Swaragini (life full of love) episode 1

Thanks for our comments supreet ,Lila,bresh and all …so here is the first part …let’s get started
Shergil mansion
A big golden gate is shown with 2 securities standing in either side ….as we enter we see a big white fountain in middle covered with a beautiful garden and in middle we have garden chairs in one side and sofas on other side …as we move we see a big beautiful with swimming pool ..sun screen chairs …bar and water fall ( small ) behind it we see a big mansion ..its really big ..

A maid comes to a room and says : what do u want for breakfast mam ..
A lady is packing her bag with stuffs ..as she is going to office (she is a business women )
The lady : just prepare whatever swara wants ..as I and ashvar are going to have breakfast with clients …
Maid : sure mam ..I may leave now
The lady : one minute take this money I know ur son is suffering from cancer ..just do the operation if u want more then plz tell me ..
Maid : thanks a lot mam ..(to herself ) may u and our family be blessed with happiness ..she leaves
The lady : ohhohh where is ashvar ?? Again he went to that morning itself ..without even seeing me ..(the lady is rithika I will call her RT OK guys )

As we go upstairs we a pink door as we go inside we see a very big room fully pink and white with hearts wallpaper in wall and photo frames and big photo frame in middle where there is a big bed with loypt of teddies arranged back of the bed it is pink bed with white comfort …there is big vanity in the left and wardrobe in right side its really big ..

A girl is sleeping with blanket fully covered ..a man in sitting next to her ..
The man : wake dear ..I am or friend here …
The girl : u came ..just 5 minutes dad
The man : but shona wake up an ..if u don’t wake up I won’t go to company ..
The girl: OK ……she wakes
The man : my gift
The girl gives a peck in her father cheecks ..
The man : that’s my shona OK get ready I am going ..or else ur mom will come and start her lecture …
RT : I already came …shona get ready and ashvar u come ..everyday ur father daughter drama …she looks up and says babaji plz save me from them ..
The man is revealed( he is ashvar shergil ) : shone look or mom is really jealous of our love …he gives HiFi with shona ..
The girl is revealed (she is swara shergil) : ya dad …mom don’t worry dad will be same with u too ….she laughs ..
RT: OK come let’s have family hug … they trio have hug
RT : OK shona ..u get ready and go to school me and our father will join u tomorrow morning ..as we have to go kolkata today …but tommorow pukka we will be in home ..
Swara : OK mom
RT : and u don’t do over night parties …or else
Aware : OK mom ..bye now u both go…I am 16 in 11th I can handle myself ..but party will go on
Ashvar : do how much party u want a and enjoy urself but be safe
RT : why r u giving this much freedom to her …u r only spoiling her ..OK fine bye
Ashvar: bye shona
Swara: bye dad and mom …..they leave
Swara comes wearing her school uniform shkirt above knees and shirt with tie with a high pony
She finishes her breakfast and gets in the car …
A few miles they reach and car gets stop ..
Swara : what happened ??
driver : dry mam I will check
This car faces south direction and the opposite side north facing a car is also stopped same happens with them the both drivers tells to them and goes to mechanic ….
.after an hour
swara gets down and sees no know she turns and sees a car but no know came down so she sat in the car
While closing the door other door opens
A man comes and sees the car and see no one he sits in the car …..
Its been three hours ..
Swara gets angry ..she steps out the car …
At that time driver come …
She started scolding him very harshly ..
Swara : don’t u have common sense stupid …see I cannot go school today ..I will fire u when u take me to home ….idiot
The opposite side the man gets down
The man : what happened uncle ..everything OK wait I will help ..the car starts …
He sees a girl scolding her driver with no respect ..
He gets angry and move towards her …

Swara : I will fire u today u bl**dy …
The man pats her shoulder
She turns ….the man gets memerised ..seeing her ..
She waves hand : hello what u want
The man comes to sense ………..
The man : is this the way u scold ur driver …is it his fault ..the car fault ….
So mind or tongue miss . Attitude
Swara gets angry : or mind or business he is my driver I can scold him , beat him …its my wish …u go ..I don’t need our explanation …
She starts to beat her driver
The man gets angry ………. he holds her hand and slaps her really very hard .,…..
Swara gets shocked ….. the driver also super shocked till date know one dared to touch even her parents but …
The driver comes and holds her
The man : don’t even dare to touch him he is also human OK ….u have solo much attitude ..reduce it ..
The driver says plzz leave sir ….I can handle her ..
Swara in shock and angry sits in car ….
The driver goes to man and blesses him may u be happy forever thanks for helping me …he leaves
The both car leaves in opposite direction …
Both Swara and the man in other car stare. Angrily ..

Precap : the man reveals ………..Swara gets shocked ………marriage fixed ,,,,

Who is that man ?
Why destiny stopped their both cars at Same time ..?

What will happen if they both meet again ?
Lets see what destiny wants

How was this guys plz ..comment whether good or bad …..plzzzz

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  1. Nice….dolly who r u pairing?

  2. awesome. ….

  3. Swasan plss

  4. that man is sanskar that’s y he have some respect with attitude..

  5. nice …

  6. Thanks sara ,lila and anjali keep reading

  7. Please pair swasan

  8. Nice dear.and i think the guy is sanskar….

  9. u r just awesome …love it

  10. Amazing but felt bad for driver…

  11. make it swasan…. plzzz

  12. Thanks jwala and ayesha
    Ayesha u r almost close to the guess
    I will see jwala about the pairs but I promise u will like it ..

  13. I think it’s sanskar only he can handle swara

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