swaragini… laughing out loud(lol) episode 2


As rags goes to take bath and dadi to her kitchen. Swara looks at rags thinks. She sees straightener. And remembers rags going straigntening. She thinks if she too looks pretty like rags than dadi would love her too.

She takes the straigthener. And switches it on. At the same time rags shouts for her shampoo which she forgot. Swara panics and gives her shampoo after finding it. Till then the heat of straightener has increased that much that when swara puts her front lock in it, it get stacked. She panics to take her hair out, but hair her stretches. Soon smokes starts coming out of her hair.

She sees jug of water and outs whole jugs on her self. And dadi’s shout can b heard. As dadi runs to swaragini’s bedroom she screams.

Rags comes out and screams too. Swara ask why r they screaming. They ask her to see herself in mirror. Her front lock have been damaged and her other hair have been frizzy due to the shock and her face has turned black. With her entire front lock that broke off from the point where the straightener was applied hanging at her chin like beard.

She too screams.

Dadi: this girl does not have any common sense. Come rags beta help me. Or else people will die of heart attack seeing her like this.

As they reach college in rickshaw. Rags gets down in short dress with high heels. And behind her is some with spiked hair, its swara. Her front hair have become so. And rest hair r normal.

Everyone is laughing at her. And watching her. Rags stops for a moment. And

Rags: look don’t come behind me. And stay away from me till ur look becomes normal.

Swara: but ragini.

Rags: call me rags.

Swara: but rags. Wat will I do alone??

Rags: wat ever u want.. But don’t eat my brain. U r spoiling my image.

Swara starts crying like a baby. And everyone laughs even more. Rags run from their.

Its 1 st lecture whole class is sitting back rags has good peer. Swara enters, rags gets irked. Swara comes and sit at the first Bench. Everyone sings kauve ja ja ja… (Meine pyarr kiya song actually which is kabutar ja ja ja, but kauve(crow) as swara’s new hair style resembles a crow. )

As lecture progresses all laugh at stupid question that swara keeps on asking professor. Everyone is irked at swara. As class gets over everyone is leaving and swara is trying to talk to a few people but none of them listens and go away and she starts crying out loud again.

Swara thinks that she would get everyone’s attention on herself. At science lab she desperately makes the lab catch fire. Everyone panic ands runs out. But swara doesn’t she thinks that some one will come to save her. But no one does. And blaze gets pretty high. Suddenly some one comes and swara thinks that here comes her prince charming to save her from this fire. And starts shouting for help. And acts to faints. Some one carries her out to the open. She acts to gain her consciousness to see that peon adarsh has saved her. She gets up pushing him aside. And ask him how dare he touch her?? Adarsh ask her if she is fine she says yes.

At night adarsh is thinking about swara. And sings churake dil mera goriya chali and does cheap dance on it with his watchmen room mate. Rags is applying her nightcream. And goes to bed. She remembers about her homework ask swara if she did her home work. Swara says yes. Rags ask her books so that she can check. As she knows dumb swara would have copied the guide blindly. And she is right. She corrects a few answer and goes to sleep.

Swara thinks why her prince charming didn’t came to rescue her. And than looks at rags. She remembers rags telling dadi that her skin glows due to this night cream and she should try this as well. So in dark swara sneaks to rags’s cosmetics and gets bleach box which is near night cream box. She finds two bottle in it and she mixes both of them completely and apply to her face. She applies like it is a face pack and finishes the whole bleach on her face. Its burning her like hell. But she thinks that she would glow like rags tomorrow and then everyone will love her as well.

In morning a scream comes from bathroom which wakes up rags and stops dadi and sumi fighting all of them rush to bathroom. Swara comes out hiding her face in towel. Sumi pulls it and finds swara’s face distort. Bleach had strong reaction on her face. Even her eyebrows turned golden. Rags can’t control her laughter looking at swara’s monkey like face.

Sumo take her to doctor. But the doctor says it would take a week to heal. Sumi scolds swara for being so stupid. And swara starts crying loudly again at the clinic.

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Credit to: anu

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  1. liked it… but y did u make swara this much dumbo???

  2. Omg it’s too funny yaar…. Poor swara… Ur story is very different dear compare to other ff…. Keep it… N when sanlak’s entry???

  3. it was funny.. but I cannt imagine swara like this… but ur ff is grt.. take as much ur time but make swara the most prettiest grl of clz and all boys run after her…. than rags…

  4. don’t do this to swara pls..
    make it swasan. .

  5. please make swalak here

  6. It was really funny..?

  7. Its not funny.. . ……it’s extremely funny….BT don’t inseart swara like thus

  8. plz dont make swara this type of dumbo and ragini this type of arrogant
    and missing the swaragini bond and why sumo is so careless mother…

  9. pls dont make swara so dumb . everyone insulting her not even rags
    rags cant be so arrogant

  10. Funny but don’t make Swara like this…. swalak plzzzz

  11. Hahaa swara is. …so funny. Ur ff is unique dear

  12. Ha ha ha ha it’s very funny I cant control myself ???

  13. plz give swara a makeover plz plzzzzz 🙁

  14. amazing yrrr…srsly swara is just a gr8….mahaan swara of swarangini….n ragini …is cool….loved it…full of humour…….alteast here is something new than swasan n raglak!!!! keep it up.. 😀

  15. Its funny..bt plz make swaragini unit…

  16. So funny
    But make swaragini bond and make ragini passionate

  17. it isn’t funny
    this makes me sad

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