Swaragini (life full of love) episode 17


Hey guys …now my heart is feeling light after that incident ..I am sorry if I hurt u guys …so 17th part …let’s get started

Swara and ragini sitting in the bench
Swara : we r waiting past half an hour …they didn’t still come …there r really girls ….
Ragini : yes u r correct Swara …..we quickly got ready ….but they hmmmm…..
Swara is wearing a pink sleeveless top with a black half coat and half black jeans with a pink headband and her hair is left free
Ragini is wearing a red anarkali with white shawl and her is left free …both r looking damm pretty …

After some time …
Swara : see they r coming let’s act we r angry with them ..
Ragini : done …
They sit in opposite direction on the same bench with hands supporting their face …
Sanlak comes they can only see them backside …they r confused as which is Swara and ragini ,,….because both of their hairs are long it covered the back of them …
Lucky : yaar which is Swara
Sanky : which is ragini
They both get confused …
Lucky says idea …..he says to sanky which is muted …
Lucky : by this we can find Swara …and of course other one will be ragini OK
Sanky : OK lucky come …
They both go near the bench …

Lucky acts like speaking in the phone …
Lucky : what u know who Swara is …she is a very rich person …how dare u call her spoiled brat and equals to a slipper
Swara fumes and gets and turns her face
Swara : who the hell is on the phone ..I am Swara shergil how can he call me spoiled and equals to slipper …( she says this with attitude)
Lucky give the phone ….she is really angry
Lucky winks at sanky ..
Sanky is shocked as lucky acted the same thing …what now Swara did ….I think I just have a crush on her ….lucky knows her very well then me ….
Lucky : he switched off the phone Swara ..
Swara : whoever it is I will not leave him ….
Lucky is memerised seeing her style and dress ….
Swara : and by the way what took u this much time ….
Lucky : vo sanky did it …
Sanky : what …I ..did.—…..vo haan I was searching for my perfume ..I smell good right ..
Ragini : sanky ,…next time don’t do …OK come …so what’s the plan
Swara : ya whats the plan ..
Lucky : listen first we all are hungry so we will go to dominos pizza and have our breakfast ..then immediately to ameusnment park and then to a date ….and the last is
Sanky : pub …..what’s say ..
Swara : wow …not bad lucky and sanky ….good plan and the last one …she gives HiFi to sanky
Ragini : I am OK but pub …….
Sanky : I am there na ….
They both smile

Swara : ohh hello stop ur romance we have lots of work …
Sanky : Swara….
Swara : OK come …
Lucky : come get into the car ..
Swara : arrey u r very unromantic lucky
Ragini : then in which we will go ..
Sanky : haan Swara now don’t confuse ..
Swara : hmm …u four r buddhu
I said the driver to bring bikes …..
Sanlak together : BIKE !!!!!!!
Lucky : wow Swara …its been long time ..I have drived bike
Sanky : haan u r really intelligent and so romantic …
Ragini : not bad Swara ..still we r in 11th and u r so romantic …
Swara : OK OK guys …if u all keep praising me when we will reach the destination …
All the four laughs

Swara sits on the bike with lucky ….
And ragini with sanky …..
Swara : r u sure u can ride the bike …because I won’t land in trouble right …
Lucky : just see …he was about to wear helmet ….
Swara : today don’t wear helmet name …whole world will see my new handsome bf
Lucky : OK …..
Swara hugs him fully with her hands tight ..
Lucky smiles
Ragsan .
Ragini : u know to even ride bike u never said me ….
Sanky : I know but that time u were not me …now u r my half so u should know that I ride bike …he smiles in the side mirror
Ragini keeps her hand on sanskars shoulder ..
Sanky : only on shoulder ….he keeps pout face ..
Ragini hugs him very tightly ….
Sanky starts …but ragini interrupts ..
Sanky : what happened …
Ragini : wear ur helmet even I am wearing …..she wears gives one to sanky ….
Ragini : safety first ….
They both wait for swalak arrival …at last they come ..
Lucky : r u ready sanky to drive
Sanky : haan bro
Ragini : but lucky wear helmet …plzz ….
Lucky : but my gf don’t want
Ragini : plzzzz …
Swara : but there is only one ….
Lucky : I will have it as its ,y fav blue
Swara : no I
Lucky : no I will
Sanky : u two just stop …
Lucky u wear because u r one who is gonna drive …
Swara : OK
Lucky : see only I won all the time …
Swara and Kaisi smile
Sanky : ready
Laksh : ready ………..

Precap : lucky gets shocked …………..everyone in hospital …………sanky cries …….lucky crises…..

Hey guys hope u like it ,,…..stay tuned and keep reading ……
Its swalak and ragsan OK ……plllz comment

Credit to: Dolly

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  1. Nice bt pls make it long..waiting fr nxt

  2. Nd ha pls give link of previous parts..

  3. who is dying??? Swara or Ragini??

  4. hmm
    I m nt happy as its Ragsan
    I m taking my Tysmm back

  5. Is it ragsan and swalak ff?

  6. I also requested a lot to u in ep 16 plz make it swasan…. plz yâar read my comment in ep 16 n answer to it…. plz

  7. My heart has become heavy as u r nt concidering our swasan fans opinion. …. plz thnk 4 it… even now it’s time. … u write very well bt I don’t like reading whn it’s nt swasan… plz

  8. well done don’t listen to anyone not even me just follow your heart & i’m always with u ☆☆☆

  9. Dolly yaar make ragini Mordern as well. And make sanskaar love ragini right now it feels like he is just being with her as a friend. Also make him jealous

  10. thanks for making it swalak

  11. Hi Dolly
    I am just silent reader upto now I even read all the comments u got on ur promo….
    Actually I didn’t comment there as I am not the one to oppose or support your decision… But I want to suggest you……….
    You said that your in 8th no problem the interest of ur in writing brought u here..that meanz u want to show the world how are ur writing skills .. The skills in u and the way u imagined ur story should be put here…. NEVERTHELESS of thinking about comments….
    Never do anything for a result. Something’s are just done by us as we feel happy by doing them just without any outcomes from them…
    I think u will learn something from ur mistake..( sry if I hurt u but it’s true)
    I am also a fan of swasan but I decided to read ur ff as it has some new story…
    There are many silent readers even I am one of them I feel very lazy to comment but I read many ff’s as I feel relieved….
    Never ever thing about comments and do continue ur story and education..
    Wise men don’t repeat their mistakes and lerans something out of it; but great men don’t do mistakes by observing wise men…. I wish u soon become wise and great…
    I don’t what but something dragged me to comment here…
    All the best for ur story may be I may not comment again but I will read it ff to see how u handle things further and how u move the story…
    Longspeech don’t worry I rarely gives them…………………….

  12. Tq so much for swalak and ragsan.. loved it

  13. Hey dolly.
    Thanks for making it back to swalak ragsan..
    Its awesome..
    Forget whatever happened…and smile.

  14. I am glad u changed ur decision and I know u might be hurt with all the bashings u got bit forget that. It happens with all of us.

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