Swaragini (life full of love) episode 22


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@Swara room
Lucky takes Swara in his arms and rushes to the hospital ….
Lucky sanky and ragini are waiting outside the ICU.
Doctor comes …
Lucky : what happened doctor …is she alright …
Doctor : she has coronery artery problem …
Lucky ; whatttttt??????
Sanky : how come …this is impossible …….
Doctor : yes its impossible …….but there is a solution …..
Lucky gets a bit haply
Doctor : we have to do a operation which is a two days complete surgery ….if we do that she could be saved ..
Lucky : OK when we can do the operation ….
Doctor :i think u need to have patience for it …we need to consult her report with the american doctor ….we need find whether she is prepared for the operation …
Sanky : then when we can have it doctor …
Doctor : maybe after one year …cause she need to relax ..as she is mentally depressed ….
Ragini : one year …..
Doctor : yes ..she should not have excessive emotions ….she should not get hurt that’s really amin …because already there is a huge blood loss …so be careful …she should be relaxed no stress …..these three if they follow 100% we can save her ..
Ragini : sure doctor ….
Doctor leaves ..

Lucky sits on the bench ….and cries …
Lucky : its all because of me …she is here in this condition …
Ragini gets tears and cries ..
Sanky consoles both ..
Sanky : first we need to find that when this as started ….and according to it we can make our mind …
And the main thing she should not know about it …doctor said no excessive emotions so no one will say this to her
Ragini : but we will be here only 1 and a half months ..after that who care for her …
Sanky : we will tell this her parents at the end …so for that we need to hide …..promise me everyone …
Lucky cries and promises ….all the three promises to hide this ..
Sanky : now act like being normal …..

Nurse come ..
Nurse : she got conscious u all can meet her …..
Sanlak and ragini goes inside ..acting nothing happened ..
Swara was lying on the bed
Swara : so guys what happened …
Sanky : nothing happened miss attitude ….
Ragini : why u burnt the photos see it caused this much smoke …
Swara sees lucky angrily
Swara : someone showed me their attitude ..that’s y ….
Lucky : Swara I am really sorry ,,…,.,.,.,.I shouldn’t have spoked to u like that ….
Swara : just shut up ..I just hate u ..no matter what …I will never forget …even if u die for me ….
Sanky and ragini are shocked
Sanky : cool down Swara …we will go home now come …
Ragini makes her to stand …
Swara : I am feeling really tired I don’t know y …
Ragini : its normal come …they get into the car …ragsan sit and
Swara : I don’t want to sit here ….
Sanky : its not time to fight …we need to go long distance to early …we must be there before everyone comes …Swara reluctantly sits
Ragini : so Swara when is ur school starting …
Swara : 12thnp June after holi …
Sanky : same here …
Ragini : me too ..
Lucky : me too ..

Swara was feeling tired so she slept ….
As the car turns ..
Swara on lucky shoulder …
Lucky gets happy …..
Ragsan watches ..
Ragini : I think wants u both to be together …
Sanky : haan lucky ….they reach the home ..
Sanky : no one has arrived …
Ragini : thank god …I said the workers to arrange Swara room …
The car is parked ..
Ragsan gets down ..they see swalak slept
Swara on lucky shoulder and lucky on Swara head …
Sanky : aww,.,.,so cute
Ragini : this is called made for each other …
Sanky wakes lucky
Lucky : we reached I am sorry ..couldn’t control sleeping …
He sees Swara still sleeping ,,,.,.,.
He slowly takes Swara in his arms without disturbing her sleep ….
And takes to her room ..which is renewed again with same photos and all ….
He keeps her on the bed and covers with blanket and kisses her forehead ..
Swara smiles …
Lucky smiles ……..
he comes out of the room .

In living room
Sanky : so we need to fingpd from when she is having this problem …..I think ragini u can only do it …if I ask she will get dought and if lucky ask she won’t reply ..
Ragini : OK what I have to …..
Sanky tells a plan which is muted …..
Ragini : OK I will do it …
Sanky kisses her forehead …
Lucky : thank u so much behanji
Ragini : lucky !!!!
Lucky : OK OK sorry …I know I don’t talk to u that much …but now u r the one who is gonna help me ..thanks
Sanky : don’t get emotional guys so tomorrow we will execute our plan OK
Lucky : done
Ragini : double done ….
They all go the their respective rooms and sleeps …

Hall everyone is gathered …they are preparation going for uttara engagement ….all ladies are looking good ……with beautiful sarees …
Sanky comes wearing a gold and pink sherwani …he is totally handsome
Laksh comes out wearing blue and gold sherwani …he is totally dashing …
They wait in living room talking with their dads and guest …
Ragini comes down stairs …
Sanky sees it and couldn’t take his eyes off her …she looks really gorgeous
She is wearing gold and white pearl half Saree ….with a gold necklace and left her hair free …-…..
Ragini comes to sanky
Ragini : how I am looking ..
Sanky didn’t even blink .
Sanky : awesome princess
Ragini : even u r looking handsome prince …
They laugh ….
Rithika : where is Swara …..I think she didn’t wake up till
Lucky get tensed whether she fainted or something …
He goes to Swara room ..
He finds door open
He goes inside …
He spent find Swara but her dress is on the bed …
She is in washroom …
He goes toward washroom …

Swara opens the door …..she is wrapped in towel and wet hair ….
Swara : what u r doing here ….now go …hiding behind the door …
Lucky : sorry …wait I won’t go ..if u want u can come …(naughty )
Swara : lucky plzz I want to change ,.I am already late …..
Lucky : OK come ..I am going ..he leaves ..
Swara smiles seeing his expression when he saw Swara in towel
She blushes ..and gets changed ..
Lucky is waiting for Swara ..

At that time ..
Swara comes in the stairs …….
She wearing red and diamond stone half Saree …with a diamond mixed with red necklace ..with her opened she looks stunning ..
Lucky just opens his mouth as he never saw Swara in traditional ..
Sanky : see Swara in traditional she looks good ..
Ragini : ya yaar she looks so beautiful in traditional too ….
Rithika and as var never swaher in traditional …
Swara : ma how am I looking
Rithika : so cute ..she applies kaala teeka on edge of her face …
As var : so cute darling …
Swara leaves ..
Ap : kitna cute lag rahi ho….she blesses her ….
Sujatha : haan Swara ..
Swara : thanks Maas ….
Lucky comes towards Swara ..
Swara : how am I looking ….
Lucky whispers : solo cute cutie ..did u forgive me ..
Swara : haan lucky ..it was my fault also …
Lucky : no it was not ur fault ..its mine ..from now on I will never see anyone except u ….
Swara smiles
Swalak heads towards ragsan …
Sanky : looking great Swara ….
Lucky : looking great ragini
Ragini and Swara blushes …

Precap : engagement in a swing of happiness …laksh slaps Swara

How was it guns ,,,,,many of u r asking about he pairs ..
Its swalak and ragsan ..OK plzz comment and keep reading

Credit to: Dolly

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