Swaragini – Lies (My Friend-Season 2) Episode 8

The sun light had fallen inside the ward and made Annapurna wake up. She sit with a yawn while her eyes stuck with her son’s smiley face.

“Devi Maa(Goddess),keep him happy always.” Her mother heart prayed for her son . The smile in her son’s face spread on her face also. With happiness filled in her heart, she walked towards the bath room for freshen up but stopped as she felt a force in the loose end of her saree. She turned and saw her husband who was sleeping by holding her saree loose end. She remembered that her husband used to do this whenever he was nervous. How much hard her husband looks like to others even to her son. Only she knows how much kind he was. All in his life, he just followed the path of honesty and truth to his job even it cost their first child’s life.

“This job is not only dangerous for him even for you,Annu. Please reconsider your decision.”Her father pleaded. But, she stood firm in her decision. Even after losing her first born, she never regretted her decision of marrying Durgaprasad. She kept proud that her husband stood for truth and honesty to his job. She even understood durgaprasad’s guilty feelings for destroying a family because of his wrong judgmental decision.

“you might not have did it intentionally, Durga. And, For any reason, I can’t lose you.”The thought kept stronger in my mind and searching the ways to save her husband. How Bhishma left his weapon by seeing Sihandi in the mahabharat war for his promise, she knew her husband would do the same and she already witnessed that. Could she share her worries with her son?

“No. Sanskar is just like his father. He will make it more complicated.”Her mind blocked that way and proposed an new idea. An Hesitation formed in her mind to implement the new idea.

“you don’t need to care about the ways now.” her inner devil side yelled at her. Without hearing her inner angel side, she obliged to her devil side and released end of her saree from her husband’s hand.

After an hour,

Slowly everyone started to wake up. Sanskar smiled by seeing his sleeping wife first, stroked her hair then looked around for his mother. Being occupied by an unknown fear, he kept his wife head on sofa carefully then tapped on bath room door lightly to not disturb his sleeping father and wife. The door was opened which increased his fear.

He started to search his mother in corridor while ronit also started to search outside.

“Maa…”Sanskar muttered then hugged his mother tightly by seeing her in canteen. Her son’s sudden emotional act surprised her. Like her husband, her son also never let anyone know his feelings after joining in the job. And traces of fear in his son’s face worried her.

“Sanskar…”She caressed her son’s face after breaking the hug then offered a coffee .

“maa, you should have told me or ronit before leaving.”Sanskar sighed not able to show stern in his voice then messaged Ronit about his mom.

“If an incident happened like day before yesterday, it doesn’t mean it will continue, Sanskar. Threats and police job like a twin and I learned how to tackle those situations”Annapurna said in a calm voice.

Not able to see change in her son’s face, she continued further.

“I don’t want my son to be a failure in his job because of me. Even your father or swara won’t like that,Sanskar. Throw away the fear,Sanskar. It doesn’t look good to see a police officer getting scared by criminal’s threat or throw your job. You doesn’t fit in that.”She said with the same smiley face.

Sanskar smiled to his mother. This attitude of his mother he admired from his childhood. She never used buttery words. She always tells direct to their face either his family or outsiders.

“I am getting back to work today. I think Papa will be discharged by today only. Let’s go and give coffee to others. They may also need it.”Sanskar said both left together from canteen.

At Aditya’s house,

Aditya was getting ready to office and then he heard a tap on his door.

“Come in Raj!”Aditya exclaimed then adjusted his neck tie by seeing his reflection in mirror.

“Rajat sir went to his house.”Sakthi said while entering into the room.

“She is the second reason for my statement in court.”Sakthi’s statement in hospital revived in Aditya’s mind and created a lot of questions.

“How do you know about my sister being alive?”Aditya asked in a knife sharp tone.

“I can’t answer your question now. And, I am not a correct person to tell about that.”Sakthi refused to answer.

