Swaragini – Lies (My Friend-Season 2) Episode 11

Swara’s brother balanced himself and then stood. Sanskar also turned towards swara and her brother.

“Anna…”Swara caressed the finger marks on her brother’s face. The love of his sister melted down his anger.

“Swara… we need to speak.”Her brother said in calm tone and held her hands. Both started to walk away from Sanskar by ignoring him but Sanskar stopped Swara by holding her hands.

Swara looked at her husband eyes and hurt by seeing hurt in his eyes.

“Please come to our house. It will be better if we speak in our house.”Sanskar said.

“On what basis I can come to your house,ASP sir ?”Her brother asked.

Sanskar gave a questioning look .

“My sister relationship with…”Her brother interrupted by Sanskar.

“It would be better if you stay away from our personal life.”Sanskar said in a stern tone.

“Even I wish so,ACP Sir. But, the situation didn’t let me to do. Though she did wrong with you, I can’t let her suffer because of that.”Her brother said in a determined tone while Swara bend her head in guilt.

“why should she suffer?I don’t care why she married me. She is my wife. I love her. She loves me. How would I let my wife suffer?”Sanskar expressed his emotions.

“Does she love you? when my sister doesn’t love you, How could I let her suffer in this bond? It will waste both of your life. It’s better to get divorce for my sister.”Her brother stated.

While the anger was raising inside Sanskar on his wife’s brother, his heart pleased his wife to object her brother. Swara left her brother’s hand and came forward to her husband.

“Though I betrayed him, I love him Swayam. So, it’s better to you if you not speak about divorce or separation.” Swara spoke in a firm tone.

“Do you understand?”Swara asked by turning towards Sanskar. Sanskar nodded his head in an impulse instead of Swayam, her brother.

“And, he is my brother. How he doesn’t have rights to intrude our life after a particular point, the same goes with you,Sanskar. If I do any wrong, he have all rights to correct me. If you dare to do anything like this again, consequences won’t be good,Sanskar.”Swara said in a threatening tone.

Sanskar looked at his wife. This dimension was completely new to him. All he knew about his wife, was a soft girl who didn’t even know how to raise her voice to prove herself.

Swayam let out a smile and adjusted his cheek bone. Then, he put his hand around Sanskar’s neck.

“From , now on you have to call me as ‘Machan'”Swayam interrupted by Sanskar’s question.

“but, Swara called you as Swayam. Isn’t you name is Swayam?”Sanskar asked and felt uncomfortable with his brother-in-law’s friendly gesture.

“with him…”Swayam sighed.

“Hey Swayam, you can continue your family drama after some time. Help me out,Swayam.”Aditya exclaimed.

“Swara, our parents are coming tomorrow.”Swayam said and left towards Aditya.

“Don’t worry Swara . How your brother accepted our marriage, they will also accept us. In these six months, their anger might be mitigated.”Sanskar tried to give confidence to his wife who looked very tensed after hearing about her parents arrival.

“But, they didn’t know about our marriage.” Swara’s thought.

“Look Mr.Sengupta. My client doesn’t know anything about you. then, How are you expecting my client to accept your help?”Uttara asked while Swayam interrupted.

“Suji maa, do you remember me? Swayam? Swara’s twin brother?”Swayam asked.

Sujata nodded by remembering Swayam.

“Suji maa, you know already , There was a murder attempt on Sakthi. They may try again. At least for Sakthi’s safety, please stay in Aditya’s house for a time being. Only, he could keep you both safe. We can’t trust on police.”Swayam said.

Sakthi signed no to sujata .

“Suji maa, I will speak with Sakthi.”Swayam said and took Sakthi to a corner hurriedly.

“why are you not willing to stay with Aditya?”Swayam asked.

“it don’t feel good to be with him.”Sakthi lied.

“when will leave the habit of telling lie,Sakthi?”Swayam sighed.

“Are you neglecting because of your deal with Sanskar?”Swayam’s next question shocked Sakthi.

“Even, I know that you met Duragaprasad Maheshwari once after your release. Really, I don’t know what are you hiding and why even from suji maa, Sakthi. And until you want to open up, we won’t ask. But , you are going to stay with Aditya.”Swayam declared his decision.

