swaragini… laughing out loud(lol) episode 7


Rags reaches college with swollen lips swara..
Sanskar and Laksh comes running, wat happened to her lips. Swara signs them that she can’t speak. Rags is a bit shocked at Sanskar coming to ask for swara’s well being(actually real life Laksh)

She is sitting in the canteen with rikita( her partner in all crime sort of friend) she shows the growing closeness between Sanskar(Laksh) and swara. Rikita says that it might b his way to get to know u..
Rags: how can he know about me by talking to that dumb wit?? Duhh??

Rikita: who knows the time u come college, which brands clothes u wear, which perfume u like, which food etc etc!!

Rags: u and swara!!

Rikita: obviously if he ask me I will tell u!! But ifhe ask that dumb wit, she won’t ever make it out.

Rags: u r brilliant..

Rikita pats her own back saying thanks..

Rags: but I need also to know about him. How do I do that!!

Rikita: just employ the same way that he employed on u!! They both see Sanskar(for them Laksh) devilishly, making him suspicious. Rags hi’s him, and stumbles on the chair in canteen and falls down.

Rags: do I really have to b friends with him!!
Rikita: for Sanskar u do!!

She pushes her towards Sanskar and says go get Sanskar.

Rags: hi Laksh!! Not so interested
Sanskar: (overenthusiastic) hi rags!!
Rags: would u join me for lunch!!
Sanskar thinks for a while and then signs Laksh that he is gonna sit with rags.
Rags: u r sanskar’s best friend.??
Sanskar: yes!! I m
Rags: tell me about his previous girlfriend. He must b scandalously involved with many girls.
Sanskar: no he had a few crush but could talk to them!! He is a bit shy.. He sees toward Laksh who is trying to balance a pencil on his forehead..

At home rags thinks that she needs to know that how swara is portraying her in front of Sanskar. She goes to room with swaras milk and gives it to her. Swara is shocked with her specks falls, that rags brought milk for her.

Rags: u made friends !!
Swara: yes they both r good..
Rags: does they talk about girls to u??
Swara: means??
Rags: common swara we r in college, all boys want to have a gf, that type of talks!!
Swara: (lost at the thought 1st of Laksh prosposing her and than Sanskar too, and then she starts to sing kisko pyar Karu.. ) kisko pyar karo.. (She gets up from bed and scream this, scaring rags)

Rags: (calming her) yes kisko pyar kare wohh!!
Swara: no they didn’t tell me any thing.
Rags: did u tell them anything about me??
Swara: yes!! U r my sister and we share room and u got fevi stick on my lips!!(getting angry and eyeing rags)
Rags: ohh sona!! It was in morning we r sisters and a little joke is okay between sister, (she taps swara on shoulder)

Swara: ya its okay between sister( she hits her on shoulder and laughs)
Rags hit back hard, swara hits back. And soon the taps turns into cat fight, rags is pulling swara’s hair, and swara has he finger in rags mouth and pulling it. Both r hitting each other at same time and screaming.

Dadi and shekhar comes up to separate the girls. Shekhar scolds both girls and ask to sleep. But both girls r shouting on each other still. Sumi shouts from her bed, don’t let me come up their girls. Both of them goes to bed with angry face and dadi switches off the light.
Its morning, scream from swaragini’s room. Normally its always rags, today its swara. Rags is standing in front of her holding swara’s karela juice.

Swara: why r u doing this all??
Rags: look Sara I made karela juice for u.. Now drink..
Swara: wat did u mix in it??
Rags: it Karelia and water
Swara: other than that?
Rags: nothing
Swara taking the glass goes to drink it but then ask rags to first drink a sip of it from the glass.
Rags: its too bitter and I don’t drink such things.
Swara: that means u mixed something in it!!
Rags: OK to prove my innocence I will drink it.

She makes face and gulps a sip down of it. Swara drinks her karela juice. And ask wat does rags wants from her. Rags ask her to portray good things about her to everyone. She makes an excuse that she is standing up for student body election and any one would not like that we have strained relationship. So truce!!

Swara: but u have to share ur cosmetics with me,
Rags: OK
Swara: and sit with me in college
Rags: OK
Swara: and u would give me ur pink dress to wear.
Rags: swara u r pushing it now!! Ask anything except it.
Swara: OK u will take me to beauty parlour.
Rags: OK. So deal??
Swara: deal ..

Swara thinks of herself looking like princess and than images the kisko pyar Kari dream of her

Credit to: anu

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  1. keep swara as the most beautiful girl and also the brilliant girl yaar.. keep ragini as funny character…

    ur fff is getting bore to read

  2. anu I want to ask one thing that h hate swara I mean u don’t like her plz don’t do this now come on serious track yr want swara to be like in real serial plz

  3. Omg you are just amazing. I mean seriously the title completely goes with the plot …keep it up
    Update nxt part soon

  4. I was gonna do make over of swara. But then thought that it doesn’t require beauty or intelligence to b my lead. And it disturbs me that people r so much worried about the looks. I will change swara’s look after she pairs up now. As for sister bonding. Swara and ragini r step sister. Even the real sister fight. Than sibbling always fight. They don’t go along always. But when the danger comes they would unite.

  5. Its rlly vry cnfsng 4 me u wtote sanky (laksh) y???? I dnt get u plzzzz make it swasan nd raglak

    1. Because they changed each other’s name

  6. sad for swara..
    confused between sanskar and laksh naming. .
    make it swasan pls..

  7. U r just amazing but make it swasan sweetie.

  8. Plzzzz make it sawsan (real life) nd plzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. I’m sorry but this is annoying not funny
    Plz change it a bit

  10. seriously its boring…whenever i read ur ff it doesnt make me laugh while it really irritating…bcz i cant imagine my shona as dese much of dumboo nd dat b*t*h ragini as mahan….whenever i read ur ff i hope dat shona will change in nxt epi…but u wont, like ragini didnt change in real show….nd wt is dis swalak is dumbo nd ragini nd sanskar great……srry to say dat i dnt like ur plot…pls change shona nd lak character nd add some sense to it or othewise u carry ur dumboo ff only with ragsan…..literally saying i dnt like swara in dis character

  11. I never showed ragini great!! She is mean as well and I don’t need to clarify this to everyone.

  12. anu u hav bst ff… cotinue this, and plz turn swara to be most beautiful grl in clz…

  13. I am enjoying alot dea… Those cat fight and kisko pyar karo just amazing.. U r rocking Anu..

  14. Hey anu mke it as ,swara is damn intelligent ,clever,but jst acting dumb for some reason . Sanky shud get married to swara,he starts ignoring her and hates her but as time passes he gets to knw swaras secret and something like tht?.it wud b interesting

  15. make over of swara pls

  16. anu plz change swara behaviour. …plz …..sasha ur idea is awesome

  17. pls make ragsan…..rags deserve happiness

  18. Ur ff is different from others and I like during the first five episodes I laughed a lot. And make rags also do something stupid and foolishness just like sugar syrup wala episode

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