Swaragini – Lies (My Friend-Season 2) Episode 5

Thanks for all your support. Ammu, you can get RagLak scenes after 2 episodes. Sorry, but I need some time to get them in ff.


In a College auditorium,

A Girl was sitting sadly while another girl sat next to her.

The other girl patted on the girl’s shoulder and then offered a toffee with a friendly smile.

The girl reflected the same smile.

“is it your first time being away from your home?”The other girl asked.

The girl nodded sadly.

The first girl kept silent for a moment.

“Me too…”The first girl said which made the girl look at the other girl.

“Are you not scared to be away from your home?”The Girl asked while the other girl controlled her laugh by seeing the expression of the girl.

“what is the need to be scared?”The other girl asked.

“It’s very big city. Lots of people… And… and… My maa told me that city people are selfish and cheaters.”The girl said with a stammering tone and looked at her surrounding often with hidden fear in her eyes.

“I am also from city. Are you saying that I am selfish and cheater?”The other girl asked in a fake serious tone.

“no akka. But, you told me that you are staying away from home.”The girl asked while her eyes asked the same .

“I am from Chennai and Kolkata is a new city to me. And, All city people are not selfish and cheaters. Even in your village, there could be some bad people. City is also the same but that doesn’t mean, you could get scared of that .”The other girl said.

“How could you speak this much long?”The Girl surprised.

The other girl laughed while the girl looked at her questioningly.

“Did I say any joke?”The girl thought.

“you didn’t tell any joke” the other girl said .

“Adi Athi(Local slang)! Are you magician? How are you telling what I thought in my mind?”The girl asked.

“Your face tell me everything. Such a face you have!”the other girl said.

“Don’t praise me akka!”The girl blushed.

The other girl looked at the innocence of the girl and smiled broadly.

“Seems like my Kavya di forget her little brother by seeing her new friend. It’s so painful di” A Boy stood by holding his heart dramatically and acted like he was in unbearable pain.

The Girl looked at him worriedly while The other girl,Kavya, sighed with a uncontrollable smile.

“Stop It, Laksh. Always doing things dramatically” Kavya said while Laksh sat beside her with grin.

“Then, Kavya di, Introduce me to your new friend.”Laksh pleased by looking at Swara.

“introduce yourself,Laksh”kavya said in a uninterested tone.

“Hi Little doll! I am Laksh… Lakshya Ramprasad Kashyap”Laksh extended his hand.

“I am Swara….”Swara said by folding her hands before and gave him a strict look.

Kavya smirked at Laksh while Laksh gave a carefree look.

” I am from Mumbai. Where are you from Swara?”Laksh asked.

“What will you do by knowing that?”Kavya intervened.

“Ask him like this, Kavya Akka!”Swara thought.

“Just a General knowledge!”Laksh shook his shoulders.

“Ok Swara, I will meet you later. My venue is on another auditorium.”Kavya said and started to leave.

“Kavya di, Give me my toffee”Laksh exclaimed.

“I gave it to my friend.”Kavya answered while Swara hid the toffee in her hand with a tensed face.

Laksh moved near to Swara by keeping a safe distance as someone asked him to move.

Swara slowly moved the toffee towards Laksh and Laksh also noticed it.

Laksh took it in a hurry.

“Thanks Little doll for accepting me as your friend.”Laksh exclaimed in a low voice.

“What?”Swara muttered while her face showed the level of shock.

“Don’t you know, In Kolkata, Offering chocolate is a proposal for friendship.”Laksh said while smirking and removing the toffee cover.

“It’s Kavya di’s. She gave it to me . I just returned what’s yours. Nothing more”Swara said.

“whatever it is, you gave me toffee. So, you are my friend, Little doll. That’s final.”Laksh turned and put headphone on his ear.

Swara started to answer but stopped in middle as Dean and other professors entered the auditorium.

Swara huffed while Laksh smiled by imagining Swara’s expression.

“Swara…Swara…”Sanskar called her name slowly by seeing movement in her hands.

Sanskar held her hands supportively while she opened her eyes slowly.By seeing Sanskar, She smiled weakly.

“Swara…!”Sanskar muttered in a worried voice.

“I am Ok,Sanskar”Swara said in a low voice and her eyes assured the same.

She closed her eyes as she felt bit tired.

While the memories of murder revived in her mind unwontedly, she held Sanskar’s hand tightly.

Sanskar saw traces of fear and confusion in her face and then took her hand in his palms.

“Swara…”Sanskar tried to give confidence and Swara stared Sanskar with questions in her eyes.

“There is a question which pesters my mind from the past years, Sanskar, why did you lie?”Swara asked in a low voice . Sanskar looked at her in confusion.

“At court … Ragini’s murder hearing case”Swara completed her sentence.

“That’s not a lie,Swara”Sanskar said while he confused why Swara suddenly bragging about the past.

“That’s a lie, Sanskar. I know…”Swara added in a finite tone.

A door knock paused their conversation.

Sanskar and Swara turned and saw Annapurna and Durgaprasad at their ward entrance.

“maa…Sir…”Swara tried to sit and Sanskar adjusted her bed to sit.

“Swara… are you ok?”Annapurna asked while caressing her face.

