I couldn’t see u …( remember everyone is blind folded expect the men’s and boys )

As it goes on …
Uttara switches on the song gerua
Sanky slowly touches her waist and she slowly his shoulder …
They dance very neatly …
Sanky twirls her in a perfect angle and bends her perfectly …
Sanky keeps on staring her …but stops seeing and notices ragini ….
Lucky touches her waist passionately ….and dances with her acting to be romantic ….
Ragini couldn’t see sanky but she feels he is seeing her ….
Lucky twirls her ….
All others dance like that only ..the song stops ..
The pairs change ……
Uttara goes to every women and ask about the current partner name …
Uttara goes to Swara ..
Uttara : who r u with Swara ..all men see her …
Swara : I know he is laksh right ????I am 100% sure ..
Uttara : u r correct how r u sure ..

Swara : I know my l……..I mean best friend …
Lucky chuckles
Uttara : super pair ..
She goes to ragini : who r u with ..
Ragini : I don’t know …I think with someone new …
Uttara : OK I will give clue ..he is my so called husband brother
Ragini : Sammy ..
Uttara : correct ..
Sammy : u know me ..
Ragini : Swara said me …
Uttara goes to Tania
Tania : I don’t know who I am with …
Uttara : he is cute dashing ..

Tania : sanky right I knew it ..
Uttara good …
Uttara goes on
Rithika – Ashvar
Mishti – Dp
Sujatha – rp
Ap – shekhar
Vikram – anjli
So again they start the song …( ishq wala love )
Lucky keeps on looking Swara
Lucky twirls and holds her wrist tightly …
Making her to move and pull her back ..
He hugs her from back and makes a round …
He. Makes her to bend and carries her in his arms ..
Swara : woww ..nice catch ..
Lucky : I know ..
He slowly puts her down and does some salsa steps ….
Sanskar and Tania dance OK …Tania doesn’t even know how to dance salsa
Sanky : Tanis twist properly
Tania : I am trying wait ..

He twirls her but she falls ..
Sanky : u r good for nothing ..
Sammy twirls her perfectly and makes some extraordinary steps ….
Ragini feels it …
Sanky feels something which he couldn’t express seeing ragini and Sammy together ..
The song stops …..
The pairs change
Uttara : this is the last round so be careful to tell the name of the pair
Uttara goes to Swara and asks with whom she is ..
Swara : I feel that it is Sammy right …
Uttara : correct ..u r a winner ..let’s see if others could also guess …
Sammy : now I have to dance with this smarty
Swara : haan….. Swara smiles
Uttara goes to ragini
Uttara : who u r with ..
Ragini : sanky I know …
Uttara smiles :yes u r correct ..

Uttara : 2nd winner …
Sanky : now see my romance …
Ragini : I can’t see ..I will feel
Uttara goes to Tania
Tania : I don’t know …
Uttara : clue he is hates u ..
Tania : excuse me no one hates me ….
Uttara : OK u r out …
Tania : oh I am out …OK who is with me ..
Uttara : u r out so u can take cloth from ur eyes and see itself ..
Tanis takes the cloth and is shocked ..its lucky ..
Tania : u should have told handsome and dashing….see now I am out I couldn’t dance with lucky
Swara chuckles ..
The song starts ishq bulava
Sanky slowly touches her hands from down to up ….he hugs her from backside ….
He touches her neck …..and twirls her

He carries her with his arms ….she feels it ..
He slowly holds the waist and starts to tighten it ….
And makes her bend and slowly goes to kiss her ..
Their lips touch ..
Sammy hold swara’s belly tightly. And swings her …
He does some excellent steps with her …
He touches her whole body ….
Lucky gets more angry …
Sammy hold swara’s face and makes her hair straight and was about to kiss her ..Swara moves ..the song is finished ..
Raj : so u must have all known the winner ..all ladies can take the cloth …
Uttara : the winners are swaragini ..
Everyone claps …
Swara sees laksh going out ..she follows him ..
Swara : why u came in between only come let’s go in
She takes his hand and was about to leave ..
Lucky takes his hand in angry
Swara : what happened Swara
Lucky : u happened …u were the one who destroyed my life …I was not like this mad for a girl..u changed me ..but now u left me right ..
Swara : what I left u ..no (cries )