“Then, who can answer my question,Sakthi?”Aditya asked. He was neither ready to continue this passing questions game nor ready to encourage sakthi’s this attitude. He needs information that  he could get it from Sakthi only.

“I am leaving ,Aditya. Since you get your sister back alive, there is no reason for us to continue…”Shakti turned.

“Still, we didn’t prove laksh’s innocence.”Aditya stated.

“I don’t care.”The words created a huge shock in aditya’s mind.

“What?”Aditya asked with shocked tone.

“Resentment… Hatred . only these two things I having for my brother that the pain I withstood because of him. Nothing more in the past five years .”Sakthi stated with anger.

“But, you wanted to prove Laksh’s innocence.”Aditya asked.

“Because, that’s the only way to prove my innocence.”The later stated.

“Didn’t you tell before that I didn’t bend and have my own reasons to accept your proposal? I just wanted to know about the people who chase me in all my life. first I thought you might one of them or enemy of them who wanted to use me. Later, I thought we could mutually help each other. Now, I am least interested in all this. Already, I struggled a lot and I don’t want to waste my life or suffer more.”The later continued further.

“Leave now. Before I regret later for doing something to you.”Aditya stated in a dangerous tone.

Sakthi left the room with anger face then turned into cringed one.

(Flashback starts)

( At the time Laksh is 13 year old while Sakthi was 12 year old)

“Just tell a single lie,Sakthi. So, I can go for playing cricket.”Laksh pleaded to his cousin brother.

“Complete your homework and then go. In this way either I or you don’t need to lie”Sakthi said while writing his homework.

“hmm! Like he is harishchandra’s son.”Laksh twisted his lips then stared his street boys whose were busy in playing cricket. A Huffing sound left from Laksh’s mouth then Sakthi closed his notes.

“Go…”Sakthi said.

“Really?”laksh asked being surprised , side hugged his brother then ran away.

“Seems like today I have to complete his homework also. what is in that cricket than mathematics to be crazy for that?”Sakthi sighed by thinking about his brother.

At Night,

Sujata was checking their home work notes while the handwriting confused her. After analyzing, she raised her voice.

“Laksh, why did you make Sakthi to do your home work?”Sujata asked in a strict tone as a good mother.

“I didn’t tell him to do. He did by himself.”Laksh shrugged his shoulders.

“Shakti…”Sujata turned .

“Shakti…Shakti…”Sujata searched him all over the house later Ramprasad and Shakti’s parents joined with her.

After half an hour,

Shanta,Shakti’s mother, started to sob while Krishna,Shakti’s father tried to console her.

“Shanta, Don’t worry. I alerted all the police stations. We will find our shakti soon”Ramprasad tried to give confidence then started to leave for searching his nephew.

“Papa…”Laksh exclaimed from his parents room while the elders hurried towards the room.

“What happened Laksh?”Sujata asked worriedly while he pointed under bed.

Ram bended and saw the sleeping figure of Shakti. He carefully took Shakti out but Shakti woke up in the movement.

Shanta took her son in her embrace while her son looked clueless about the situation.

“why did you hide there,Shakti?”Sujata asked while caressing his head. He went then hugged Sujata.

“Because , you would ask me about Laksh’s homework.”Sakthi replied.

“what if I ask?”Sujata asked.

“then , I have to tell you that Laksh went to play cricket without completing homework and I did for him. So that, he could escape from you.”Sakthi told while Laksh sat on floor by keeping his hand on his chin. He looked at his bat with sad expression as he knew what his mother’s next step would be.

Sujata parted Sakthi from her while he looked at her in half sleep. She took the bat from hall and gave it to sakthi.

“Sakthi, This bat ,have it with you. until I tell you, you shouldn’t give neither Laksh nor anyone. Go sleep”Sujata patted on his shoulder while he nodded his head then walked towards his room by dragging the bat.

“Badepapa(Uncle), when Sakthi was born, is it any possibility for switching babies?”laksh asked by rolling his eyes.

