swaragini… laughing out loud(lol) episode 6


At the college, their is a place beside rags. And Sanskar sits beside her. Rag comments to her friend that a drivers son is thinking that if gets in a college like this, he can also get the college Queen. Sanskar listens to her and feel sad. As she is not interested in his friendship.

At canteen all the tables are taken Sanskar is moving through the canteen when some one calls Laksh. Sanskar didn’t notice at once bit then remembers that he is Laksh. And turns to find swara sitting at table. She ask him to sit with her.

Sanskar along with Laksh sits down and have lunch. Swara is talking like a nerd with Sanskar, calling him Laksh. Laksh is busy eating. Sanskar is noticing rags on the other table who is noticing Laksh. Rags notices Sanskar is noticing her and turns her face.

At home, rags ask swara that how was Laksh and Sanskar sitting at her table. She tells the whole incident, excited at the fact that rags talked to her nicely. She ask her about how they r? Swara replies that Laksh is very friendly but Sanskar is having attitude. He does not talk much and even does not see her.

Rags thinks obviously he wouldn’t waste a moment to see a disaster like u.

On the next day of college, Sanskar and Laksh are shown coming in the college. Rags is wearing a tube dress. She passes by Laksh and falls on him. For today Laksh is wearing his contact lens. He could see how beautiful rags is. He ask is she OK?? Rags shys and smile a yes. Sanskar watches this and gets a bit jealous. Swara is watching all this.

Sanskar tries to sit beside rags but rags has broken the adjacent seat so that Sanskar fall down. As soon as Sanskar sits he falls down and everyone laughs at him. Rags whispers to him to b in his limits.

Its night. Rags has gone to sleep. Swara wakes up and brings sugar syrup from kitchen and pours it on rags hair. Thinking how could she do this with Laksh.

In the morning, rags scream and dadi comes running upstairs, she was fighting with sumi on some thing. Their are ants all over ragini. Her bed and her hair is like a giant ant hill. Dadi screams as well. Swara giggles a bit. Rags is jumping on her bed and trying to get ride of the ants. Even dadi is trying. But they r too many. Dadi sees the insect spray and sprays on rags face and hair. As it goes into rags eye she starts to jump even more. Swara laughs even more. Rags and dadi come to know that swara has done this.

Rags get angry and goes for bath. Entire bathroom is filled with ants. And even the bed sheet and a room still has many. After rags comes out swara goes for bath. Rags decides to take revenge on swara. She puts few drops of fevi kiwik on her lip gloss and put it aside. And starts to get ready. As swara comes out of shower, rags act of being angry and leaves the room. Swara sees the lip gloss and eye liner out. She puts the lip gloss on, rags is peaking into the room to see this. She also puts some eyeliner and goes to get dressed.
Rags and swara comes down for breakfast. Rags greet good morning to everyone. Swara tries to speak but she can’t separate her lips.

She gets tensed and starts to cry, sumo too gets tensed. She is jumping hear and their. Dida come ask to rub oil to separate her lips, sumi tries but it fails. Some one ask to rub kerosene on her lips, sumi tries again, again failure. Some one ask to keep it in hot water. Dadi goes to bring hot water, she bring boiling hot water. As soon as swara puts her lips in the water, she gets burnt and she throws the vessel. And all the hot water falls on dadi and dadi to gets burnt.

Now swara’s lips are swollen and red due to various tips to separate her lips. And dadi’s face is also red due to boiling hot water on her. Shekhar is also scolding her that how could she bring such boiling water and it might had harmed her grand daughter.

Doctor comes then and applys a lotion and separate swaras lips but they bleed. Doctor ask her not to speak much and have just liquiddiet. Her lips got more damaged by various home remedy they tried.

SUmi gets irked on dadi and goes. And shekhar too. Dadi too gets irked on swara goes.

A close up swara with her lips that are swollen like raspberry are shown..

Credit to: anu

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  1. Its too funny…bt pls make swara normal
    ..cannot imagine her lyk ths…pls make her turn beautiful

  2. its nice… bt rags doing too much.. fevikik seriously
    swara talking sanskar thinking him as laksh…

  3. Too much fun yaar awesome

  4. yeah I was confused little bit.. swara talking abt laksh.. I was confused at that time.. so my confusion is gone,sanskaar pretending to be laksh.. yeah… nic epi dear.. but plz change swara.. couldn’t imagine her like that..

  5. so sad for swara..
    make it swasan

  6. pls make ragsan…..

  7. hi anu…. how could you think like this, yaar??? you have a great talent… it’s not easy to be funny and make others laugh… you are doing this via your ff,,, hats off to you… and please don’t take too much time to update and to make swara normal… way to go…

  8. Oh god. Sugar syrup and fevikwik incidents r awesome dea. eagerly waiting for next episode..

  9. keep swara as the most beautiful girl yaar.. like cllg queen… then it will be interesting ur fff

  10. Yr its so gud nd funny but now seriously want to see swara beautiful nd intelligent not like dumbo…..nd swasan moments fast that sanky should get mesmerized seeing swara like that

  11. it is nice .. plz make it swasan

  12. please make swaragini one

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