swaragini… laughing out loud(lol) episode 10


Swara is angry with Sanskar.. As he hide his reality from her sister and her. Sanskar calls her, but she angrily picks the phone up and scolds him for lying. Sanskar apologizes for lying. And ask her to even forgive Laksh as he was just following his bhai’s order.

Next day is rags and sanskar’s engagement. Rags is wearing beautiful cream lehanga. And swara in green. Rags has wore switch ( wig) toshow long hairs. Sanskar is in blue sherwaniand lLaksh in white pathani. Rags sees both the boys coming but her eyes r fixated over Laksh. Sanskar comes and ask how did she became Geeta to seeta in 1 day touching her hair. Sumi ask him not to tease her daughter. Shekhar says yes the women of his house can’t b harassed, as they r born to harass others. Everyone laugh. But sumi angrily eyes him. Dadi makes rags sit beside Sanskar and does their aarti . swara is standing besides rags and their is Rikita besides her. And Laksh besides Sanskar. Sujata gives ring to Sanskar.

Dadi gives Aarti thal to Rikita how is holding it besides rags. But the diya lit rags’s wig on fire. As it has so much hair spray it starts burning like camp fire. Rags and everyone panics. Swara to starts to scream. But Laksh pulls her wig down.

Rags short hair r in open. Sujata feels that how could she make this girl her bahu. And she starts her drama. But swara takes rags side that rags clothes and her hair don’t show her brought. If she can’t understand this its not of use. Sujata gets angry on Swara as well for speaking against elder( sujata:ye chori ko to dekho na laj na sharam, par Kati he, ye kaha achi bahu banegi!!
Swara: aunty meri behen k kapde or Baal uske Sanskar nai dekhate..
Sujata: ye lo ek sap to dusra nevla, dono behen ek si hi he)

Ap ask sujata to b modern and says her to b thankful to her as she brought such modern Bahu for her. And not a village girl like herself. Sujata gets irked.
Rags is though lost at the thought that Laksh hand got burnt while pulling her wig.

Finally the ring ceremony occurs but rags is constantly watching at Laksh.

At night swara tease rags, for now she will b Mrs. Maheshwari soon. Dadi is hearing their talk. And she thinks that she could have been Mrs . maheshwari if she had accepted dp’s love back then. She comes inside swaragini’s room to inform that ap has asked both the girls to come at their home for dinner. They both hug Dadi and agree.

At maheshwari house. Both swara and rags arrive. Ap welcomes both of them. Sujata gets irked at ap and rags. Swara and rags accompany the ladies to kitchen and help their. Sujata and ap finishes making food and they both go to change for dinner. Swara is teasing rags. The gas r still on and they sit and talk. After a few minutes, rags says its smells like some neighbour r roasting some thing. Swara too takes a sniff and says yes.

Rags sees the gas on and gets shocked and scream swara!! Swara too sees towards that side and sees dal overflowing its vessel and smoke coming from curry. They both rush and in hurry pick the vessel directly and then through them down as its too hot. Sujata and ap comes running hearing all the noise in kitchen. They enter to see kitchen all messed as the burnt curry and dal is on floor and swara and rags have their hands in deep freeze. Sujata screams ye choriyo ne kaya kabada kiya!!(wat mess did this girls made?)

Both Swara and. Rags looks at her. Swara says that they didn’t know that the gas was on and when they tried take vessel from the gas they got burnt. Ap comes and apply cream to their wounds and sujata cleans her kitchen. Thinking that on her 1st day she did this to my kitchen wat will happen if she comes here!!! She dreams rags ordering her to cook food and she and ap goes for beauty parlour and they treat sujata like a maid. Sujata screams saying no… Ap ask wat happened melodrama queen?? Sujata replies nothing and gets relieved that it was a dream. But then worries as this could b her future as well.

Sanskar and rags sit together for dinner at hotel. And swara and Laksh sits besides each other. Sanskar holds rags hand under table. But rags is confused and leaves to table to go to washroom.

Credit to: anu

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  1. Please make swara beautiful. Otherwise boring ff

  2. I really like ur ff. Some parts r really funny. Gud job. Keep it up. One doubt is it Swasan or Swalak?

  3. Pls make it swasan

  4. Sujatha imagination was funny ..nicee..
    Shekar and dp will be same or with minor age diff nah ?? Then how dp proposing dadi ???

  5. Nice….wig scene was funny

  6. Can u make it ragsan and swalak

  7. Dont make it raglak and swasan yaar there are so many fanfiction of theirs

  8. make it rag laksh nd swasan

  9. Its swasan and raglak. Dp and dadi r of same age. The next thing is Sanskar would do make over of swara. After he realizes she is innocent in every aspect. And no shekhar and dp r not of same age!! Sanskar till now never proposed swara he is just good friends with swara and so is Laksh. Any other question!!

  10. Anu dear u r just amazing and i really loved dp and dadi part .it was so funny.i just enjoyed every bit of this ff .u did an amazing work.i like the way u have potrayed swara innocence over beauty and brain.love is not related to beauty and smartness rather iys related to hearts purity and innocence .u have strongly proved this point in your ff

  11. Hi Dr …like ur Ff…it s different and very funny…keep writting

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