“So,You have fixed a bug in my body.”Sakthi said .

“For your safety.”Swayam justified.

“I don’t want you involve in this. I don’t want you have the same pain as me. I don’t want you to be in danger because of me. even , my brother won’t like that,Swayam anna(brother).”Sakthi gave his final statement.

Swayam took a paper out and gave the paper to shakti.

“Please help my family to get out of the mess I created. I can’t explain you. I am trying to resolve by myself. But, if anything happened to me, please don’t let my family affect by that.”By seeing the handwriting, Sakthi understood who wrote the letter.

“Laku…”His hands caressed the letters.

“Let us complete our promises. Think about suji maa’s safety.Please Sakthi…” Swayam pleased.

Aditya nodded in affirmative.

In the court entrance, Vineet Sinha blocked by the reporters.

“ACP sir, what is your answer for the allegations has been raised against you?”one reporter asked.

“Nowadays, there were a lot of bribery complaints against you. Do you think that it’s all planned against you?”other reported asked.

“Sir, Give your views about this case reopening.” The another one asked.

Just by keeping silent, Vineet Sinha marched towards car while the remaining police men helped him to reach by blocking the reporters.

He sat on his car and took more amount of water to relax him.

“what a trap you have laid.”His eyes arched as he couldn’t stop himself by praising .

His phone buzzed with a message.

“The seal has been broken… Leave the city now itself if you want to survive” The two phrases did a cracker show on his face.

A small curve appeared in his face finally.

“It’s time to enjoy vacation.”He murmured then left the court in his car.

“Suji maa, Sakthi is ok to stay with Aditya.”Swayam said while Sujata looked at Sakthi.

Sakthi blinked his eyes in assurance.

“If you have still doubts, you can also visit my house.”Aditya invited Uttara to his house and she also accepted.

“Aadi, I will come after some hour.”Swayam stated then ran towards Sanskar’s car.

Sanskar stopped the car with jerk as Swayam blocked the way.

“Won’t you drive properly?”Swara asked angrily because of her inner turmoil.

“Ask your brother why he jumped in the way.”Sanskar retorted then soften his voice.

“what is bothering you,Swara?”Sanskar asked while Swayam knocked the side mirror.

Swara opened the back seat then Swayam seated inside the car.

“Mappilai, I want to meet your parents. So, let’s go to your house first.”Swayam said by comforting himself in the seat.

“Sanskar, he is telling to you only.”Swara said as Sanskar was not responding.

“But, he was telling to someone … even he called them as Mappilai. Didn’t he was on call?”Sanskar asked innocently.

“Anna… Atleast, you can call him by his real name.”Swara sighed.

“will you tell the same to our father?”Swayam asked with a grin.

“Sanskar, My whole family gave you nick name as Mappilai. So, please try to respond if he calls you with that name.”Swara pleased.

“But…’Sanskar stopped by seeing his wife’s face.

“Swara, Did Sanskar know that our parents don’t know about your marriage?”Swayam asked being bored by the silence in the car.

Sanskar stopped the car with a jerk in shock while the persons who drove their vehicle behind Sanskar started to scold him. Sanskar stepped out to ask sorry and handle the mess which he created with sudden break.

“Can we speak in Tamil?”Swara gritted her teeth.

“you didn’t change a single bit,Swara. Always running away from problems”Swayam said in a stern tone.

Sanskar got inside the car.

“Still, How many things which you hide from me, Swara?”Sanskar asked by losing his patience.

“Don’t worry, Mappilai.. From the start of running away from home at her 17th age to hiding her marriage in our home. I will tell you all. But, now we can’t be here for long as it’s no parking zone.”Swayam pointed the No parking sign board. Sanskar started his car and drove towards his house. For some unknown reason, he constantly felt irritated in the presence of his brother-in-law that too in the way his brother-in-law was nagging his wife.

“weird…”Sanskar thought by seeing his wife and his brother-in-law in the corner of his eyes.

