swaragini-LET ME LIVE AN OS

Guys , it’s balaji again with my second os LET ME LIVE. Let i start the os.
Ragini Gadodia stares the sealing.
Suddenly ,She goes near mirror and sees her right hand which is totally burnt and looks very horrible.
A voice rolled in her mind” di, your hand is so soft. It gives irritation in your hand. So, sit here and I wash this”
Vikram Gadodia @ Vicky comes inside.
Vikram: di, please have some food.
Ragini sees him with teary eyes.
Ragini: Vicky, what’s my mistake? Why sahil do this to me? even I considered him as my friend. Why he throws Acid to me?
Vicky also have moist eyes but he hides.
Vicky: di, how many days you should cry? You should be strong. He can destroy your outer beauty. But, you are my confident and brave di. Prove him, even after that incident, you will be succeeded in your life and you achieved your dream.
Ragini: Vicky I can’t
Ragini burst out in cry.

Vicky: Di, see me. Ragini looks his choti’s eyes.
Vicky: di, you born to achieve. He just created a hurdle. I know my di should become a strong girl. you can get out of this.First have some food.
Vicky feeds her. A hand stops Vicky and throws the plate in floor.
Vicky: Papa..
Shekar: why are you feed her?
Vicky: Papa.. please stop it. di didn’t do any mistake.
Shekar: she falls in that Sahil’s eyes. It’s her mistake. She born as a girl in this evil world. It’s her mistake.
Shekar cries.” It’s her mistake to born as my daughter who even can’t get justice for his child.”
Ragini try to hug her papa. But she can’t rise her right hand properly.
Ragini: Papa.. it’s not your mistake.
Sumi comes inside with another plate.
Sumi(smiles): beta please eat this.

Sumi feeds Ragini, Vicky and Shekar with tear in her eyes and Smile in her face.
Shekar and Sumi feeds sumi.
Ragini feels something different in her food.
Vicky: Maa.. I already ate it. it’s enough for me.
Vicky goes outside.
Ragini feels dizziness and observes that food has poison.
Ragini: Thanks Maa.. for relieving me from the world.
Sumi(cries): Rago…
Ragini: Maa.. why did you give poisonised food to Vicky? what’s his mistake?
Shekar: He can’t live without us.
Vicky hears that and calls.
Vicky: Swara Di..
Swara: Haan Vicky.. Is Ragini eat the food or not?
Vicky: Di.. Maa and Papa fed us poisonised food.
Swara: what?
Vicky faints and phone breakdown as parts.
Swara: Vicky …Vicky…
Swara reached Gadodia’s house with ambulance.
The wardboys take all of them to Hospital.

After an hour,
Doctor: swara they are safe now. But they needs counseling.
Swara nods.
Swara goes to the ward where Sumi and Shekar is lying in the bed.
Sumi and Shekar gets Consciousness.
Sumi sees Swara and then surrounding.
Sumi: Beta.. why are you saved me? you should let us die.
Swara: if you want die, then feed me first. Because you raised me.
Sumi: beta..
Swara: Sumi maa, you should be the supporting system for Ragini. But you make her more weak. I know it’s about Ragini’s dignity. We lose the case because of Sahil’s father richness.
Swara: Maa.. society always seek the chance to taunt us. But we lead our life. IAS is Ragini’s dream. Support her to achieve her dream. Don’t do this again.
Swara turns to Shekar.

At that time, Sanskar Maheshwari comes inside.
Sanskar: Dad..first you should be strong. I arranged a job to you in Coimbatore , Tamilnadu and I get a seat in medical college for Vicky. we go there tomorrow, itself.
Shekar: but beta..
Swara: Papa.. you always treat me like your daughter. It’s my chance to take care of my family.
Shekar: beta you are married to Sanskar. You also concentrate on your life.
Sanskar: Dad.. I don’t want any arguments. I am going to see Vicky.
At that time, in Ragini’s ward
Lakshya dev Maheshwari , Fiance of Ragini enters the ward.
Ragini: Laksh..
Laksh removes Glucose strips and takes Ragini in her hands.
Ragini: Laksh.. I am a cursed one. Leave me. I can’t deserve you.
Laksh takes Ragini in a car.
Soon, they arrived at women caring center.
Laksh drags Ragini inside,
Laksh:Mam. There is she.
A veiled women welcomes and greets her.
V.Women: Ragini.. My name isKavya. You can call me kav. I must be your age. Can you come with me?
Ragini nods.

Kavya takes Ragini with her and sits in nearby table.
Kavya:kk.Ragini. what’s you think about your future?
Ragini: my future is destroyed a month before.
Kavya:an accident didn’t destroy your life Ragini.
Ragini(yells): an accident questioned my dignity; vanished my family’s happiness; destroyed my confidence.
Kavya: Confidence is in with you,Ragini. I heard that you dream is IAS. Why don’t you try to achieve your dream?
Ragini: advising is very easy to everyone. If you crossed my situation, then you would understand my feeling.
Kavya takes the veil and Ragini is shocked to see Kavya’s destroyed Face.
Kavya; I am also a victim of Acid Attack, Ragini. My parents committed suicide. But my bhai supported me. with his support, I completed my studies and till I am happy with my husband Rajat. In this caring center, most of them are victims of rape, s*xual harassments, acid attacks .
At that time, a fifteen year girl comes there.
Girl: Kavya aunty, I won first prize in drawing.
Kavya: Very good beta. Kavya caresses that child “ Beta, go and play”
Kavya: Ragini, if I am say that girl is a rape victim, do you accept?
Ragini: what? A Single tear escaped from her eyes.
Kavya: her parents abandoned her. But still, she is happy is her life. She leads her life , happily. Then why can’t you? I trust you. When you come here another time, you should be an IAS officer.
Kavya leaves and Ragini sits as a statue.
Laksh touches her shoulder and Ragini bursts out in cry.

After 5 years,
Ragini sits in her office.A veiled women comes there.
V.women: collector Madam, we need govt. fund for our women caring centre. And gives her petition.
Ragini: definitely Kavya.
Ragini observes Kavya’s happiness.
Ragini: Kavya, don’t forget tomorrow is Meri and Laksh’ka marriage. Don’t forget. If you forget in your work, I will never forgive you(with a smile)
Kavya: I should be there on time.
The next day,
Laksh fills sindoor in Ragini’s mang and put mangulsutra in her neck and then takes Vows.
Vicky eyes become moist due to happiness.

Guys hope you like it. Negative and Positive comments are also welcome.


  1. Akshaya


    |Registered Member

    wow . i must say . your ffs and oss are good. this is my first time that i read a nice os pointing out social evils . keep it up bhai

  2. Megha123


    |Registered Member

    Awsm part loved laksh’s support for ragini very much! !! ???
    Seriously , it’s a sensitive issue. ????
    One should really have guts to portray it like what it is & must say u’ve really portrayed well ?????

  3. Shanaya16


    |Registered Member

    Story line was good but you can’t gve proper justice to it…you did not represented the topic in good manner…you shld be more focusing on the words that u used…the story must be in front of readers eyes when they read it….

    • Balaji



      i am sorry for not satisfying u shanaya. i tried my best. thanks fr giving a feedback and its very helpful to me to improve my writing skills

  4. Fats

    A very unique OS. It’s nice Ragini achieved her dreams and it was sweet how Laksh was with Ragini in everything ?

  5. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    outstanding….. its a sensitive issue and u handled it nicely. not every girl get a support like laksh, as a family they should support her.

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