Sakthi’s father looked at him being puzzled.

“How you are telling lies in court flawlessly. How could be your son like this? What I asked? Just one lie… I could have finished my homework by myself.”Laksh sighed while Ramprasad and Krishna suppressed their smile .

“Laksh…”Sujata rolled her lies while Shanta intervened.

“Leave him Suji”Shantha said then turned towards Laksh,”Laksh, Its already Late. Go and sleep”. Laksh nodded then escaped from the place.

“you are spoiling him,Shanta.”Sujatha complained .

“He is a child, Suji.”Shanta pleased and got a sigh from Sujatha.

In children room,

Laksh entered and rubbed his eyes as he felt burning sensation.

“How much he sleeping peacefully after creating all the drama?”Laksh thought by seeing Sakthi who was sleeping by hugging his bat. Laksh raised his hand to tap his brother’s head then stroked his brother’s hair gently. How much his brother’s innocence created problem in his day to day life , he couldn’t get anger on his baby like brother. With a smile in his face, he lay on next to his brother slowly drifted into sleep.

(Flashback ends)

“I wish Laksh you could see my ability to lie flawlessly”Sakthi left a bitter smile out then left Aditya’s house as he decided. A hope to prove his brother’s innocence that he got from Aditya… when he ashamed about himself for deciding to leave all this back behind and start fresh during his release from jail . But, could he blame for that? All he did just trying to save his people even if it by lying or by destroying his own life. When that was not fruitful… losing his parents one by one and his sufferings in jail…when his mind wanted vengeance for his loss but exhausted by guessing about the enemies… he deliberately wanted peace nothing more.

“you did right,shakti. Aditya shouldn’t be turned like you.”His mind praised it’s own decisions while the another side remembered the warm feelings he gave.

Sakthi looked at his life which was again turned like void with the responsibility of taking the secrets to his grave.

A Person sat beside him and adjusted his throat casually.

“I left him,ASP sir. Now, there is no hurdle to let him meet his sister.”Sakthi said to Sanskar who was in disguise.

“I can still help you to get a place for stay and work.”Sanskar offered while his subconscious mind revived how Shakti himself proposed this deal.

“No need,ASP sir.Still this life should have something for me.”Shakti said and started to walk without waiting for Sanskar’s reply.

Sanskar stared the direction of Sakthi for a moment then started to walk in opposite direction.

After a long walk, Shakti looked at the sky by observing the coldness in air. In the few minutes, rain started while he just stood without any expressions letting the rain droplets to drench him while people in surrounding ran in search of shelter.

From behind , someone turned him forcefully , and trying to shield his head from rain with her loose end of saree . The eyes, he met it directly but doubted himself again.His hands subconsciously reached to touch her face. The dryness in her burnt skin didn’t affect him at all. All he could mutter a single word, “maa”

Swara witnessed the reunion with teary eyes through a video call.

“How I united your family members. The same way I will prove your innocence soon,Laksh. Be with your little doll.”Swara said by cutting the call in her room at Maheswari mansion.

“Make sure they are safe.”She sent a message then raised her head by hearing a knock.

“Swara beti, Inspector came to interrogate you”Swarna, the maid, said.

“Haan Kaki! I am coming.”Swara said then stepped down to hall.

“Hello mam! I am Inspector Shyamashish”Inspector introduced himself then she greeted him with folded hands. After the normal question, Inspector jumped to the main question.

“What happen on that day madam?”Inspector Shyam asked.

“I had been instructed by receptionist to meet chief doctor Ranvijay. When I went to his room, I knocked for few times. I didn’t get any answer. Then, I heard a ringtone and saw the door open. I entered into the room . his dress was fully drenched by blood and throat was slit open.”Swara closed her eyes tightly by remembering the incident.

“Relax swara, have some water.”Annapurna patted his daughter-in-law’s shoulder and made her drink water. After taking few breath, she felt ok.

