Swaragini (let’s join the melody of relationship)

Hello friends this my first ff .It is different from orginal swaragini so if u guys like it i will continue it
storyline:- swara and ragini are sisters ,swara is seperated from her family after her birth and she will be brought up by the bengali family .how swara finds the truth and join with her family is rest of the story
swara – A young modern and lively girl brought up by Bose family .Her biological parents are Shekar and Sumi and she also has a twin ragini.she is a good dancer and guitarist.
Ragini- A young traditional girl ,Sumi and Shekar are her parents and she doesnt know about her kidnapped sister(Swara). she is a classical dancer and singer and also she learnt some basics of playing veena from her daadi.
Shekar -He is one of the top busineesman in delhi ,his wife name is Sumi . He is loving father who always wanted her daughter ragini to be modern and social
Sumi-wife of shekar and mother of swara and ragini .she always prays to god for the return of her lost daughter.and she has a lot of respect to her mother-in-law

Sanskar- A tall handsome and kind guy who follows his heart and respects others feelings and he lost his parents in an accident when he was 5.he was brought up by his badi papa dp,and he is favourite of dp
Laksh – A hot and spoiled brat ,son of dp and annapurna.dp always compares laksh with sanskar so his relationship with sanskar is not good .
Durga Prasad -A businees man and a close friend of Shekar ,his wife name is annapurna.he has two children laksh and uttara.after the death of his brother and brother’s wife he took care of their son Sanskar and he brought up him as his own son.He always feels that he is responsible for the kidnapping of his friend daughter

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  1. Nice stsrt….

  2. If ua showing swasan i ill not read this..

  3. nice start. make swasan n raglak plz

  4. Nice start. Plz make swara nd sanskar as couple.

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