Swaragini (life full of love) episode 23


Hey guys I am really happy with ur response ….I am very happy ..so let’s get started …
@shergil mansion ,,..,.,
All r happy ..whole mansion is covered with many guest for uttara’s engagement …
Rithika : did u bring the garland
Servant : yes mam its over there
Rithika : I don’t want any mistake today ..
Servant : sure mam
Swara : so lucky …what’s the plan today ..
Lucky : nothing ..u have plan
Swara : no year but I need to go and buy new phone …
Lucky : by the way where is ur phone ..

Swara : vo …on the pub night I was really angry on u so I broke the phone ..
Lucky : Swara ..u broke it that much angry
Swara : haan I cannot see my lucky with some other girl
Lucky smiles ..
Lucky : OK …he hugs her from back and takes a selfie ….
That selfie was really nice ,.,,.,he kept has screen saver ..
Lucky : I have to say u look too good ….today ….
Swara : really ..if u say so ..OK come let’s go ..
Uttara intro
Uttara comes down wearing
Golden lace with gold yellow mixed Saree with a gold with yellow pearl set …making puf
She looks stunning (this character is played by avni from our pyaar ho gaya )
She comes down takes everyone’s blessing …
Sanky : wow my sis is looking very pretty

Uttara : thanks my brother (sanky is smaller than uttara in my ff)
Sanky : I wish I also get a pretty girl like u ….
At that time ragini comes ….
Uttara : I think u already got
Sanky stares ragini with much love …..
Ragini : uttara di ,.u r looking really cute …
Uttara : thanks ragini ..I have a dought whether u r bride or I am …u r more stunning than me ….
Ragini : thanks do …..
Swara : wow …di …looking wonderful ..I think once boy see u ..he will faint …cuteness overloaded
Uttara : arrey Swara ..u r in traditional …what a surprise ..I think the boy will misunderstand u as bride
All laugh …

Lucky : then what will be my condition ..
Uttara : oh powder baby how did I forget u …..by the looking handsome in traditional ..
Lucky : di …aap hi na …mera naam lucky he ..powder baby nahi …
Uttara : OK powder baby .
All laugh
Sujatha : u all joined again …now can I take my daughter with …can u all give permission ….she smiles
All four together : sure ma …
Sujatha makes uttara sit in the chair …
The groom family comes …
Mishti : see they have arrived ….
Everyone comes out …
Sujatha and rp ..welcomes them ..
Into of groom family
Vikram purohit : a very big business in Delhi …friend of ashvar ..( ashvar is the one who informed about his friend interested to find a girl for his son)
Anjli vikram purohit : a business women ..a very caring …western mom ..friend of rithika ..
Raj vikram puohit : son of vikram and anjli ….loves his family finished his studies in Paris ….and have settled in Paris …

(A new character )
Sammy from bade acche late hain …( yuvraj thakur )
Sammy vikram purohit : brother of raj …he is 17years old ..he is studying in 12th standard …he is very naughty and flirt type …
So this is groom family hope u guys not have any objection ..
So story
Anjli : namaste sujatha ji ..namaste ram ji
Sujatha : haan namste ji
Vikram : I don’t like formalities …where is my friend …
Ashvar : here …
They hug ..
Rithika and anjli hug ..
Raj takes blessings from sujatha and rp
Then ashvar and rithika
Ashvar : raj u have grown up like an gentleman ..
Raj : thanks uncle its all because of parents ..
Rithika : see a well mannered boy .

Sujatha : haan
Rp hugs raj
Dp : so come inside ….
Ap : I am really happy for them ..
Anjili : haan ap Ji…
They make raj sit with uttara
Uttara smiles raj gets memerised …
Swara : anjli aunty ..
She hugs anjli ..
Anjli : oh my god shona u have grown ..this much big ..but I won’t stop
She gives a dairy milk silk …
Swara : u r my favorite thanks ..
Anjli : arrey I didn’t notice one thing ..u r in traditional …
Swara : how I am looking
Vikram : beautiful princess
Swara : vikram uncle

She hugs him ..
Vikram : here …
He gives a pearl bracelet …
Swara : wow its so cute …thanks uncle …
Vikram : u r welcome dear …..
Swara leaves …
Vikram to ashvar
Vikram : ur daughter is really beautiful today …
Ashvar : wait wait something is missing this shouldn’t go smoothly ..
Sammy : I know uncle u r searching for me ..
Ashvar : haan u came ..now everything will change upside down ..
Sammy : don’t worry uncle I promise ..that this time nothing wrong will happen as its my bro’s engagement ..
Ashvar : u will say but see u will do something ….
Sammy : hmm …challenge accepted …
Ashvar : and more ever stay away from my daughter OK ….
Sammy : ya Swara where is she ..I saw her when she 2nd standard …now which standard
Ashvar : 11th ..one year chotu to u ..so behave proper ….

Sammy : OK uncle …
Vikram : if ur uncle boy conversation is over ..I have a work with Ashvar ..Sammy u go be with ur bro go
Sammy : OK dad ..
They leave …
Sammy : what I will do ..
Some girls come
Sammy : now showtime ..hey girls …
Screen shifts to swalaka and ragsan …
Swara : see I got dairy milk silk anyone wants
Ragini : I want ..
Swara gives half ..
Swara : sanky u want .
Sanky : chee I hate chocolate …
Swara takes one bite and eats ..
Swara : u want lucky
Lucky takes which has a bite of Swara and eats .(been a been a plays from badlapur )
Ragsan smile ..

Ragini : see sanky how romantic ….u r really unromantic
Sanky : accha I am unromantic …I challenge u today that u will never forget this day …
Ragini : OK accepted let’s see .
Sanky smirks ..
Uttara : Swara one min come here na …
Swara : catch this lucky I will come in a min and don’t eat full ..
Swara leaves …
Swara comes running to uttara ..,someone dashes her …they both and roll ..
Its Sammy ………
Sammy is up of Swara …
He gets memerised seeing her ..without knowing she is Swara ..
Swara : u will just keep on staring me ..come on up quick ..
Sammy : ohh I am sorry ..
Ashvar and vikram smiles seeing this ….
Sammy : I am sorry miss
Swara : Swara ….Swara shergil …
Sammy was shocked ….
Sammy : Swara u ????

Swara ( confused ) : by the way who r u
Sammy : don’t u remember me …smarty …
Swara : Sammy bro ….
Sammy : yes ..they hug ..Sammy body current is passing ….
Swara : u became big ..
Sammy : I should say that …..
Swara : ha ha not funny OK come let’s go …they must be waiting for us ..
Sammy : OK …
Sammy and Swara come together …
Rithika and anjli sees this …
Anjli : they both look so cute together
Rithika : agreed ……
Lucky hears their conversations and gets angry ..he was about to leave ..
Swara catches his hand ..
Swara : where r u going ???
Lucky : does it matter to u …
Swara : what happened ..
Lucky gets angry and thinks about her problem and controls it ..
Lucky : dad gave me some work so ..
Swara : u do it later ..its dance time now come …

Lucky : u go and enjoy ….
Swara : I said come ..
She drags him …..

Precap : swalak dance….. swasan dance ……ragalak dance …..ragsan dance ….swasam dance ….lucky furious …..lucky slaps swara..

How was it guys …I hope u enjoyed it ..plz comment …and keep reading ..guys is my ff boring u all .if yes plzz let me know it …so that will give some attention to it …feel free to share ….is it boring …

Credit to: Dolly

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