swaragini… laughing out loud(lol) episode 1


Howrah bridge is shown during the sunrise. The narrator says that the city is very peaceful and quite till two people don’t wake up. Suddenly their is shouting going on, a lady in marwadi dress turns its dadi. And the other lady drops the jar of pickle that dadi had kept in open, its sumi.

The screen freezes the narrator introduces them as dadi and unki bangalan bahu samistha. Let me tell u. Sumo and shekhar use to b neighbours. (Sumo is wat shekhar calls her by love, because she is foody)

When shekhar decided to marry sumo, dadi intervened. And got him married to jyotika. But jyotika died and sumo still in love with shekhu came back hearing about jyotika’s death.

Dadi wanted her prince shekhu to marry a marwadi girl. But sumi and her mother ( dida) kidnapped the girl and sumi managed to get married to shekhar.

The screen unfreezes. A lady comes shouting that morning has happened. U both r like alarm to me. Its dida. She comes and Pampers sumi..

Dida: aaawww mera bacha uthgaya?? ( aaawwww my baby woke up??)
Sumi: dekho na ma ye moti subha subha mera sir kha rahi he( this fat lady is eating my brain in early morning)
Dida: let her dom wat is in breakfast at ur house??
Sumi: but mom.. Pauva..
Dida: wat just pauva?? This fatty doesn’t cook anything or wat??
Sumi: (whispering) she cooked it I had face pack on.
Loudly come ma I will give u breakfast.

They both go inside. Dadi gets irritated and breaks the other pickle jar. And than realizes that she did her own loss and stills crying loudly. Every one has gathered to enjoy their morning show.

In the house.
Dida and sumi comes.
Sumi: shekhu.. Shekhu baby.. Where r u??
Shekhar: sumo.. Wat is the matter??
Sumi: look who came!!! Mom for breakfast!!
Shekhar:(whisper) wats new she is always here for breakfast lunch and dinner.
Sumi: pls bring my and mom’s breakfast janu…
Shekhar:ok baby

Shekhar goes insides to bring the breakfast.

Dida and sumi are enjoying breakfast when dadi comes. Sumi without seeing that she is crying orders her to wake her grand daughter. She is getting late for office.

Dadi goes upstair. Their r two beds. One with baby pink blanket and lords pic on wall. And other with purple blanket and has enriques poster on wall.dadi goes towards bed with purple blanket and pulls the blanket. Its ragini. She has short hair.

Dadi: lado get up u have to go to the college.
Rags: dadi no ladoo.. Call me rags. Its suits my image.
Dadi:ok ok image get up and take bath or that lizard will wake up.

Rags makes a face and gets up. But the other girl wakes up by noise. She has a pony tail and immediately searches for her specks. She wears it and prays to lord. She still has braces.She is swara. Sumi and shekhar’s daughter.

The screen freezes again.
Narrator: confused?? How does modern sumi has such daughter and marwadi jyotika had a daughter like rag?? Its due to dadi. Rags was brought up by dadi to make her like sumi. So that she fights against sumi one day.

While she discouraged swara. And sumi also didnt have time for her.

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Credit to: anu

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