At hospital,

Ragini slowly woke up at the same time, Laksh sharma opened his eyes and sat on the bed.

“My Laksh…”Her words were ringing in his ears continuously.

“I love her as my life. But, she didn’t love me. she loved some other who was named same as me. Then, why did she point me as her lover?”Laksh couldn’t stop this question raise in his mind.

He moved towards her slowly and sat near to her head.

“I wish It’s all could be true.That, we were lovers. But, you rejected my proposal in the worst way you can, ragini.”Laksh thought and closed his eyes tightly.

“I love you”Laksh proposed then fallen on the floor by a sudden force while Ragini’s college mates laughed at him.

“Look at his clothes. Ragini, If I am correct, even your servants will wear good clothes than him”One person said by pulling Laksh by his shirt.

Laksh slapped the person’s hand in anger and feeling insulted.

“Waah!He is getting anger.”the person said to his friends then punched on laksh’s stomach.

Laksh squealed in pain.

” Friends Our Ragini can even handle guys like me and make them kneel on floor. but, he even not able to withstand my small single punch. With which confidence he dare to propose you Ragini?”The person asked sarcastically.

“I don’t know”Ragini twisted her lips.

“You don’t have money, looks or attitude. To be frank, you even don’t have qualities to be her servant. But , you have guts man. Even after knowing this, you proposed her. Tell me ,man. From where you get this much confidence?”Another person asked by kicking Laksh.

Laksh screeched in pain.

“Leave him, guys. He looks pitiful.”Ragini stated for which everyone laughed.

“yeah! He looks so pitiful.”One of her friends said while laughing.

“But, don’t we gift him for remembering us?”A girl in ragini’s gang smirked then walked towards Laksh. She suddenly smeared mascara on his face while a guy held Laksh’s hands from behind.The remaining people did the same while Laksh was trying to get out of the hold.

“Atleast, now he looks a bit good than before.”the girl laughed then they left by leaving Laksh on ground. Might be they didn’t know they killed a person’s soul  in the most cruel way just for proposing.

A Long tears left Laksh’s eyes by remembering his worst memory and lost himself in the pain of his memory. Ragini slowly put her head on his lap and stared his teary eyes. Her memories revived when she saw his teary eyes last time.

“Rago… ragini…”Laksh stepped inside of her flat while weird feelings raised in his mind by seeing darkness in her room.

Laksh stepped inside of the room and switched on the flash light in his mobile phone. While fear was catching his heart, he looked around the mobile.

“Aah!chudial!”Laksh screamed by seeing Ragini who was standing with a cake in her hand and her face was glooming in the light of candle.

Laksh patted his own shoulders and took long breaths to relax himself. Then the whole room was lightened .

“why did you scare me,Ragini?”Laksh asked as still fear didn’t left his heart.

“I didn’t mean you scare you. Actually when you entered, the power went off. I was in kitchen to light the birthday cake candles. And,I came outside by hearing your voice” Ragini said with a sad voice.

By hearing her word, he looked at his surrounding- the decorated wall, their photo in the centre of hall and a table. A sweet smell of jasmine and rose started to cover his nostrils.

Ragini placed the cake on the table carefully then dragged him by holding his hands towards table.

“laksh, wish what you want and blow the candles. But ,don’t say your wish “Ragini instructed. Laksh let out a smile then closed his eyes while saying his wish.

“I wish to celebrate my all upcoming birthdays with you,Ragini.”Laksh thought then blow the candles. Ragini jumped like a child.

Laksh cut the cake then fed half of a piece to Ragini. Ragini took the remaining half piece and acted like feeding him but smeared on his face.

“Ragini… you”Laksh screeched then started to chase her.

After a 2 min chase, he held her hands and pulled towards him. In force, she bumped into his chest.

While their sudden closeness created proximity in between them, Laksh released her suddenly not able to control his feelings.

“So, where is my gift?”Ragini asked in all of sudden.

“I am the birthday boy. You have to gift me.”Laksh said.

“No doctor sir. We changed the norms. Birthday boy should gift me.”Ragini said in stubborn tone.

“ok..ok… what do you want?”Laksh asked with a smile while falling for her each and every childish act. 