Swara gave a smile to both.

“Swara, you and your husband move in to our house once you discharge from hospital.”Durgaprasad said.

Sanskar decided to oppose but stopped by remembering the danger around his father.

Annapurna felt the tightness in the air , held Sanskar’s hand and dragged him outside.

Durgaprasad sat near to Swara in a chair.

“Luckily,Your Sasumaa didn’t heard what I heard. And you know, The truth which you buried all this time in your heart, you should bury forever. That would be good for everyone.”Durgaprasad said.

Swara closed her eyes tightly.

“I don’t know still how many days I can hide the truth. I was an accomplice in your crime. But, I can’t continue for long time,Sir.”Swara replied.

Durgaprasad kept his calm but his face remained with a hard look.

At Outside,

“Finally, your father asked you to return. Please don’t refuse,Sanskar. “Annapurna pleased.

“Maa…”Sanskar side hugged her by seeing her teary eyes.

“I won’t refuse.But, At least papa should tell me directly instead of telling Swara.”Sanskar complained.

“you know his ego. Once you return to our house, everything will be alright.”Annapurna said happily.

At that time, A doctor came inside while a nurse carried Swara’s reports.

Durgaprasad stood in his place by seeing the doctor while Sanskar and Annapurna came inside.

“How are you feeling now Mrs.Maheshwari?”Doctor asked.

“I am feeling a bit pain in my head.”Swara said.

“That’s just because of shock, Mrs.Maheshwari. It will be cured in few days. Don’t worry.”Doctor said.

“Mr.Maheshwari, I recommend minimum five days complete bed rest for Mrs.Maheshwari. Don’t let her take any stress. Just make sure that she is taking her medications at correct time. And, you can discharge her”Doctor said to Sanskar.

“Thanks Doctor.”Sanskar said.

Doctor left the ward.

On other side,

At Aditya’s cabin,

Aditya was sitting on his chair while his private investigator cum friend, Rajat was staring at him with serious look.

“Do you really want me to investigate about these murders?”Rajat asked in a serious tone.

Aditya gave a deep look which made Rajat sighed.

“Literally , I don’t know what will you get by looking into this murder case.”Rajat said.

“So, when can I expect your report?”Aditya asked.

“Soon…”Rajat finished .

Aditya let out a smile and prepared coffee for himself and Rajat in coffee machine.

“How is your guest?”Rajat asked while sipping the coffee.

“He is fine. Have you found the culprit?”Aditya asked.

” Sakthi was attacked by a professional killer. They have shot poisonous injection. You already know all these. But , it’s background very complicated than I thought, Aadi.”Rajat said.

” A doctor, who was in a reputed position in a private hospital, has send the money to that assassin’s account. That doctor is already murdered today while the assassin’s body recovered from his house just few hours before. The most confusing point, Sakthi and the doctor neither have any enmity nor any connection.”Rajat added.

“I will try to get more information. Then, I will inform you.”Rajat said and then left.

Aditya leaned against his chair and then closed his eyes.

“Students , In our class, two new students joined. Introduce yourself” Teacher said to the students.

“I am Swayam…”A Boy said with a smile.

“I am Laksh…Lakshya” The other boy said.

” you both can Take your seats,. If you need any help, you can ask class leader. Aditya help them.”Teacher said while Aditya nodded with attitude.

Swayam and Laksh sat on the last bench and then gave warm smile to each other while Aditya looked at them in the corner of his eyes.

“Aditya, take answer sheets from my table and distribute it to everyone.”Teacher ordered which distracted Aditya’s thoughts.

“May I come in,Sir?”Aditya’s employee knocked the door. Aditya came out of his thoughts.

“Come in.”Aditya said.

“Sir, your signature is needed in this tender proposal.”His employee placed the file on Aditya’s table.

“you can take it, Tomorrow.”Aditya said then his employee left.

Losing interest in his work, Aditya decided to leave his office.

At Durgaprasad’s home,

Sanskar is staring at his wife while her sentence ringed in his mind again and again.

The information which he got about Swara’s chief doctor Ranvijay’s murder and his attempt to murder Sakthi , confused him more.

“why did you lie… on Ragini’s case … At court…”Swara’s voice ringed once again . He stroked his hair in confusion. The confidence in his wife’s voice confused him more. He stood and walked towards his father’s office room.

Sanskar knocked his father’s door before entering. Durgaprasad gave a nod then Sanskar entered.

“Regarding cutie’s case , Are you sure that Laksh is the murderer?”Sanskar asked.

“he is the…”Durgaprasad’s voice raised his heart beat while Sanskar looked at his father’s face without blinking.

“murderer…”The word gave peace to Sanskar’s mind.

“You don’t need to have any doubt in that.”Durgaprasad said in a strict voice.

Sanskar turned by keeping faith in his father’s word.

On other side,

Aditya entered into his house while the weird silence made him tensed.

“Does he sleeping?”Aditya thought and opened Sakthi’s room door. The absence of Sakthi confused him first.

“Sakthi… Sakthi…”He called Sakthi’s name and got tensed as he didn’t get any reply.

Being worried for his bait, he pressed Rajat’s number to call but raised his head by seeing a shadow at the door step.

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