Lucky : just don’t act OK Swara ..like crying …..
I know u r in love with that Sammy am I right ..
Swara was shocked ..
Swara : r u mad I call him brother ….u don’t the difference between brother and lover ..
Lucky : just don’t act OK ..I know ur aim to make me mad and leave me right ..( angrily )
Swara ( cries ) : its not like that what u think …
Lucky : I know these fake tears …
Swara ( crying ) : so if u think in this angle …can I compare u and uttara di
Laksh gets angry and slaps her hard …
Lucky : don’t know the difference between sister and lover ..chili …how cheap u r ..
Swara holding side of her face with hand : u r getting angry right the same way ..he is like my bro…u r getting really low and cheap ..
Lucky gets angry and raises his hand ..
Swara feels vomiting ..she coughs hard ,.,.,.,.
Lucky : don’t do drama OK I know u r acting ..just get lost and stop coughing its irritating me …
Swara holds her mouth for lucky …its paining for her ….but she holds …
Swara : so this much only u know me right ……..
Lucky : get lost ..drama queen ….he leaves …
Swara stands in pain …she cries bitterly …she rushes to washroom ..
She vomits blood comes ..it keeps on coming Swara washes and goes out …she sees her room
Her memories everything ..the sleepover …swalak hug …swalak kiss everything she cries ..
She goes down
Its night 9:00pm …

She comes down ..with fake smile ..
Rithika : come Swara for dinner ..
Swara : mom can u do something in ur hand and give me …..today plzz ..
Rithika : sure dear but y
Swara : just as it is ..
Rithika : OK sure in 10 mins ..she leaves
Swara goes to Ashvar and hugs him
Ashvar : what happened darling …is everything all right …
Swara : haan dad ..because of my friends and this function I couldn’t spend time with u …so I thought ..
Ashvar : ohh how sweet shona …OK come for dinner ..
He leaves -……
Swara goes to sanky
Swara : hi sanky will u miss me when u go to ur house …
Sanky : of course but still 4 weeks left so we will enjoy OK …
Swara : haan …I need a promise from u ..
Sanky : what Swara
Swara : u will always come here to see me and my parents whenever u get holidays -..-.-.and treat them as ur parents …
Sanky : promise ..
Swara : and one more thing call me miss attitude plzz
Sanky : what happened y r u asking like this questions …
Swara : vo I didn’t spend time with u all right so ….call
Sanky : OK miss attitude ..
Swara : thanks Mr attitude ..

They both smile ..
She goes to ragini
Swara : hey ragini
Ragini : hi Swara …
Swara : here take this …….she gives a bracelet …..
Ragini : why r u giving me this ,..,.,.,
Swara : after 4 weeks u will go so ..keep this as my remembrance OK ..and promise me one thing …
Ragini : thanks Swara its so beautiful u r such a good friend I will miss u so much …what promise …
Swara : that u will come here every holiday and treat my parents as urs ..
Ragini : u no need to say that ”’they r also my parents …OK come for dinner …….
Swara : ya sure ..u go …
Swara goes to whole family and hugs everyone and tells him same ……
At last lucky was sitting in his room …
She goes ..
Lucky : I didn’t give permission to enter …
Swara : I am sorry laksh ….I am really ..
Lucky : what Swara every time u will say sorry ..I will forgive u ..u idiot just get lost …
Swara hugs him …
Lucky doesnt want to break ….
Swara : I am really sorry ..I make sure this will be the last time ……
Lucky breaks the hug ..

Lucky : u better take this as ur last hug ..forever …
Swara : ya u r correct last hug …thank u for this month …making me happy and thanks for the past 1 week …which I came to know love is waste of time …we actually need to concentrate on studies rather then love …
Love …the most bad word in English ..I thought it like that ..but when u came in my life …..
I thought I am the most luckiest person to get u lucky …and yes indeed u were …….as a best friend ……but lovers ..we both have failed ..
Love means trust ..I didn’t keep trust neither u did ……so only as friend we won ….i this is the last time I am saying sorry to u …..
She goes to him …
She leans and kisses him ….
They were very passionate ..
Swara didn’t want that moment to go neither lucky after sometime they break ..
Lucky : enough ..now u may go …
Swara : thanks lucky last time call me plzzzz
Lucky : Swara I said leave ..
Swara : thank u lucky …………………….she leaves ..
@ dining table

Swara : ma this ur handmade pasta is really nice ..
Rithika : thanks dear ..
Swara finishes and gives a peck to rithika and Ashvar and leaves to her………..-.–………..
Precap : not decided
How was it guys ..keep reading ..tell whether my ff is boring or not ..comment plzzz

Credit to: Dolly

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    Its so emotional dolly……. Why I think swara already know that she is sick….. And she acted like going to die soon….

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  3. what happened to swara ??

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  6. Superb epi.

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