“I will take my gift list from room”Ragini said and went to her room.

Ragini’s voice played from a recorder after she went to her room.

“Laksh, you were my good friend and the only men I admire after my father. I know we are pole apart . If you are extreme in patience , I am extreme in anger. We are opposite in all the qualities we hold. But, even after reminding all, My heart is falling for you. I couldn’t stop myself from loving you. I love you Laksh”The Voice recorder stopped then Laksh saw a kneeling ragini on the floor with a rose in her hand.

“I love you Laksh. Will you marry me?”Ragini asked. Laksh looked at her being emotional. The same words which he want to tell her from a long time back… he just stared her.

“Laksh… my knees are paining. So, accept it or…’Ragini’s voice made him snatch the rose from her then he made her stand.

“No one wouldn’t threaten like this in their proposal, rago”Laksh let out a chuckle.

Ragini blushed and tugged her face in his chest and wrapped her hand around his waist.

While silence occupied between them, they just stayed in the same position until she felt his hot tears.

“Laksh…”Ragini whispered his name then wiped his tears. He hugged her tightly.

“I am very happy, Ragini. This is my best gift.”Laksh muttered.

Ragini wiped his tears. By feeling her touch, he came out of his thoughts. The sadness in his eyes shook her . She caressed his face while he held her hands. How much he wanted to burst out, he buried inside , deep inside of his heart just for her.

At Sanskar’s house front,

Sanskar parked his car and got out by leaving the siblings inside.

“why are you irritating him?”Swara asked directly in Tamil.

“I am just training him for a village cuckoo”Swayam said with a grin.

“I am not a village cuckoo. And moreover, what is the need of training him?”Swara asked.

” you can’t decline that ,Swara. And, Don’t you know in our village, how we go for confirming alliance.”Swayam asked.

Sanskar felt more irritated as he couldn’t understand their language.

“Will you both speak in a language which I can understand?”Sanskar asked.

“Nothing mappilai. I am just informing that my parents are coming tomorrow to fix Swara’s alliance with you. And, I think they will leave only after the marriage completes. And they want the marriage to be in our style.”Swayam informed.

“But, my parents won’t accept that. Ok, My parents doesn’t know Tamil and your parents doesn’t know hindi and Bengali. We can tell my parents that your parents accepted me and wanted to do some rituals.”Sanskar suggested an idea.

“Ok.”Swayam just shrugged his shoulders while Swara’s mind doubted her brother’s approval.

“But, I should tell this mappilai, you both are perfect for each other.”Sanskar smiled by hearing his brother-in-law’s compliment while Swara noted the sarcasm in her brother’s voice.

The trio entered the house while Swayam took out fruits and sweets from his bag. Annapurna and Durgaprasad wanted to discuss about the case but stopped by seeing a stranger.

“Maa, He is Swayam,Swara’s brother.”Sanskar introduced while Swayam held his palm together.

“Vanakkam”Swayam said while Annapurna and Durgaprasad did the same with a smile.

“Aunty, please accept it.”Swayam said by giving the sweets and fruits.

“Swara, keep it inside. Beta, you sit.”Annapurna pointed the seat on sofa.

“Maa, actually…”Sanskar was interrupted by swayam.

“Aunty, Actually my parents doesn’t know about Swara’s marriage. They accepted to let Swara marry Sanskar but they wish to see their marriage in our culture also.”Swayam broke the truth as easy as breaking a empty pot.

“I thought how my monkey easily accepted Sanskar’s idea”Swara murmured by hearing her brother’s statement while arranging a tray with coffee and biscuits and came to hall.

Sanskar looked at his father with a bit worry while his father lost himself in thinking. While each second passed as years for a couple, they looked at Durgaprasad at their corner of eyes eagerly.

“Ok beta. We are ok with that. Even we wanted to see our son’s proper marriage with all the rituals.”Durgaprasad agreed.

“Uncle one more request. As my parents didn’t know about marriage, Swara needs to be stay with us until the marriage completes.”Swayam said.

“Swara beti, Pack your bags.”Annapurna ordered.

