Swaragini – Lies (My Friend-Season 2) Episode 10

Ragini was lying on the bed and staring the patient whom she made to admit next to her.

Just holding his hand in her hand, she was busy herself to stare … just stare his face. The normal up and down of breath signifies that he was in deep sleep. She left out a long breath.

“you are still same,Laksh. Always workaholic without caring about yourself. Atleast, you should reminded yourself that A girl would expect you when she wake up from long sleep.”She said.

“Do you remember our first meet,Laksh?”She asked anxiously then drowning herself in the memory.

“Doctor, please look at her. She swallowed a coin.”A Lady entered into the hospital with a 3 year old child.

The child was having breathing problems .The doctor checked the child’s eyes.

“Nurse, arrange for a esophagoscopy. It’s emergency.”Doctor hurried while putting the child in a bed.

“beta, nothing to worry. you will be ok soon.”Doctor consoled the child then he started his procedure.

After 15 minutes,

“We have removed the substance madam. She is well now. I gave mild sedation. So, she can’t feel pain. And, it’s not coin-It’s cork of alcohol bottle.”Doctor interrupted by another lady.

“Rago, where is my Aarani?” A lady asked with teary eyes and a man stood beside her .

“Didi, she is safe.”Ragini assured while her eyes fallen on the man.

” She is born just to waste our money.I didn’t tell you before”The man muttered to his wife.

A Huge slap sound reflected in corridor.

Doctor stepped back by seeing her anger and force.

“What a father you are?She is your blood only.”Ragini stated. While the man ready to fight, the doctor intervened in between them.

“If you don’t leave now, I have to call police. I can even register a domestic violence case for not taking care of your child properly.”Doctor threatened. The man left silently by rubbing his cheeks and glaring Ragini.

“thanks doctor.”Ragini thanked and then turned to the lady.

“Didi, I will clear up the medical bills.”Ragini said .

“money?”The lady hesitated.

“you can pay back after some days or I will reduce it from rent.”Ragini said by patting the lady’s shoulder.

By hearing their conversation, Doctor observed their relation as a tenant and house lord.

Doctor corrected his throat to get attention.

The lady and Ragini turned towards him.

“Sorry doctor for…”Ragini intervened by the doctor.

“it’s ok, Miss…”Doctor stopped,”RAGINI SENGUPTA”Ragini said her name.

Doctor turned towards the lady.

“Mam, Your child swallowed alcohol bottle’s cork. Though it was taken out, there were small wounds inside her throat. Give semi solid in luke warm state. Those wounds would be cured soon. Nurse will explain you about the medication.Give her the medication properly.Take her to hospital after three days.”Doctor advised then walked away but turned .

“Ms.Sengupta?”Doctor called Ragini and she walked towards him and looked him questioningly.

“This much anger is not good for health,Ms.Sengupta. I advise you to do some meditation.”Doctor said with a grin and then walked towards next patient.

She looked a bit shocked with the advice while the lady put her hand on her shoulders.

“What did doctor tell? Is anything serious for Aarani?”Lady asked worriedly.

“Nothing didi”She said while looking the doctor in the corner of her eyes.

The doctor smiled by observing her stare.

(Flashback ends)

With the happy memories, Ragini fell under the clutches of sleep. Her brother was standing in front of the court, as he didn’t get permission to get inside citing security reasons. He was so happy by hearing his friend’s mother’s survival.

Sanskar stopped his car nearby Aditya and came out of the car hurriedly to get inside the court.

“Sanskar…”Aditya’s voice stopped him.

“Can you please help me to get inside?”Aditya pleased while Sanskar held his hand. without wasting their time in words, both get inside of the court.

“Mrs.Sujata Kashyap, can you remember what happened on that day?”Uttara asked.

Two tear drops left Sujata’s eyes by remembering the black day of her life.

“We came to Kolkata to meet my son on May 31,2011. By seeing us, he was very happy. The next day, At morning , My husband went to meet his friend.We are all chit chatting happily .Then, Laksh received a call”Sujata started.

(Flashback starts)

“Hello…”Lakshya received a call then his face turned into serious one.

