swaragini… laughing out loud(lol) episode 4


For some how Sanskar managed Laksh throughout the day. Just a few head bangs and few missed steps and a fall on chair that was all for Laksh. They are heading towards optics shop for lens. Laksh can’t see clearly but smells pakoda being fried at the some distance.
Laksh: bhaiya pakoda..
Sanskar: Laksh u ate 4 lunch and still want pakoda.
Laksh: bhaiya pls.
Sanskar: OK.

They both stand at stall. Sanskar is irked at Laksh for being a constant trouble.
Laksh: bhaiya pull more chillies in pakoda.

He eats pakoda. And then ask Sanskar to have one. Sanskar denies as he is full seeing him eat like this. Laksh finishes pakoda and then burps.
Sanskar: Laksh pls… Control.
Laksh: bhaiya its burp it can come any where.
Sanskar: OK. Lets go to optician.

At opticians, he checks Laksh eyes and ask him to try trial lens. Laksh takes lens and puts them in his eyes. But his eyes starts to burn. For he had not washed his hands after having those chilli pakodas. He jumps like a monkey in opticians room. And ask some one to remove the lens.

The optician and Sanskar hold Laksh and a third men pull out the lens from Laksh eye. His eye is all red. The optician is also angry as they broke his instrument. But Sanskar settles it and comes home with lakshs lens, finally. However, the optician said that he can’t wear lens for few days till his eye becomes normal.

Laksh is happy in the servant quarter wearing his specks. Sanskar comes their. He sees him wearing specks.
Sanskar: wat is this u again wore this? U r Sanskar u should look stylish.
Laksh: but bhaiya, while being stylish I can’t see.
Sanskar: u don’t need to see. Just have trust on me..
Laksh: (murmurs) trusting u I almost lost my eye and bumped my head to walls for more than 10 times today..
Sanskar: did u say anything ??
Laksh: no bhaiya..

At swaragini’s home.
Dadi has made dinner. Both girls and dadi sit for dinner. Swara is silently eating.
Rags: dadi, u know I met karma industries heir Sanskar today.
Dadi: (getting lost in thoughts )wat??
Rags: he is quite good looking.. But a bit with attitude. But don’t worry dadi he would definitely fall in love with me. After all ur harm daughter is most beautiful girl of the college.
(She looks at Swara and rectifies herself) at least one is..

Swara’s face is still red from bleach reaction. Dadi is lost at listening karma industry. Rags snaps her back to reality. Swara is applying ointment on her face. Her face is so damaged that ointment looks like face pack. Dida comes to the house and scream, who r u???

She is used to see rags with face pack. Swara says its her. And wipes her face to show her face. Dadi comes and tell dida that her grand daughter did this so that she could b more beautiful in one day. Dida replies that she took that from her father, as her mother is so efficient!! U know about it!!! She signs to tell shekhar. That dadi was talking I’ll about her. And shekhar always takes sumi’s side as he is more afraid of her. Even swaragini’s dadd went to kashi when sumi managed to get married toshekhar.

As dadi and ddida are arguing shekhar comes. He ask wat happened. And dadi complains about bangalan samdhan to him. Just then sumi arrives, she starts crying loudly and creates a drama. And all neighbour come to watch this show.

Sumi: ma u don’t like me u should tell me!! Why r u filling my husbands ears against my mom??
She starts crying.
Shekhar: (leaving dadi) no sumo ma has habit to create drama. U don’t b upset.
Sumi lowers her crying tone.
Dadi: wat I have habit? Wat r this mother daughter doing is much worse!!

Sumi starts to cry loudly..

Shekhar: ma she just came from office and u started on her.
He takes sumi inside. While going inside he ask dida to accompany him to convince sumi. But he doesn’t ask dadi to come inside.

Dadi sobs. Ma da ladla big ad gaya plays

Credit to: anu

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  1. Lst scene was funny

  2. LOL…. continue soon..

  3. lol….

  4. Laksh part was funny …

  5. Sumi is nce na actly I lk hr bt i lk nly swasan nd raglak bt swalak nd raglak yar plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Srry 4 mstks i lk swasan nd raglak not swalak nd ragsan its not good

  7. Pls dont show swara so dumb you can describe her naive but not so dumb and bad looking its just a request
    Anyway I also like swasan and raglak
    Anu pls dont feel bad its just a suggestion

  8. Your story is nice but I don’t like the way the characters are portrayed for example
    Swara is a nerdy no life
    Sumi is a drama queen who is making shekhar far away from his mom
    Ragini is so rude
    Laksh is dumb so is shekhar
    Only dadi and sanskaar is okay

  9. nice।..

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