“I felt someone beside me. I turned and saw a man who was having mask in his face. He tried to slit my throat then pushed me hardly. Then, I lost my consciousness.”Swara said.

“Mam, have you seen anything different or can you remember anything about the murderer?”Inspector asked.

The murderer’s eyes flashed in her eyes. A chillness went in her spine.But, she composed herself.

“No…”A lie came from her mouth with full confidence. Inspector looked at her with bit disappointment.

“ok mam. Thanks for your co-operation and help”Inspector Shyam left.

“maa, I am feeling tired. I am going to take rest.”Swara said and left to her room while the eyes disturbed her a lot.

At Sanskar’s cabin ,

Sanskar was sitting in his desk and looking at the post mortem reports.

“He drugged, strangled then poisoned by injection. The blood traces in his nails belongs to a lady”Sanskar read the reports once again.

“I am the witness of that murder. Even your father knows about it.”Swara’s voice distracted him that he couldn’t catch up further with the case. He sighed heavily then looked into his subordinates.

“Go to crime scene and check there about evidences.”Sanskar said and stood from his chair. His subordinates saluted him then he left to his house.

Making sure that her husband and her daughter-in-law won’t search for her, Annapurna left to temple.

“Sorry for making you wait madam.” A Person sat beside her in a normal way which no one could doubt about that.

“Ragini murder case. I hope you remember that case. I want you to check that anyone alive from that accused family.”Annapurna stated.

“Madam, tables are turned. Now you are ex-commissioner’s wife and I am current ACP. You should learn to respect.”The person said sternly.

“Respect… that too to you, Vineet sinha. I can make you to lose your job if I want. You couldn’t even imagine what an evidence I have against you. Keep your attitude aside .Finish the work which I give.”Annapurna screeched in a low voice then stood to leave. She looked at the Kali idol once again.

“I am doing wrong. But, I don’t have any way Kalimaa to save my family.” Annapurna apologized then walked away from temple. She heard a lot of bad things about him especially his bribery habits and how much dangerous he was. She even knew that she held a snake in her hand.

Vineet sinha smiled devilishly then his face cringed because of her words. He hated when her eyes stared him with disgust and treated like an animal . Not only she , whoever met him for their works, they did the same.

“Mrs.Maheshwari, you took a wrong step and you will definitely pay for that.”Vineet sinha muttered to him.

Sanskar entered into his house.

“Sanskar babu, Annu maa went to temple. Commissioner sir is taking rest in his room. Swara beti is in your room.”Suvarna informed.

“Thanks kaki”Sanskar thanked and ran towards his room. He opened the door while a paper fallen near his foot.

He took the paper and gave a questioning expression by seeing a pair of eyes of a person. He turned to his wife who facing standing in the same direction before a drawing table.

“Whose eyes were these?”Sanskar asked by stepping forward.

“Murderer’s…”Swara mumbled.

“Laksh’s murderer’s”Swara spelled a bit loud than before. The memories she sealed and buried in her heart deeply sudden it started to surface.

“Janu!”Sanskar worriedly muttered by seeing her shaking body then tried to hug her.

“He will come…”Swara muttered while traces of fear occupied her full face.

“He will come to kill me”A tear left swara’s eyes then she passed out in Sanskar’s hand.

Sanskar saw Swara’s phone on bed and took it for calling doctor. Swara’s whatsapp buzzed with a message.

“The officers who were accepted to help us in reopening Laksh’s case have been murdered. I am leaving the city for time being. Be careful.”Sanskar read the message as he saw it in notification.

He turned and then looked at his wife with an concerned and shocked reaction.

Next Episode:Broken seal of secrets


Hi Friends,

Before moving to next chapter, I wish to notify that there were two Laksh in this story. Lakshya Sharma and Lakshya Ramprasad Kashyap were the main lead of this story. Both fallen for a single girl . I will try my best to make the story simple to understand. let me know your views on this story.

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