“Maa.. I have to go. One important work.”Lakshya pleased his mother.

“we all came to be with you. Can’t you postpone it?”Sujata asked.

“Suji, It must be very important work. Otherwise, Laksh won’t ask.”Shantha supported Laksh.

“Ok, Laksh.But be here before 10’o clock . we all planned to visit Kalighat.”Sujata said in a strict tone.

“Thank you maa…”Laksh kissed his both of his mother’s cheek and then left the house.

“My husband returned around 8’o clock.But, my Laksh didn’t return for the whole night. We all are tensed about his safety.”Sujata continued.

“Shantha, Laksh is not attending my calls. None of his friends know about his whereabouts.”Sujata said in a crying voice.

“Suji, Nothing will happen to laksh. Might be his battery drained and stuck somewhere with his bike. Ram anna, do you know any police officers here?”Shantha asked.

“I will call my friend.”Ramprasad said by hiding his worries. Sakthi witnessed the tensed environment and worried more about his brother.

“Shakti, I have seen a small temple in next street. Take Suji with you.”Shantha ordered as suji could get peace of mind in temple.

“Suji maa, let’s go.”Sakthi said by dragging Sujata with him.

“That was almost evening .I went to nearby temple along with Sakthi . I returned nearly after half an hour. When I opened the door, the house was blasted and I thrown out in force. After that, when I woke up, I was in the hospital. The police officers didn’t reply any of my questions. I got to know my whole family except Sakthi was murdered. I tried to give my statement to ACP Vineet Sinha. But the doctor stopped me by stating my emotional state. Even , he promised that he would help me. But, At the day night….”Sujata stopped.

Sujata woke up by hearing a hissing sound of another patient whose face was also burnt in fire.

Sujata walked towards the patient.

“Do you need any help?Can I call doctor?”Sujata asked.

“no need didi. Actually, I am not able to sleep in floor. The burning is irritating. Doctor told me that I could get a bed tomorrow.”The lady told.

“Sleep in my bed.”Sujata offered.

“But didi…”The lady hesitated.

“It’s ok”Sujata made her stand and helped her to lay on bed then started to sleep.

“In the later night ,I witnessed that two goons killed her by strangulating her neck.I flee away from that place and got into accident. Swara, My son’s friend found me accidentally. In the past five years, she was helping me .”Sujata finished.

“wahh! Mrs.Sujata, what a story! Your honor, Mrs.Sujata was telling lies in this sacred court to clear her son’s name. It was already proved in this court about their journey dates and everything. They reached on June 1,morning only . Police didn’t get her statement because the doctor advised that she was not in state to give statement. Her statement is absolute lie to favor her son.”Prosecutor argued.

“Your honor, Kashyap family reached Kolkata at May 31. Mr.Ramprasad Kashyap filed a case for reporting about their stolen bag. This is the copy of FIR. It’s a clear evident for proving Mrs.Sujata’s statement.”Uttara stated by submitting another document.

“Prosecutor, you can cross verify the FIR report.”Uttara said in challenging tone.

“Prosecutor, do you want to question the witness?”Judge asked then Prosecutor nodded no.

“I wish to produce my witness, Mr.Sakthi here”Uttara asked permission.

Sakthi stood in the witness box.

“Mr.Sakthi, you were accused as you helped your brother to coverup his crimes. Even ,You accepted your crimes. Did you remember that?”Prosecutor started to question.

“Yes…”Sakthi said while Prosecutor turned his face with grin.

“But, I was forced to lie to in the court.”Sakthi completed his statement.

“who forced you,Mr.Sakthi?”Judge asked.

“ACP Vineet Sinha.”Sakthi answered by pointing Vineet Sinha.

“The culprit is intentionally putting the blame on an honest officer.”Prosecutor objected strongly.

“The officer’s honesty is already put in test, Prosecutor.”Uttara retorted.

“Your honor, I request you to let Mr.Sakthi to finish his statement without anyone’s interruption.”Uttara requested and got the permission.

