swaragini… laughing out loud(lol) episode 3

A big bunglow is shown. A lady dressed in pink saree comes she is drying her nail polish. Its sujata.

She shouts. Aryee choree utha ke Nai!! Ke abhi. Tak bistare me hi he??( did u wake up boy or not?? Or u r still in bed only)
(I like to write Hindi dialogues like the character speaks)

A boy is shown at door step and sujata is shocked to see him. He has lots of oil in his hair( like he could use it to fry Bhajiyas(a snack)), he is dressed in retro style like rajesh khanna with bell bottom pants. And has specks like that of old times. He is shown to b Laksh. He laughs funnily and smiles.

Laksh: badi ma I will call bhaiya..
Sujata: for how many times I told u that I m not u badi ma. U r drivers son so be in ur limits.
Laksh gets sad and goes upstair. He pulls blanket and ask Bhai pls wake up!!!

A boy screams, looking at Laksh. Its sanskar.
Sanskar: wat r u wearing??
Laksh: its my fathers, he wore it on his matric exam.
Sanskar: and u r gonna wear that to college??
Laksh: yes wat the problem in it(kiddishly) ?? Everyone said that I looked like rajesh khanna in it.

Sanskar: (laughing) yes u look like him. But .. (Controlling his laughter) we r going to today’s college and not of 70s college.

Sanskar gets up and gives him some clothes to wear and goes to take bath.

A brand new Mercedes arrive at college. From back seat Sanskar comes out. From front seat Laksh. Laksh is dressed in black T-shirt and brown jeans. But the branded clothes can’t reduces his stupidness. Sanskar is wearing white shirt and blue jeans. His bags r carried by Laksh.

Their driver, that Laksh father also comes down to thank Sanskar to make Laksh admission in such a big college. He also ask Laksh to take care of baba(Sanskar) as saheb(ram) got him admitted so that baba is not alone in the college.

They are about to step in the college. When Sanskar stops.
Laksh: wat happened bhaiya?
Sanskar: everyone would b interested in knowing me as the heir of karma industry but I don’t won’t that. I want them to know me as Sanskar.
Laksh: then wat will u do?
Sanskar: I have an idea.. ( he smiles devilishly)

Laksh is heard screaming.. Bhaiya don’t do this to my hair pls Bhai. It is shown Sanskar is washing Laksh hair.

Sanskar: Laksh how much oil do u put in ur head?? I washed 3 times still its oily..
Laksh: pls bhaiya leave me..
After the 4th wash, Sanskar is satisfied. Then he takes Laksh specks out. Laksh has very difficulty in seeing.

Laksh: Bhai I can’t see anything.
Sanskar: don’t worry I would b with u all the time. U won’t need to see.

The madam introduce Laksh as Sanskar, heir of karma and Sanskar as his drivers son Laksh to everyone.

Rag is not paying attention at all but as soon as the word karma hits her ears she looks up to see Laksh.

Rags: my my.. Heir of karma industry. He deserves a girl like me.

No one pays hide to Sanskar. Laksh can’t see a thing and so tries to sit on 1st bench with swara. He can’t even see anyone’s face clearly. Swara gets her hopes high as she sees Laksh trying to sit besides her. But Sanskar stops him. He whispers in his ears, I don’t sit on 1st bench ever. Laksh complains Bhai I can’t see a thing how would I study!! Sanskar says that heis here to not let him b alone and so come on. Sanskar browses class for hot girls and his eyes stops at rags. He and Laksh walk to rags bench and sanskar and Laksh sits over their.

Sanskar: hi I m sa..(corrects himself) Laksh chatterjee.
Sanskar thinks that rags is gonna hand shake him but she bypasses him to introduces herself to Laksh.

Rags: hi I m rags .. Ragini..
Laksh has difficulty in finding rags hand for hand shake and so doesn’t respond to her introduction.

Rags: attitude.. Huh…

Sir ask them to listen to him. Laksh murmurs he can only listen today as he is blind as bat. Sanskar whispers to him don’t worry Laksh I will buy u contact lens today and u will b able to see then.

During recess time, Laksh brings out office tiffin in cateen and starts to eat like he is hungry for yrs. Sanskar ask him to put the tifin down and he would buy both of them a lunch. Laksh says but bhaiya ye ghar.. Sanskar stopshim. He goes to bring a fixed lunched for lLaksh and a burger for himself. Rags comes beside him. He tries to talk. But rags says that he is the fixed lunch and she is burger their is no match.

Laksh eats entire lunch. And ask more
. Sanskar is embarrassed as Laksh has eaten 3 fixed lunch and still has ordered one more. He puts his hand on his head till the 4th lunch comes.

Rags passes by their table.looking at the dishes and Laksh having searching the burger plate she says when master is paying look how like a jungly is he eating!!
She thinls Sanskar ate all fixed lunch and Laksh only ate burger

Credit to: anu


  1. aradhya

    good one yrr….dis is one of my fab ff…..u r just gr8…it’s really something very innovative. ..n new….laksh drivers son……writers of swarangini would die after reading it….really we people have better talent than thoose stubborn writers who awayzz potray nuisance. ….well loved yr ff…. u r d best anu….

  2. It was awesome but i think ur last line was wrong i think it should be like
    ‘She thinkslash ate all fixed lunch but sanskar only ate burger’

  3. sumi

    Liked ur cncpt.. as much as I knw.. sanskaar will fall for swara.. and raglak… it would be intresting…. update nxt part soon…

  4. anu

    No the line is right. She thought that Sanskar (for her who is Laksh) ate all fixed lunch and Laksh (who she thinks is Sanskar) ate just burger. Because he was having that plate towards Laksh.

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