Swaragini (life full of love) episode 15

Hey guys …I am literally out of world now …I have reached 15 ….yaayyyy I am really happy …..so this is gonna be treat to swalak and swasan fans ….let’s get started

@ dining table ….
Everyone gathers ….
Swara : ma we r having a sleepover today ..so I think u don’t mind
Rithika : of course not dear ..
Ap : sure dear ..lucky take good care
Sujatha : sanky ..u also fold ur tail OK ..
Lucky : haan ma
Sanky : OK mom …
They finish their dinner and goes to their respective rooms …..
Swara ,lucky and sanky gathers at Swara ‘s room …
Swara : so here is the schedule ..listen care fully ..
Sanky and lucky together : OK madam ..
Swara smiles
Swara : first gossips
Second make up
Third cooking and baking
Fourth pillow fight
Fifth selfies
Sixth dance …..thats it
Sanky and lucky mouth are open …
Swara smiles at them
They get memerised
Swara : I know its girlish but this is what we do ….
Sanky : do u except me to put make up and bake
Lucky : do u except me put make up and bake …..
Swara laughs at them …
Sanky : OK we are doing only for u …done
Lucky : that means we r not gonna sleep today right …
Swara : that’s for sure ….

All the three laughs
Ragini : may I also join
Swara : haan sure ..
Lucky whispers to Swara : r u sure this behanji …
Swara hits him playfully …
Swara : haan laksh …
Sanky : Sure ragini
Ragini : thanks guys ….I know about sleepover ..so u do t need to explain me …
Swara : good ..OK can u close the door ….
She closes the door in the bed the four sit in a circle …
Swara : lucky u start the gossip first …
Lucky : no sanky u start
Sanky : no rqgini u start
Rqgini : no ….
Swara interrupts
Swara : if no one will tell then y this sleepover ..
Sanky : u only start ..
Swara : hmmmm OK
Swara : ranbir kapoor is dating another celebrity ….secretly …
Sanky : good now my turn ….
Sanky : my mom has the habit of winking at men’s ……

All the three except sanky what ????
Sanky : ya ..
Lucky : OK now my turn
Lucky : my school a new boy has joined he has a crush on my maths teacher …because …she half the time sleeps in class ..and let us enjoy
All the four laughs
Ragini : OK me ….
Ragini : my bro avi and uttara were lovers ….
All the three except rwgini ….says what ????
Sanky : really my sis oh my god
Swara : omg
Lucky : ohhh …..
All clap

Swara : we came to the end of 1st session
Lucky : no no no
Sanky : no Swara
Swara : make up time
Ragini laughs …..
Swara : come who will handle whom ….we will make chits me and Ragini will pick whoever comes we will do their make up OK ….deal
Sanky and lucky nods OK
Swara picks a chit and ragini also
Rqgini opens ….
It was lucky …

Lucky : what me and this behanji
Ragini shows fake anger
Swara and sanky laughs …
Swara : that means I got Mr attitude ….
Sanky : haan miss attitude ..
Ragini notices their eye lock …
They take them either side of the room …
Swara takes sanskar to vanity and ragini takes lucky to wardrobe area there is a vanity .

Sanky : apply little make up OK ….
Swara : I will see …
She comes closer to sanky face and slowly rubs powder on his face ……with her hands ..
Sanskar gets memerised ….
Swara takes hair gel and make a spike with it ..like a professional …
Sanskar opens his …..he is amazed seeing him so stylish ….
Swara : how u r looking Mr attitude
Sanky : u r really professionalist …yaar …its soo cool ….
He pulls her ..Swara sits on sanky’s lap …they share a eye lock ….
Sanky takes his hand around Swara’s waist ..Swara feels it and closes her eyes ….
He leans for a kiss …..
Swara also leans ……
Sanky tightens the grip ( ishq bulava plays )
Swara and sanky lips finally touch …..they kiss passionately ……..
It is really a long one

Finally they break off ….to take breathe …..
Sanky again pulls for another kiss ……..
After some time
Swara : sanky ….u …..have high notes ..
Sanky : ya I do ….
They both come to the bed area …
Raglak also comes….
Laksh looks like a joker with lipstick and too much powder …..
Swasan laughs seeing him ..
Swara pulls luckys checks and says powder baby u look so cute …
Ragini also laughs ….and sees sanky stylish …
Lucky : oh sanky looking good
Sanky : because I am mature powder baby
Laksh shows fake angry and goes and washes his face ….and looks handsome …
At that time its 2am ….