“After the incident, Police told me to be with them citing safety reason. The next day, suddenly they accused me for killing my own family members. I couldn’t understand their questions as I didn’t know Bengali at that time. Even, My father wasn’t allowed to meet me. They used to beat me , sometimes gave me a shock. Not able to withstand their torture, I lied in court.”Sakthi hid his reasons .

“Then, why didn’t you complain in court about the police torture?”Prosecutor asked.

“Seems like you have forgot ,Prosecutor sir. Your honor, in all the trials happened in the past, Sakthi appeared in only one trial.”Uttara stressed her tone.

“In all the past trail , Sakthi appeared in only trial. That too,’ Laksh killed his parents in attempt to cover his crime.I helped him…’ A single line of acceptance he gave then he passed out in court itself. In all the remaining trails, Police reported that he admitted in hospital because he fought with his inmates in jail. Even, he didn’t appear before the court on judgement day. It was all planned to put the blame on Laksh and finish the case.”Uttara stated.

“These are the reports which police submitted to court for Sakthi’s non appearance before court.”Uttara submitted.

Judge asked Sakthi to leave witness stand.

“Before calling my last witness, I request the court to check diary’s handwriting with the papers in this envelope.”Uttara submitted the envelope.

“Before moving to my next statement ,what is the main duty of a prosecutor?”Uttara asked.

“To get justice for the victim.”Prosecutor stated.

“Isn’t it ensuring fair play and justice duty of a prosecutor?”Uttara asked.

“Your honor, The verdict declared on August 2,2011. During the trial , Sakthi was a minor. The law allows maximum three years imprisonment to a minor convict.But, Sakthi was imprisoned nearly six years. His age was hidden to court intentionally by the police. Even , I suspect that prosecutor also helped police. They all just tried to cover up the case as soon as possible.”Uttara accused the prosecutor.

” I object your honor. Defense lawyer is trying to put blame on me intentionally.”Prosecutor objected strongly.

“Then, why didn’t you try to get Sakthi on court after the first trial? Why didn’t you try to prove Sakthi’s crimes by cross examining him at the time?All of the whole, how could a prosecutor didn’t know the accused’s  age? Why did the defense lawyer of sakthi at that time reveal about his age? Why didn’t a single FIR lodged when Krishna, Sakthi’s father went missing in a suspecting manner?Even after the release, why did a professional killed try to kill Sakthi?”Uttara asked angrily .

Prosecutor became numb for a second by hearing her questions while Uttara turned towards judge.

“your honor, I request you to reopen this case and ensure a fair trial to get justice for victim . Already, there was a murder attempt on Sakthi. So, I request you to give protection for the victim’s family.”Uttara closed her statement by submitting the FIR lodged for doctor Ranvijay’s murder case.

“Public prosecutor, Can you give your final statement?”Judge asked.

“I also want this case to be reopened to ensure the justice and fair trail”Prosecutor gave his final statement by surprising the court.

After few minutes,

“As per defense lawyer’s argument, it’s proved that case was not investigated properly. I order the government to change this case to CBI and send ACP Vineet Sinha for a long leave to ensure the fair trail. ACP Vineet Sinha should clear his name before the next trail by submitting supporting documents in court. I order to the forensic department to ensure the integrity of the dairy. I order DGP to ensure the safety of the victim’s family. I summon all the people who witnessed, should be present on the next hearing. I transfer this case to a bench and the next hearing will be held on two weeks after.”Judge declared then stood to leave.

After few minutes, Everyone left the court. Aditya and Sanskar walked fast to get near to Swara and Sakthi.

“Swara…”Sanskar stopped Swara by holding her hands. Swara slowly turned then looked into his eyes while Aditya stopped sakthi and his family by blocking their way.

“I suspected your hands on this case,Sanskar. To get evidence against you and your father, I married you.”Swara stated directly by breaking Sanskar’s heart. Due to the sudden pull from behind, Swara turned and got slapped.

Sanskar glared the man who slapped his wife, angrily and without any second thought, he slapped the man hardly in a level to make him fall on floor. Everything happened in an impulse.

“Anna…(brother)”Swara held the man’s head on her lap while Sanskar turned and then held his head in regret.

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