swaragini… laughing out loud(lol) episode 11


At swaragini’s room, dadi comes with milk andpampers rags as she is soon to marry. But rags gets sad and even swara gets sad too. Rags gets up and goes. Suddenly loud music starts in the living room. Everyone comes their, its rags, she is singing him to Bhai Jesse he vese rahe ge. She gets on the couch holding swara’s hands and both of them jump on the couch like they used to do when they were you g, the couch breaks. And both of them falls down. Dadi and sumo comes to ask are the girls fine but they take their hand too and starts to dance. Shekhar takes all of them for ice cream as he used to do it when the girls were young. Everyone is eating when while dancing swara and rags comes near dadi and puts her ice cream all over dadi’s face. Sumi laughs loud. Shekhar too smiles. Dadi gets angry, but laughs as well seeing rags and swara happy, she does the same to sumi, this time shekhar laughs loud, sumi does the sameto shekhar, both the girls r laughing. Shekhar, sumi and dadi together putsrags and swara face in ice cream.

They all come home with their ice cream smeared faces and laughing. Everyone is happy that girls r happy and soon rags is gonna marry. Rags while tucking herself in bed sings hum to Bhai jese he vese rahe gne , looking at their family pic in her room.

Next day swara gets up early and goes to help dadi. Dadi has made Mehndi paste for herself and sumi, and is making a herbal paste for girls. Swara starts to mix the herbal paste. Rags also wakes up and comes to the kitchen dadi ask them that after coming from college they will apply Mehndi in her mother and her head and then will apply their face pack. Girls promises that they will do. Dadi keeps bowls in fridge. Sanskar calls rags to inform that their sir’s wife died so their is no college. Everyone gets happy. Rags takes the bowl out of face pack to apply on dadi’s her.

Sumo and dadi sit and swara applies Mehndi to dadi’s hair and rags on sumi. Shekhar comes and see this and laughs that today seems like thier beauty treatment day. After finishing off, rags ask swara to bring the face pack bowl, they both go into room and apply the face pack and go to sleep.

After 2 hours, sumo comes rushing to the girls room. She wakes the girls up and ask them to wash their faces. They washes their faces to see that colour of Mehndi is on their face. They scream seeing their faces red. Sumi comes running to their bathroom and dadi follows her too. They r shocked seeing the girls face red. Dadi is worried that wat will happen if sujata ji sees her lado like this, as she is coming today.

Sumi comes with a pallu on her head. Dadi laughs.

Sumi:why r u laughing? (Runs to see her hair)
Dadi: I know my hair are also like. Birds nest, she comes laughing.

Sumi: we can hide wat has happened to our head but how will we hide girls faces today!!

Dadi comes up with an idea. She approaches to swaragini’s room, their room is full of cosmetics. Dadi ask them to try every cream to remove the Mehndi of their face.

Did a comes and says that Mehndi leaves its colour if u rub talc on it. Rags immediately takes a lot of talc and rubs on her face, swara follows her. Both keep on rubbing their face are like ghost white. They think to wash it if it has affected. They wash but the colour of Mehndi is still their(background voice of game over like that in video games)

Dadi says I heard tooth paste removes Mehndistains. Both girls takes a lot of tooth opaste and rubs on their faces, till the point that their face feels dry and torn, they wash again. But no use. Dida brings lemon to apply on their face. As soon as she applies it but girls starts to jump as it burns their skin( got dried due to tooth paste rubbing) they wash their faces. Sumi ask them to apply sum milk cream on their faces for the day she would do bleach on their faces before sujataji comes.

Sujata comes. Dadi calls girls to meet them a girls in saree and pallu on her face comes to meet sujata and she touches her feet. Dadi signs sumi. But sumi ask her to relax

Credit to: anu

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  2. Anu dear u always steal my heart by your ff.u r blessed wiyh natural flare of writing.u r excellent in writing funny scenes
    U just rockedddddddddddd

  3. Season it is. And raglaksh

  4. Wow it makes me laugh all the time I read it. Amazing ff Anu

  5. Plzz make it swasan & raglak

  6. its really funny…

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