The rain starts …..
Swara : hey guys its raining come let’s go and dance in rain ..
Lucky : good idea
Sanky : OK let’s go
Ragini : ya …
They slowly goes down and opens the main door and goes to garden …..
Swara opens her hand and sprinkles water …..on her …..
Lucky gets memerised …( zehanaseeb plays )
Lucky goes towards Swara and sanky toward ragini
Lucky holds Swara by waist tightly …in rain …
Swara feels something …….lucky kisses her neck ….
And carries her in his arms like bridal style ….and spins in rain …..
Swara throws water on lucky ….
Lucky slowly makes her stand …..they both dance like a couple ,…..
Lucky twirls her around …..
And bends her …with a romantic look ..
Laksh : I feel it …do u
Swara : I feel it too …..
Swara and lucky comes close towards each other ……..
Swara takes lucky’s hand and wraps around her waist …..
Lucky takes swara’s hand and puts on his shoulder ……
Lucky and Swara both leans together and kisses
Very very very passionately …they don’t want to break it ……………..
Finally for breath ..they break off ….
Lucky bends down and proposes : I love u cutie
Swara was surprised by his feature …
Swara : I accept …..the hug each other

On the other side ……
They do the same ….
Ragini bends down and proposes sanky : will u be my boyfriend
Sanky was shocked and as a mixture of feeling …..
Sanky confused accepts it : ya …
Ragini gets happy and hugs him ………………………
All come to the fountain and holds each other hands and makes a circle and rotates around enjoying the rain ………..

Precap : sanskar confused …..swalak confession………..Dp and ap happpy …..family masti ….

Hey guys did u like it ….
And u must have
Guessed the pairs …they are
But there will be a beautiful love story between season too …so enjoy ..thank u
Comment plzz

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  1. Awesome. thank u I love ragsan

  2. there is no words to say about your ff.
    you are an amazing writer.
    I was a silent reader but today i can’t keep myself to write.
    Thx for swalak and ragsan.

  3. i can’t keep myself away to write*

  4. yar u broke my heart…………………………plz plz hange its to swasan……………..plz its a begging

  5. it was a crap i suppose! Swara kissed both of them! And ya i hate swalak!
    i had hardly bared ur i hate u too….enjoy urslf RIP

    1. Hey jaf thanks for ur comment….I know u r really hurt ….I HATE U TOO…is not my ff..
      I am new to swaragini ff ….I am really sorry .for that guys ….I will check whether I can get swasan

      1. Dont change pairs pls ragsan swalak itself is needed plss

    2. Yes Jaf…Eva wrote it..and I read that ff…please don’t criticise anyone’s writing…and I hate u too was a really nice ff….I’m a swasan fan but after reading that I stated liking ragsan and swalak as well…..

  6. Omgggg thank u sooooooo much. For ragsan and swalak. Luv u dolly. And superb epi as always

  7. I knew it but was still hoping for swasan…

  8. nice…I thought it is swasan. ..