“Maa, It would be better if we can send Swara tomorrow morning.”Sanskar intervened .

“is that ok?”Durgaprasad asked.

“Thank you very much uncle for forgiving my sister’s mistake and helping us to clear the situation.”Swayam thanked genuinely.

“we all are family now Swayam beta and Swara is also like my daughter now.”Annapurna said.

Swayam looked at his sister face once then smiled to his sister’s in law. A satisfaction about her in laws filled his heart.

“What are you doing beta? Are you also doctor like Swara?”Durgaprasad asked as common.

“No uncle. I am IAS officer. I am working here as Sub divisional Magistrate.”Swayam said.

“That’s good.”Durgaprasad said then continued by speaking about common topics.

“Ok uncle, I am taking my leave and will come tomorrow to take Swara.”Swayam said .

“Papa, I am going to DGP office.”Sanskar said about his leave.

Both of them came outside.

“I will drop you in your house,Swayam.”Sanskar offered a help.

“No need Mappilai. I asked my driver to come here.”Swayam declined the request politely.

Sanskar’s mind noted the difference in his brother-in-law at court and his house.

Swayam turned as he remembered something.

“Sanskar, I forgot to tell you. Aditya told me to inform you that Ragini woke up from coma.”Swayam said while his driver stopped the car nearby him.

“How did he know Aditya? Cutie…”Sanskar’s heart exclaimed in joy by neglecting the questions.

“what is this ,Swara? you gave a petition to reopen Ragini’s murder case.If you don’t know , then get this in your mind. Ragini also belongs to this house. I won’t let you do injustice to her.”Annapurna asked by suppressing her anger.

Swara looked at her mother-in-law.

“Even before marrying Sanskar, I know that maa. Ragini is alive even sir(Durgaprasad) knew that.But, he did injustice to my friend …Injustice happened to my friend, Laksh and his family. Even after knowing the truth, he neither prove that nor let me prove my Laksh’s innocence.”Swara accused Durgaprasad openly.

“My assumption is correct.”Annapurna thought then turned to her husband to confirm that her ragini was alive.

“how do you know about Ragini? I asked How do you know about Ragini?”Durgaprasad exclaimed by losing his patience.

“Her father passed away in heart attack. Sanskar took her here for further treatment. She admitted in SavitriDevi Medical college and hospital.”Swara said while Durgaprasad sat on sofa in shock.

“Sheku…”His lips murmured subconsciously while his eyes covered with tears. Annapurna held her husband’s hand as support.

“One minute, sir. I already told you that I won’t continue to be your accomplice for longer time. And, I will prove my Laksh’s innocence at any cost.”Swara said in challenging tone.

After glancing at her daughter in law’s face, Annapurna said,”Swara, Go to your room. We can continue our quarrel later.”

Swara ran towards her room while Annapurna tried to console her husband. Couldn’t she understand why their sadness affected her? Why did Annapurna’s trembling voice shake her?

She questioned herself but got void as answer.

In Aditya’s house,

“Suji maa, this is your room. Take some rest. I will get something for you to eat. Sakthi, come with me.”Aditya said and left with Sakthi.

“Aunty, do you trust them?”Uttara asked.

“If not, tell me. I will arrange some safe place for you.”Uttara continued without waiting for Sujata’s answer.

“I trust Swara and Swayam, Uttara. They only saved me for all these years. Their decision won’t be wrong.”Sujata answer made Uttara smile a bit.

Back in kitchen,

Aditya was arranging juice in a plate while Sakthi was standing silently beside him.

“I am sorry Sakthi. I lost myself in anger yesterday.”Aditya said in a apologetic tone.

“You don’t need to be sorry,Aditya. My words provoked you.”Sakthi replied in a calm tone.

“Let me help you. And, how is Ragini?”Shakti asked.

“She woke up from Coma. I am planning to take her to home tonight and continue her medication from home.”Aditya shared the news happily.

Sakthi returned a warm smile.

“You are same as Laksh. the same goodness…”Aditya adored then walked outside with the tray.

“I am not good as Laksh.”Sakthi murmured in a deep tone then left the kitchen.

