swaragini… laughing out loud(lol) episode 5


Dadi sits on the chowk and remembering how dad left the house when sumi married shekhar. And how shekhar misbehaved with her. She also remembers that she was a bomb in her school days. And a boy in younger class to herwas in love with hher.

Fb shows a boy of 13 yrs proposing 15 yr old dadi. But dadi was already and engaged married at 16 yrs. But she got that spark when rags today told about karma industry.

Actually the boy was durga prasad maheshwari. His younger brother started karma industry and dp settled abroad. With his naive wife Annapurna.

At sanskar’s house, ram informs sujata that bade bhaiya is coming.. Sujata ask if annapurna is coming as well. Ram says yes Bhabhi is also coming. Sujata sighs pagli jethani is coming. Don’t know what she will do this time..

Sanskar goes to bring them from airport. Dp is total englishmen. He hold a stick and wearing a suite. He has hair as well. With him is ap, she is wearing kurta with jeans.

Sanskar goes and touches their feet, Laksh too does that.

Ap: ohh no no this is too down market..

She hugs them(in Maya sarabhai manner and greets them) .

Ap is really heights. She was a rich village merchants daughter with whom dp married formomoney. They both took the money and settled in UK. But UK can’t change the village girl, ap. It so that even the maid at their home who is a Britisher speaks Hindi, typically village type , due to AP’s influence on her. But she always tries to show off her smartness by her broken English.

Ap: where is the bag man??
Sanskar and Laksh thinks for a while.
Dp: wat r u doing ap, this is airport and not railway station. And its not a bag man its Porter.
Ap: ya ya Sam to Sam.

Laksh almost burst to laughter at Sam to Sam.They are walking towards car. Ap falls on escalator.
Dp: take of those sun glasses so that u can see.
Ap: take off the glasses. And u want my pretty eyes to get hurt by this strong light.. No never.
Dp: u can’t see..
Laksh murmurs: I can’t see without glasses and she isn’t with glasses.
Sanskar: did u say some thing??
Laksh: nothing Bhai.

They all reach home, where sujata does their Aarti. When she is about to put tilak, ap ask to stop. (Rukjao sujata) I will get pimples by it.
Sujata gets irked but smiles on her face. And murmurs her comes her pagli jethani(mad sister in law).

She goes to her room and sleeps.after everyone sleeps Sanskar calls Laksh to ask if he finished his home work. Laksh says yes.

On next day, at swaragini’s house, rags scream as soon as she wakes up. Everyone rushes to their room a monkey is in their room and is sleeping with swara. Dadi comes and ask wat happened ladoo she signs her to see swara. Both monkey and swara are sleeping hugging each other. Rags is scared. But she throws things to wake swara up. Swara wakes up to find monkey’s face very close to her and gets scared and screams. The monkey gets up by her scream and the monkey screams as well.

Both monkey and swara scream simultaneously. Listening to their screams, rags and dadi jump on the table and starts screaming as well. It all stops with monkey slaps swara hard and run away. Though dadi and rags are still on the study table hugging each other and shouting. Sumi comes due to shouting and finds rags and dadi jumping on table and screaming while hugging each other and shouting monkey monkey.. Swara is shivering in fear and also crying loud.

The table breaks and dadi and rags fall with dadi over rags. And the screams and crying coming to a halt.
Rags: dadi get up. I will get squeezed below u.

Sumo helps dadi to get up.
Sumi: wat happened?? Why were u creating such q chaos.??
Rags: their was a monkey in swara’s bed.
Swara: and he hit me too.
Sumi: monkey is gone now get ready for college.
Dadi: murmuring: after all he must have seen this ghost (sumi) coming.
Sumi: maybe he got over enthusiastic to met u. As u r also of its kind.
Dadi: behave urself.
Sumi:Or wat?? Wat will U do??
Dadi picks her hand to hit sumi..shekhar stops her.
Shekhar: this is insane.. Why were it trying to hit her!! Sumo does so much for u and still u don’t care for.

Dadi: but..

Shekhar: enough is enough ma..
Sumi starts to cry a d create drama.
Sumi: I m a bad bahu. I made u fight with u mom.
Shekhar: look at here, she still cares for u.
Dadi: but shekhar..
Shekhar : I won’t listen to u any more.

Dadi gets irked on sumi. Sumo smiles curtly on dadi while she hugs shekhar.

Credit to: anu

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  1. Why r u making sumi evil
    And how did dadi get married at such a young age
    BTW Durga prasad is near shekhars age so how could he had ever had proposed to dadi
    Your story is really nice
    But no offence it doesn’t make any sense

    1. sorry to interrupt mumina… but she didn’t make sumi evil… she tried to make some funny environment by her as drama queen… please don’t see it by logic… just enjoy the fun… and i too have the same doubt regarding dp and dadi… if i hurt you, i am sorry…. no offense….

      1. Yeah but poor dadi, sumi made shekhar against his own mother

  2. Awesome yaar .really I am getting stomach ache by laughing .

  3. nice yaar..

  4. nice. .pls make it swasan

  5. hey anu it is very nice episode yar…i laughed a alot while reading it…especially that monkey scene

  6. In ur ff all r funny characters

  7. its good and funny ff so far. But just can’t imagine swara this dumb

  8. Ur plz don’t make swara dumbo type

  9. ROFL… monkey…. hahaha… it’s really an awesome thought… couldn’t imagine DP with hair… LOL…. and DP proposed dadi… how could it be??? then swaragini and sanlak??? and please make swasan and raglak, anu…

  10. monkey part was funny bt y u made swalak as dumbo…

  11. It’s too funny n can’t control the laugh…:)):))

  12. Very funny I can’t control my smile ? monkey ? and swara part was very funny

  13. I must say Laugh Out Loud.. hahaha its so funny.. dp purposing dadi.. that made me laugh so much.. and dp wid hair.. cannt imagine him.. ap’s tooti futi english.. monkey, sumi shekhar.. its awesome… ur unique dear..

  14. This is all nonsense. It doesn’t make any sense. Please make swara look beautiful.

  15. In my story ram is elder to shekhar’ in s age. And dp is younger to dadi. But he had a crush on her. Dp and ram alsohave an age difference. Sometimes u have an uncle who is of Same age as u. Its like that. Ram and do are step brother in this story with still ram’s mother to come in story. So enjoy … Lol..
    And I m still thinking how to pair up. Or whether to pair up or not!!

  16. Akshaya Radhakrishnan

    hey pair up swasan as ragini is a show off she should get laksh n then she shld realise that she was wring and swara with sanskars help shld go for a makeover

    1. Yes this suggestion suits best in this ff

  17. Really funny ??

  18. If der s no logic…, then no worries.. V just enjoying ur ff… Keep up the good work.. Eagerly waiting for next update..??

  19. Yeh its so funny specially swramonkey sleep..

  20. This is nonsense.doesn’t make any sense.please make swara look beautiful. Otherwise just a shit

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