Swaragini – Lies (My Friend-Season 2) Episode 4

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Sanskar entered the crime scene while his police mind scanned the environment carefully.His subordinates saluted him while he crossed with a nod. He starred the dead body for a while then started to check.

“Sir, I think the convict strangulated his neck with a nylon rope before hanging him. There was two marks in his neck.”Ronit Das informed .

“where were his family at that time?”Sanskar asked.

“His son is living in USA and his wife went to relative function yesterday . we already informed them.”Ronit added.

“How could a police man didn’t fight back?”Sanskar thought and checked the visible parts thoroughly.

“Tell the doctor to check any poison or drug present in his body.And…”Sanskar stopped by seeing the blood traces in victim’s hand.

“tell him to check this blood trace. “Sanskar added then started to roam in the house. Two cups in the table gained his attention while the forensics team were collecting traces.

Sanskar came out then checked the surrounding. His eyes stuck at the CCTV Camera.

“I want the CCTV Footage of that camera.”Sanskar added.

“Sir, that CCTV is repaired. that’s not working. The builder installed it for name sake.”Ronit added.

“Sir, he is the watchman. he was on shift yesterday.”Ronit added.

“Where were you at the time of murder?”Sanskar asked.

“Biswajit Sir gave me leave yesterday night suddenly.”The watchman added while he stammered a bit.

“when did you leave yesterday?”Sanskar started his interrogation.

“At night 9:00 PM”Watchman answered.

“Did anyone come yesterday , someone you don’t see before?”Sanskar asked.

Watchman nodded negatively.

“But, A lady came when I left. Even,Biswajit sir was very tensed by seeing her.”Watchman added.

“Have you seen her face?”Sanskar asked for which Watchman nodded negatively.

“Ronit get the postmortem reports as soon as possible .Abhijit, you gather information about his enemies and his past cases.”Sanskar added.

Sanskar got into his jeep and then left to his office.

In Aditya’s house,

Sakthi entered into Aditya’s office .

“Do you need anything,Sakthi?”Aditya asked.

Sakthi pointed a news in his mobile.

“Biswajit Mondal, ACP, was found dead in his house. Police suspects it as a murder. Investigation Officer , Sanskar Maheshwari,ASP, said that initial investigation is going on and soon, Police will nab the culprits…”The news was going on.

Aditya gave a question mark.

“He is the fourth police officer who murdered recently. And most importantly, The officers who died till now, they all involved in Ragini’s ,Ram uncle’sand his family murder case.”Sakthi added which shocked Aditya.

“What?”Aditya stood from his chair.

“If we nab the culprit before the police does, we may get some lead to catch the real culprit.But, we have to be careful Mr.Sengupta. Can I ask you onething?”Sakthi asked.

“haan Sakthi.”Aditya permitted.

” what made you think that Laksh is not real culprit?”Sakthi asked.

Aditya gave a bitter smile.

“why did you falsify your statement,Sakthi?”Aditya asked for which Sakthi gave silence as his answer.

“The day you are ready to share with me, I will tell my reasons. And, you are not fully recovered from the poison. So, Take some rest.”Aditya advised.

“I falsified my statement to save my mother.”Sakthi’s face hardened because of his past memories.

“Don’t stress yourself, Sakthi”Aditya patted sakthi’s shoulders.

“And, you can’t go outside for someday until I figure out about your enemy.”Aditya advised for which Sakthi just nodded.

“who tried to kill me?”Sakthi asked.

“My private team is investigating. I will take care of it.”Aditya said.

At Sanskar’s flat,

Swara woke up and saw the ailment in her upper side of arm. A smile flashed in her face.

“Sanskar…”She thought by hearing door opening sound. She came out being excited but bit disappointed by seeing Suwarna then she smiled genuinely.

Swara held Suwarna by her hands then gave a smile.

“I got bored without you,kaki.”Swara said with a smile but worried by seeing Suwarna’s hissing sound.

“What happened,Kaki?”Swara said while examining Suwarna’s arms.

“Nothing Swara beti. Just a cat scratched my hand “Suwarna answered.

“Leave it.It will be cured by applying turmeric coconut oil paste.”Suwarna tried to get her hands back.

“It looks very deep. let me dress your wound.”Swara said in a strict tone and went inside to take first aid kit.

“How was your journey? Have all of your works finished ?” Swara asked.

“Still, Some work is pending. It will be also finished soon.”Suwarna answered.

“How many times they will make you travel?”Swara asked in a bit anger and concerned tone.

Suwarna just caressed Swara’s face.

“Just 4 or 5 times, Not more than that.”Suwarna said in a confirming tone.

“Ok Kaki, I am going to hospital in half an hour. You come with me and get some antibiotics.”Swara said and went inside to get ready.

In Sanskar’s office,

Sanskar was writing the police officer’s name and their murdered location.

“Sajan Mondal- Outside Nicco park in his car ,Sidharth Saha-near Howrah bridge , Subham Sarkar- nearby water market , Biswajit Seth-In his house” Sanskar wrote in the board.

” All are killed by strangulating. what would be motive? is the murderer any physico-mental who kills police officers?”Sanskar thought.

“Excuse me, sir…”Abhijit knocked the door.

“Come in…”Sanskar permitted.

“Sir, All these four doesn’t know each other personally . They don’t have any notable enemies particularly. There was not a single point connecting them except …”Abhijit hesitated.

“except…”Sanskar stressed his tone.

“They all are part of the investigation team of ex-commisioner Ramkumar Kashyap’s murder case . Once the case was solved, the team was demolished. And ,the most important point, Ramkumar sir also murdered in the same way.”Abhijit added.

“Who are all in that team?”Sanskar asked.

” except the four dead, ACP Vineet Sinha and and ex-Commissioner Durgaprasad Maheshwari were part of that team.”Abhijit informed.

Sanskar’s body stiffened for a moment.

“Inform them to be safe. And increase the security for them without telling them.”Sanskar ordered.

At Hospital,

Swara made swarna sat in injection section to get her antibiotics.
“kaki,wait here after getting your injection,come to my cabin. I going to report “Swara said then walked towards her cabin.

“Swara mam, Chief doctor wants to meet you ” a nurse informed.
“ok” swara nodded then walked towards chief doctor’s cabin.

Swara knocked the door and then asked permission to enter after two minutes.

“Chief might be went for regular rounds.”Swara thought and turned.

After stepping forward , she turned towards the chief’s cabin again by hearing a mild ringtone sound.

While a weird emotions and fear clutching her heart, she opened the door. The environment went silent for her in a moment when she saw the chief’s throat slit and blood drenched his overcoat and shirt.

She pressed the speed dial button to Sanskar while she walked towards the dead subconsciously. She felt someone’s presence near her then turned. Her eyes widened by seeing a knife which was marching towards her throat. While her mind went numb in shock and her eyes were just staring the murderer’s eyes, The assassin took back his knife and pushed her very hard by her shoulders which made huge sound as she made the table fell down while Sanskar attended her call. Assassin blocked the door way with chair.

“Aah”Swara screeched which made Sanskar tensed.

“Swara… Swara…”Sanskar screamed in his phone to get her single answer.

Swara slowly raised her eyes and then looked at murderer’s eyes while some memories revived in her mind subconsciously.

“Sanskar, This is Laksh .Laksh, This is Sanskar,my best friend.” A Voice introduced both to each other while Sanskar and Laksh stared at each other while Swara was looking at them from far.

“Laksh…!”Swara murmured which made the assassin stopped and turned back to look at Swara.

There were some sounds from outside as people tried to break the door. He gave a deep stare to Swara then jumped through window while Swara lost her consciousness.

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