  9. Make swasan plzzzzz…really heavenly couple de r…plzzzzz..btw wonderful ff…

  10. Really swara kissed both of them soryy iam nt happy with pairs nd their charecters

  11. thanx so much

  12. nice…

  13. Literally it was a treat thank u…

  14. Just a suggestion
    Leave pairs
    But think swara characters you were showing how can she kisd both
    Sry if i had hurt u
    I think we have to wait for few episode to understand every character

  15. Thank u so much for swalak and ragsan

  16. Plz make swasan and raglak. And ragsan and swalak are best buddies from childhood so it is just my suggestion to make swasan and raglak as opposite attracts

  17. I m a big swasan fan…..but in ur ff swalak is nyc…..plz don’t change it…plz plz

  18. I feel like jumping reading that it’s a swalak f2f….very good dear…..
    Plz don’t change it although u can make some scenes of swasan but let it be swalak ff only….bcoz if u r going to change it in future.
    ..many will get disappointed and leave reading your ff…..
    Just a suggestion…..sorry if I hurt someone

  19. thanku soooooooo much dolly. i’m soo happy don’t seperate the pairs plz love u ragsan

  20. amazing and thnks for swalak and yaa plz don’t change oairs for few peoples in this all want swlaka as pairs amd me tooo if they wanna read swasan they can readmany ff but there are very less swalak
    and if there are swalaak ff they only give importance to ragsan
    plzz don’t chnge pairs for swasan fans u can make sanskar love swara and swara treat hom as frnd and both swalak love eachother
    In short main couple swalak plzz don’t chnge plz make swlalk
    if u are going to chnge it means u only care about swasan fans not swalak

  21. he kya baat hui swara me to dono KO kiss kr diya ….swasan best h I hate swalak

  22. swara and lucky have same character so make it swasan n raglak bcoz they are opposite

  23. make it swasan yr plz

    1. Nithya/SHREYA/nidhi / tanu if u want swasan u can directly say it …….no need to use 4 names …….
      Sorry if I hurt u

  24. raglan plz

  25. Pls make Swasan and Raglak. Swalak r best friends already then why u r making them pair too. I am sorry to say but I don’t like this swara. How can she kiss two guys in same day within like 1 hr

  26. Plss make it swasan…plss

  27. I love your ff alot but I m very disheartened about pairs I want swasan I hate ragsan from the code nd in your ff I think swasan will suit best because they r opposite nd I m having hopes for swasan only but all my hope go in vien there r many ragsan ff more than swasan so plz make it swasan because there r many ragsan ff or raglak nd I hate ragsan but I don’t like raglak also

    1. hi anu….umm tbh there are more swasan ff than ragsan…..dont force her to change the pairs…..sorry if i said anything that hurts u

  28. dolly plz chage it to swasan and raglak

  29. yrrr let it be swalak pkzzzz don’t chnge it onto swasan

  30. Plz let it be swalak only

  31. wat is this yaar she kissed both of them… am still hoping swasan plzzzz make it yaar I hate swalak sry if this hurt u..

  32. wat is this yaar she kissed both of them… am still hoping swasan plzzzz make it yaar I hate swalak if it is ragsan means this is the last day am reading ur ff…& sry if this hurt u

  33. Luv ur ff..ohh love dis luv triangle swalaksan…luv it waiting fr nxt

  34. I thought u will make swara as all point of attraction but what u did, kiss two guyz, its really insane,, when u frst choose swasan, and raglak for makeover I was happy as it is swasan and when they kissed then I was in cloud 9, but u totally broke me out, wasted time by reading this ff since 15 epi.. sry but its true, I ignore all kidda ragsan ff, as my blood boils when I hear abt ragsan ff… and I amnt that much free to read ff.. I found it interesting, so I opened it before reading others to knw abt pairs.. but its ok.. and bst of luck for upcoming epis……..

  35. and I am soo sry to say.. but wanna requst all ff writers plz reveal pair urself in intro part and very frst epi, widout creating any so called drama(polls) that we readers can easily ignore frm the starting of ff….

  36. First swara kissed sansakar in room…thn laksh and accepting the proposal wat is this ?
    1st i thought i would be swasan…but plz reveal the pairs..

  37. Plz make it swalak 4 God’s sake…
    Evry1 show swasan.B different…

  38. Guys the pairs are swalak and ragsan and that’s final …I am really a die hard fan of swalak …plz consider me ……..

  39. Swalak is Good don’t change the pairs

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