Swaragini (life full of love) episode 20


Hey gus I couldn’t imagine I am in 20th part ..it’s all because of ur continuous support …thanks and keep supporting …
Swalak are dancing …
Swara : wait laksh I will drink something and come
Lucky : sure ..
Swara goes and sits in the bar and ask for a black wine ..it’s really strong and girls should not probably have it …but she wants to try something different ..she tries one glass.
Lucky was dancing a girl come she was really hot and beautiful ….
Her name is tania ….
She dances …
( I said laksh is a flirt type )

He dances with her ..very very close
Swara gets shocked seeing that much closeness ….she gets angry ..
She starts to drink many glasses ..of black wine ..
The bartener says
Bartener : mam it’s not good of ladies ..
Swara : just shut up and do ur work
..she takes a handful of cash and keeps on the table ..
The bartener takes and gives her more ..
Swara is really angry and don’t know what she is doing ..
Lucky and tania are dancing too closely ..
The pub manager announces them as the best couple till date ..
Swara gets too angry ..
She takes the whole bottle and drinks it full …she feels the pain but doesn’t stop …
Lucky and tania come together and orders drink …..
Lucky just forgets the fact that swara came with him …

Lucky and tania enjoy talking and drinking ..
Swara gets frustrated and leaves the pub …
She tries calling sanky ….but he doesn’t pick it …
She tries ragini …she also doesn’t pick ..she gets angry and throws the phone very harshly it breaks ….
She starts to walk on the road ..it’s night 12:45.
No one was there …..

The screen shifts to ragsan ..
Sanky carries ragini in his arms and slowly without anyone notice ..
He makes her lay down on bed ..
Ragini keeps on talking something crazy ..
Sanky was memerised seeing her …
Ragini : I am the one who embarrassed swara in front of the whole family …I wanted to take revenge for taking my sanky from me …
Sanky was shocked ….
Ragini : she draws everyone’s attention really easy ..what about me …..
Sanky is angry and also feels bit for ragini …

Ragini : u know what sanky I love u more than myself ..I couldn’t see u with swara ..I am really sorry..after that incident I felt really ashamed …even she is a girl …and moreover my best friend from childhood …she taught me many things …I felt like to die …I even cried and said sorry when she was sleeping ….I even scratched my hand for doing it ..
She shows it …
And she sleeps thinking .
Sanskar was shocked and was feeling bad for ragini …
Sanskar to ragini
Sanky : why r u this much good to everyone ..
He kisses her forehead and leaves the room …
He takes the phone he sees swara missed calls …
He calls her …but it’s coming unreachable ..
He thinks maybe she is inside the pub ..y to disturb her
.he goes to his room and sleeps ..
@Road .
Swara was walking ..she is not able to control herself as she drank too much ….
She gets vomiting sensation …
She vomits but blood comes …

Swara didn’t notices it . ..as everything seems to be blurred . …..
@shergil mansion
Rithika : I am not feeling good…I feel something wrong is gonna happen with someone …
Ashvar : don’t worry ..nothing will happen to anyone ..by the way where is shona.
Rithika : she went with sanky ragini and laksh to some outing ..I think they stayed there in hotel .
Ashvar : ok wait I will call her ..
Rithika : r u mad ashvar saw the time ..she must he sleeping ..
Ashvar : sorry ok come let’s sleep
They switch off the light
@road .
Swara feels dizzy and falls on the road …

Some mens come ..
Men 1 : hey who is this girl ..she looks like she is from a rich family ..but here …
Men 2 : what say …
A car comelight flashes on them
They turn ..in the car ..it is
Sanky comes out of the car …
Men 1: who r u go from here …
Sanky : get lost ..or else
Men 2 : what will u do
Sanky starts to beat them really hard ..really …hard ..
They run ..sanky goes near swara ..
Sanky eyes are filled with tears seeing that
He takes her in arms and moves to car ..
Makes he role on the back seat .. ….. ( ishq bulava plays )
He drives the car ..

sanky heard ashvar and rithika conversation. That they stayed in a hotel ..so he thought to come and check ..
End of FB
He takes her to her room and lays her on the bed ..and covers her with blanket …
He sees her …he wanted to kiss her forehead but stopped himself ..thinking she is lucky gf …he leave s..
@morning ..
Sanky comes down for breakfast ..
Rithika : u came home ..when u all came ..
Sanky : vo actually aunty we came night 2am ..
Rithika : oh ok where are the others..
Mishti : they must be sleeping in tired ..
Sujatha : ya let them sleep .
Ap : hmm ..ok come we have to go shopping …all the ladies leaves for shopping ..
All the men’s leave for office only these four r there ..
Swara wakes up ..she recollects everything till drinking the wine and lucky and tania together
She again gets angry …but she feels vomiting ..she rushes to the washroom and vomits blood ..
Swara is shocked …

Someone knocks the door she quickly waters the basin and goes out ..acting normal ..

Precap : swalak break up ….ragsan moments ….
What is wrong with swara ?

So guys how was it ..I hope u like it …keep reading and comment plzz

Credit to: Dolly

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