swaragini… laughing out loud(lol) episode 12

It is Holi party at Maheshwari house.Sanskar is excited for Having fun with rags.He has made plans to play Holi with RaginiSwaragini with Their dadi comes to Maheshwari house.Everyone isDressed in white.Sanskaar is mesmerized by ragini’s beauty. Ragini is searching for Laksh who is welcoming other Guest. She goes to Meet Laksh and wishes him Holi. Daddy is excited to meet Durga Prasad After a very long time Annapurna Welcome to them To the party Durga Prasad sees dadi.Both of them are lost With not remembering That anybody is around them Day dream Off Playing Holi With each otherWith background music of Aaj Na Chhodenge Ab Hum Khelenge Holi Both romances in their dream.Sanskar decides To play Holi with swaragini And Says His plan to laksh. Some of Sanskar school friends are also there They have brought Permanent colours 2To take revenge from Sanskar

They keep their permanent colours with the party colours that Sanskaar has broughtIn hurry Sanskar picks up the wrong colours And Goes towards swaragini. Ragini rushes away From Sanskar but Laksh holds her and sanskar Applies colour on her face. Swara takes colours from Sanskar hand and put colour on Laksh face.Laksh gets angry and they Apply colour on swara. Now only Sanskar is left So all the three of them together puts colour on SanskarThe holy party is almost over and everyone has enjoyed a lotQuora and Ragni goes to washroom to clean themselves but they find it difficult to remove the colours

They come out of the washroom and brushes to Annapurna And complaints about the colours Annapurna assure them that the colours were natural And noneof them were permanent.
The girls Rausias 2 Sanskaar and luck And ask them about the colours They reply that they colours were normalSanskaar also tries to remove the colour but in vainFinally luxe comes with a plan to remove the colours with keroseneAnd the plan works Everyone Laughs at the confusion of the coloursEven after Brushing the kerosene Swaraj face is looking green Sanskar Looks purple Laksh is red And RaginiIs black. People are laughing at their coloured faces. Laksh prints Bhang for Sanskar and sanskar gets an idea from it.He gets an idea to mix Bhang in Ragini drinks.

Sanskar Give Ragini Bhang saying that it is thandai.Ragini face she does not drink the down market Things like this One the other hand swara takes the glass from Sanskar Hen and drinks it.Sanskar tries to stop her but she brings it anywaysAfter a few minutes At the terrace of Maheshwari house Starts to sing Zara Sa Jhoom Loon MainAnd Sanskaar is Managing her so that nobody comes to know about his mischiefSwara Romances with Sanskar In drunk stateSunstar laugh at swaraz innocent Behaviour.Finally Sanskaar ask Dadi to Leave the girls at Maheshwari house and he will drop them up afterwards.Dadi agrees.

The boys drop girls At their home with Swara asleep Raggini supports her to her bed Where she Falls asleep singing Zara Sa Jhoom Loon MainAnd remembering Sanskar. On the other hand Ragini Thinks of Laksh.

Lakshmi is remembering Ragini And her black face and is laughing in his roomHe gets a call from Ragini asking whether The colour get off from his face They both have a little chat when Sanskar arrives At Laksh room And is surprised to see him getting with RaginiHe then starts to speak with Ragini on Laksh phone.

Dadi On the next dayAnnounces that durgaprasad has invited her to fix the date of marriageRagini hearing this goes in shock And runs away from the living room Everyone thinks that She Is Shy off Her marriage talk.Ragini comes in her room and Sees her pic with Laksh in her mobile.

Sanskaar sees a few white hair in on his headAnd immediately books an appointment for hair colour Laksh and Sanskar Arrive at salon And Sanskar Gets his hair dyedThe stylist ask Laksh to stay away from his Things but he is just seeing the expensive Products and By mistake The Dye that stylist has made Is ruined by him. In HurryLaksh takes another colour and mixs in the Bowl.

The stylist eye Laksh and takes the bowl to apply colour on sanskar’s hair.

After a few hours, College is shown with Sanskar and Laksh coming with a cap on Sanskar headSwara comes and picks his cap to find his hair turned blue Ragini starts laughing at him And Sanskar gets embarrassed But ask her to stop laughing is there face got Mehndi dyed Few days ago Sanskaar feels good by swara’sTaking his side. So now their faces r still with holi colour and on top of that sanskar’s hair r blue.

( I Wonder how the serial people never get permanent colour on their faces like we do when we play Holi

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  1. what happen 4 jan ka episode update kyu nhi kr raha koi
    plz jaldi jan4 ka episod update kro

  2. can u say me the pairs pls… its confusing

  3. Hahhh very funny yaar… keep it up….

  4. Dear they play with gullal that’s why they don’t get prlermanent colours nd they use only little gullal but yr now start the serious track of love,romance not always making fun of them nd doing silly things plzzzzz

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