swaragini… laughing out loud(lol) episode 8


After two days.
Swara is shown in rags dresses, with her heels. Swara has diffculty in walking and is almost about to fall when. Sanskar supports her. They have an eye lock. But Sanskar sees rags by passing and forgets he is holding swara and she falls. Sanskar is looking at rags, while Laksh comes running to help swara. He gives his hand to her and helps her to get up. She says thanks Sanskar. Laksh dropped me but u came for help. Thanks. She hits Sanskar for dropping her down. Sanskar says OK I m sorry. I will buy ice cream for u.
Laksh gets excited hearing ice cream and gives high five to swara. Rags is walking and seeing all this in her compact’s mirror, she falls down. Rikita helps her to get up.

The trio are in canteen enjoying their ice creams. Rags comes to canteen and watches Laksh and swara being friendly and gets jealous. While Sanskar watches her.

Swara is feet have swollen due to heels. Laksh ask her to show her feet as she is not able to walk. Sanskar and Laksh feel sad that swara’s foot have blisters. They ask her to take off her sandles but she refuses as everyone would laugh at her.

In the class, the trio r shown to enter with their shoes in hand. And all of them sit on first bench. Sanskar ask swara about rags.. But swara likes her two new friends and don’t won’t to loose them in front of rags glamor. But she remembers her promise and speaks good about her.

Rikita hooks swara’s dress to a nail on bench. As the lecture gets over swara tries to get up her dress get torn and she feels embarrassed. But laksh , rags and Sanskar escort her to the lavatory.

Sara is crying, she thinks rags did it as she was sitting behind her. But rags tries to prove that she didn’t . however in rage Swara hits rags, . both of them start their cat fight in lavatory. Sanskar and Laksh hear them fight and think a minute that whether they should enter in girls room or not!! But they enter anyways. The sight is horrible both sister holding eachother’s hair and hitting each other. Laksh pulls Swara back and Sanskar tries to pull rags back but they r like in middle of world war 3.
Principal comes their and ask all the four of them to come to his office.

At principal’s office he hands their week suspension to 4. Swara says sorry to her friends as they got suspend because of her. Laksh and Sanskar both ask her not to worry about them. Rags too come their and apologize to Laksh (whom she thinks Sanskar) for suspension.

As they reach baadi, Swara and rags both decide to handle family together as sister. They both enter home as nothing had happened. They get fresh and rush to kitchen to help dadi. Dadi ask them to cut onions which they pass on each other.when dadi comes after an hour and see onions still their she shouts on girls that how could they forget onions. Rags takes onions and cuts it. She is crying.. Because of onions. Dado ask swara to pack chillies. She puts the same hands in her eyes and starts to run hear and their for water.

Dadi ask them to clean the kitchen. When dadi is cleaning the kitchen a lizard fall on ragsand dadi screams. Rags ask wats the matter she shows the lizard. Rags scream too seeing the lizard on her shoulder. She jumps and lizard falls in swara’s lap and she too jumps screaming on the platform of kitchen, rags too jump beside swara. Dadi too gets up on the platform. All the three starts to find the lizard, but they can’t see it. Rags and swara see towards dadi and see the lizard over her head.

Both the girls scream loudly and room to the living room. With dadi following them. And dadi is screaming too. Both girls get on the sofa ask dadi to not come close. Dadi is coming close and asking them to remove the lizard. They r screaming, dadi is about to touch them when sumi with swept of her hands throws lizard away. Dadi collapses on her. And girls too gets hold of their breathe. Dida too comes to take dadi, who is very much terrified to her room.

Its dinner time. Swara and rags r serving shekhar and sumi.

Sumi: (being suspicious) so wat has happened now??

Swara: nothing mom. We sisters decided to cook today.

Sumi: u don’t always do this!!
Rags: just for a change, mom
Shekhar: no, sumo is right . what is wrong??

Swaragini: we got suspended for a week from college.

All the family get shocked at hearing this

Credit to: anu

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  1. Nice lol? cat fighting again

  2. pls make rags sensitive and make her fall in love with sanskaar.pls make ragsan

    1. Yà u r right

  3. Please clear the pairs yrr.please make swasan and raglak

  4. Is it rag San or swasan??

  5. Make.it swasan and raglak plz

  6. Pls make swara most glmorous girl in cl. And make swasan and raglak pls

    1. Yes u r right

  7. swalak is the best

  8. ur ff is sooo funny….i liked it but plz make swalak…
    swalak nd ragsan plz !!

  9. pls make swasan n raglak

  10. Anu di i don’t know if u like or not but make it swasan. Iam a pure swalak but also i think they are not perfect for each other in serial. But sure real life hemish rocks

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