At commissioner office,

Sanskar entered DGP’S cabin after knocking the door.

“I thought to call you Sanskar. About those case, is there any improvement?”DGP asked.

“No Sir. And, I am going on long leave sir.”Sanskar said in all of sudden.

“ASP Sanskar…”DGP stressed his tone.

“Sir, you might have heard about Tamilnadu Ex-commisioner Ramprasad Kashyap’s case reopen. I have connected with the case. It would be better if I am on long leave”Sanskar said.

DGP thought about it for few minutes then nodded positively.

“Sir, I have a request also…”Sanskar started.

At hospital,

“Ragini, I will come after meeting my father.”Laksh said then left.

Ragini was sitting alone by thinking about her good days with her boyfriend. Sanskar stepped inside the ward and smiled by seeing Ragini.

“Cutie…”Sanskar murmured then Ragini turned by sensing his presence.

“Buddhu…”Her face brightened by seeing her friend.

Sanskar stepped forward but stopped by remembering their memories.

“Police officer?Sanskar? Don’t tell joke Rago. He completely depends on you for taking decisions about his own life. And, you are telling that He will become a Police officer. It’s so funny”Aditya laughed while his sister slapped him hard on his shoulders.

Sanskar entered their house and ran towards Ragini.

“Cutie, come with me, we have to go for shopping.you have to select dresses for me .”Sanskar said.

“hey Sanskar, you can select for yourself. Her selection is not that much good.”Aditya said.

“I can’t decide, bhai. I will mess up.”Sanskar said with a cringed face then his face lightened.

“I have cutie. She will select for me.”Sanskar said while Aditya arched his eye brows to his sister.

“Cutie, lets go.”Sanskar hurried for which Ragini obliged while thinking about her friends word.

At night,

Shekar entered his daughter’s room being worried about her sudden silence.

“What happened Ragini? where are you lost?”Shekar asked by sitting opposite to his daughter.

“Nothing papa.”Ragini answered .

“Rago…”Shekar stressed his tone gently.

“Papa, did I make buddhu depend on me?”Ragini asked.

“Why are you thinking like that?”Shekar asked.

“Aadi was saying that buddhu was completely depended on me and he couldn’t take his own decisions.”Ragini complained.

“Does Sanskar only depends on you?”Shekar asked.

“Even you depends on him,Rago. Without worrying about him, you can’t spend a single day. You both can’t spend a day without seeing each other.”Shekar stated.

“Papa, I am going to do my bachelor’s in Kolkata. Don’t tell this to buddhu”Ragini finished her conversation.

Sanskar walked towards her and sat beside her silently.

“Won’t you forgive your cutie?”Ragini asked by holding her ears.

Sanskar took her hands out of her ears then twisted it a bit hard.

“It’s paining, buddhu.”Ragini slapped on Sanskar’s hand.

“even its pained me.”Sanskar said.

“I should have kept anger on you. Leaving my anger, I came to meet you in Kolkata. Do you remember what you did?”Sanskar asked while Ragini nodded negatively.

“You sent me back in next train.”Sanskar exclaimed in her ear.

“I am sorry,buddhu. Even staying away from you, it wasn’t easy for me, Buddhu.But…”Ragini stopped.

“Ok, Ok, I forgive you.”Sanskar said while Ragini side hugged him.

“That’s my buddhu.”Ragini ended with a smile while her brother entered the ward.

Aditya smiled by seeing their childish act.

“At least you remember Sanskar , you are not 12 year aged boy to fight like this. I wonder how do you become IPS literally?”Aditya asked intentionally.

“he has all the qualifications. Are you really an IPS officer?”Ragini surprised.

“ASP Sanskar Maheshwari, The most successful officer in Kolkata”Sanskar raised the collar of his shirt.

Ragini laughed at his antics while Aditya also joined with their laughter.

“Show me your wife’s photo.”Ragini asked in all of sudden.

“Aadi bhai might have told her about my marriage”A Thought didn’t let any questions rising in Sanskar’s mind as Aditya.

“wait!”Sanskar opened his mobile phone and show the photo of Swara.

