swaragini… laughing out loud(lol) episode 9


Shekhar and sumo r angry on girls for fighting in the college. Swara takes the blame on herself saying that she should have believed that rags won’t do this. Rags says sorry as well. They both r grounded and can’t met any of their friends and have to help dadi. They both accept.
They come to their room and hug each other. Rags thanks her taking all blame on herself. But she needs to believe that she didn’t do it. Swara says she believes her.

The next seven days pass very fast. Finally they come to the college. Sanskar and Laksh didn’t say that they were suspended at home. As they arrive in lecture hall they come to know that their is a surprise test if the recent topics. They all get scared as none where their in class at that time.

Swara and rags seat besides each other. With rags copying from swara who had briefly read the topic. (The suspension has made sister closer) but the boys don’t know wat to do. Finally Sanskar comes up with a plan. He ask Laksh to follow his lead.

As the paper starts, after few minutes Sanskar ask sir to permit him to washroom, as he has trouble in stomach.

He goes. After some time, Laksh act to get stomach trouble as well. He says that may b their breakfast was spoiled.

The men’s room of college is shown. Sanskar is copying from the book on the paper so is Laksh. They write their entire paper over their and comes to the class during last minutes. And acts as if their paper got left.

Marks comes Swara and rags rush to see theirmarks. They some how managed to pass. They also see lLaksh and sanskar’s marks they r in top ten. Swara and rags have suspicious that they were in the bathroom. Still they got this many marks.

Swara comes to Sanskar and Laksh canteen table. She ask Laksh( original Sanskar) to explain her a question that was asked in exam. With her is rags. Sanskar thinks for a while and then starts laughing swara it so simple even Sanskar can explain it to u.. Sanskar( original laksh) starts to cough and ask me!! He makes face that Sanskar has made him the bait again.

He says that he has problem in stomach and runs from their. Rags ask Laksh( original Sanskar) did u ate same thing that u ate on the day of exam??
Sanskar also starts to cough and runs to the washroom. Swara and rags give high five. Saying that they knew that they both had cheated.

Its rikita’s birthday party at evening. rags as usual looks glamorous. Swara on the other hand looks simple. Laksh and Sanskar comes their. Rags dances with Laksh while swara how has trouble dancing dances with Sanskar.

Rags and Sanskar r good at dance. While swara and Laksh ain’t. But still all off them enjoys dance.

Rags and Laksh r very close that their lips r almost touching each other. At night, rags remembers her closeness to Laksh. And smiles. Swara also teases her calling Sanskar Jiju( as she knows Laksh as Sanskar)

Ap and her friends r talking. Her friend introduces to sumi. Saying she has two girls, maybe ap would like to marry Sanskar with one of them. Sumi’s friend shows Swara and rags PIC to ap. Ap thinks that swara is too average to b maheshwari bahu. And rags is a mirchi bomb like herself. By getting married her to Sanskar, she could teach good lesson to over smart sujata.

Sumi comes home and says shekhar that ap asked for rags hand in marriage for Sanskar. Shekhar to gets happy. And tell it to dadi. Dadi gets lost in dp’s thought. And a back ground music of hum kale he to kya hua dial wale he runs with dp running behind dadi singing it. She wakes up from her dream. And hugs shekhar.

Next day Laksh and Sanskar with their parents, ap and dp comes to swaragini’s house. Swara comes with rags how is dressed traditional. Original Sanskar is happy as he gets rags. Rags though is seeing Laksh(considering him as Sanskar) she bring tea and offers to everyone. But doesn’t give original Sanskar tea. She and swara goes back to kitchen. Dadi comes and ask whether she liked boy? Rags nods a yes. A chair beside Laksh and Sanskar is empty. Dadi has said that she would do tilakof the new coupleamd ask them to sit togtogether. Rags goes to sit besides Laksh. But dadi ask her not to shy and sit besides Sanskar. Rags is confused when dida makes her sit besides original Sanskar. Dadi does tilak. Rags and swara r shocked and watching each other. They cant understand the present condition.

Sanskar and Laksh go to the terrace with Ragsand swara. Swara holding sanskar’s collar.
Swara: how dare u cheat our family? U r a ddriver’s son and told our family that u r maheshwari.
Sanskar: leave me swara!! Truth is I m Sanskar maheshwari. And he is Laksh chatterjee…

Swara and rags again look at each other. And r confused. Sanskar explains that how they both had changed names. And other events. They all come down rags is in shock. After all of them go she opens her laptop which has her and Laksh picture as screen saver and she remember her sweet moment with Laksh and their innocent friendship.

Credit to: anu

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  1. Anu i am confused what the pairs are

    is ih swalak and ragsan

  2. Make it swasan and raglak plz

  3. Pls make swasan raglak

  4. pls swasan and raglak

  5. I m confused wid ur pairs plz clear it

  6. Confusing ?

  7. Till I got ragini is marrying sanskar. But from the recent part it felt like she likes Laksh. And so probably she would go to Laksh. And swara and Sanskar would come together

  8. swasan & raglak

  9. Hi dear I have a small doubt…..in some earlier episode u said tat both sanskar n laksh proposed swara..but den y sanskar wants rags to love him?????

  10. Really very confusing

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