“She is looking beautiful.”Ragini complimented.

“I met her somewhere before…”Ragini thought then a sound of gunshot ringed in her ear. Her eyes widened in shock while a scenario from past flashed in her eyes.

“I shot her.”She murmured to herself while her breathing became hard.

“Rago… Cutie…”Her beloved ones called her names tensely by seeing her sudden struggle to breathe.

A nurse ran outside to call the doctor.

“Doctor…”Aditya exclaimed then Rudra veer and Lakshya stormed into the ward.

“Laksh…”Rudraveer signed to send the relatives out.

“M.Sengupta, Mr.Maheshwari… please be outside.”Lakshya Sharma guided them to go outside.

“you also…”Rudra ordered.

The trio was waiting outside while Laksh asked about the scenario. Aditya explained the conversation and his sister’s sudden struggle to breathe.

Rudra came outside and signed them to follow him.

In Rudra’s cabin,

“Mr.Sengupta, Your sister acted very normally even adopted the current situation in ease after coming out of coma. But, I think she might not remember whatever happened in her life fully. And she remembers that in trigger. Let her remember by herself and don’t force her to remember. Anything can trigger those memories and she might get panic attack based on how much worst the memory was. Be with her always and keep her happy. We will be discharging her after 2 hours”Rudra stated then Aditya and Sanskar left the cabin.

“Mr.Sengupta…”Laksh’s voice stopped them.

“I want to talk with you alone…”Lakshya stated further then Sanskar left.

“I want to marry Ragini as soon as possible,Mr.Sengupta.”Lakshya said directly .

“And, I can take care of her very well as a doctor and her lover.”Lakshya continued.

“I and She both needs time,Mr.Sharma. Until she recovers fully, I can’t decide about her marriage. I understand you both love each other.But, in the current situation, I can’t trust anyone regarding her.”Aditya said directly then left to his sister’s ward.

Lakshya went back to his father’s ward.

“Papa, State anything to keep Ragini in our hospital.”Lakshya muttered while his father shocked by hearing son’s request.

“Laksh, Are you out of your mind?”Rudra asked angrily.

“Papa, I love her. I can’t afford to lose her again. “Lakshya blurted about his feelings.

“She needs her family,Lakshya. They will heal her.”Rudra tried to make his son understand.

“The night you saw her tears, I was the one who was with her. I can cure her. My love will heal her. She neither needs her family nor anyone. All she needs is only me and my love.”Lakshya retorted.

Rudra looked at his son who were acting like a obsessed person.

“Laksh, Don’t force me to sent you in a long leave and block all the ways to meet ragini as a doctor.”Rudra threatened his son.

Lakshya banged on his father’s table by venting out his anger then stormed out.

“I won’t let you go away from me,Ragini. I won’t let anyone to snatch you from me. I will get you at any cost … AT ANY COST” Lakshya thought by forming an obsession in his mind for his love,Ragini.

Meanwhile,Sanskar entered Ragini’s ward. His face cringed by seeing her exhausted expression.

“Anything can trigger her memory.”Doctor’s voice ringed in Sanskar’s mind then he analyzed the photo.

“Does Swara know Ragini from before?”A question popped in his mind. Aditya placed his hand on Sanskar’s shoulder.

*** Important note ***

All the memories, it’s shown from the Point of View of the person. the Memories they hold. But, that doesn’t means that true or really happened in their past. Especially Lakshya Sharma and Ragini’s memories and the contradictions in their memories. And, there is a question.

But, Anyone can lie. But, Can own Memories be a lie?(need your answer to write next chapter)

To know the answer, stay tuned with My friend Season-2 lies.

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  1. Very very interesting its getting mysterious epi by epi awsm epi dr lvd it

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    Amazing dear and do continue….. Loved it

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  17. Amazing part nd can’t wait for next

  18. Almost all Raglak fans ( Raglak regular readers) including me decide to quit from Telly updates because of less Raglak stories. We were thinking about this decision from last few days, now I get their response. I’m here to announce our decision. We all try to active in Wattpad. If possible please post in wattpad. Good bye guys. Many of them are already commented here

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