swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 1

Hello guys….shloka here .this is my ff …kya hua tera vada….friends characters and description wil be at time of their entry in ff.
So scene starts in london..
Its morning.
A boy is walking on the road holding his coat in one hand. He seems like he is totally broken.he is our laksh.(son of one of the biggest industrialist of london).
Laksh: why have she done this with me..i loved her alot.she was even ready for marriage and when i proposed her she was very happy but today she left me..
A week ago..

A boy and a girl are best friends( or more than friends..) one daythe boy proposed the girl.
Boy: hey i love u …i love u more than anything.will u marry me.
Girl: yes..
They hug each other.( the boy is laksh and girl is kavya)
Lakshs parents are happy with this decision .they talk to kavya s parents and everything is done.
Dp( laksh father) : i m very happy with your decision
Laksh takes his blessings.
Days went happily with all the functions going properly.and its the day of wedding.
In morning.
Kavya calls laksh.he was busy in some work so didnt recieved it.
She sends a message …after reading it laksh broke down
It was written ….laksh i know u love me..but i have some dreams.and i cant marry u….kavya.
Laksh goes to her house.
Laksh: kavya kavya where r u.

Her parents come down
Kavyas dad: beta she has gone to parlour.
Laksh: not parlour uncle…she has left for fulfilling her dreams.
Kavya dad: what rubbish.
Laksh shows him the message…..kavyas family is shocked.
Kavyas father: plz forgive us beta…..I’m ashamed of my daughter’s deeds.sorry.
Laksh: uncle u don’t need to apologize……..bye.
Laksh is walking on the road.fb ends.
Laksh: kavya that day u said u love me..but today…….I hate u kavya….
Kya hua tera Vada song plays….Laksh remembers about his and kavya moments…….
At Laksh house.
Laksh: dad ….
Dp: we know everything…don’t worry…
Laksh: papa chachu is in India na …I want to go there.
Dp: fine but what will u do there.
Laksh : i ‘ll work in his company..u don’t worry dad….
Dp nods.
Laksh packs his bags takes everyone’s blessing and leave ………he boards his flight……
Scene 2 India .
A room is shown in which 2 girls are sleeping peacefully…Suddenly alarm rings. A girl wakes up …she is our ragini…….
She goes to the window …looks at Sun and smiles…
She wakes her younger sister …….

Ragini: shona wake up..( yes she is Swara)
Swara: two mins di.
Rags: no wake up..
Swara: ok..
She wakes up …..
Ragini: we have to go office too …
Swara: yes di …
They get ready…
Swaragini r wearing a black pant and white shirt with black coat……( their uniform…guys they r not waiters. …don’t worry…)
They leave for office……
In office…their boss( rp) calls them all for a meeting….
In meeting..
Rp: everyone today my nephew has came…so I want u to meet him…he is going to be the managing director of our company…Laksh come in….
He comes in…..
Ragini is lost looking at him….every one stands up …
Laksh: no need to stand…plz sit down…
Every one sits.
Laksh: I’m new here…so want all of yours support..hope u will cooperate with me…I m new and less experienced…..so plz forgive me for my mistakes…
Every one smiles…
Laksh: so lets start the work…

Rp- so the meeting is over..u all plz continue your work….
Every one leaves…
Swara is working on computer..when a boy comes …
Boy: I’m late…
Swara: u missed the meeting..
Boy: was it something important..
Swara: not so much actually boss introduced us to his nephew…
Boy: ok.
Swara: now get to work..
Boy nods….( Boy is sanskar ….swaras best friend)
Laksh: so Mr Laksh it’s your new cabin and your work…get started..
Ragini sitting on her chair working is lost thinking about Laksh…
Swara: ragini what do u think Will we get this contract..
Ragini still lost…
Swara: ragini ..
Ragini comes to senses…
Ragini: yes..yes..what were u talking about…
Swara: nothing..
Swara: ragini I have to get boss’s signature I’m going.
Ragini: ok.
She goes to rps cabin.

Swara: May I come in sir.
Rp: o Swara come in.
Swara: sir I wanted your signature..
Rp: Swara from today ..Laksh will be signing.
Swara nods..
Rp= Swara you r my favourite employ here so want u to look …that if Laksh have some problems..
Swara: sir me.
Rp: do we have anyone else here.
Swara smiles .
Swara: ok sir.
She goes to Laksh cabin.
Swara: May I come in sir.
Laksh: ya sure.
Swara goes inside.
Laksh: yes .
Swara: sir I wanted your signature on these files..
Laksh: sure but …

Swara: don’t worry these r not the property papers.
Laksh smiles.
Laksh: give it.
Swara gives….he signs..the papers..
Swara: thank u sir..
Laksh: btw..you r..
Swara: Swara sir …
Laksh : Swara sir don’t u think u have a strange surname..
Swara smiles.
Laksh: ok Swara ..now get back to your work..
Swara nods and leaves….
San: Swara where were you.
Swara: I have gone to take boss signs.
San: whose sign
Swara: our new md.
San: how is he…
Swara: mm…he is good.

Precap: raglak first meeting….

Guys there is so many twists that final..revelation of pairs will be after ward’s….but they r already decided…so don’t worry….and I’m requesting everyone to read and comment…and give me some suggestions..either u like or not …either good or bad but plz comment …so that I can improve my story…….
Thanks for reading…

Credit to: shloka


  1. rishita

    Awesome shloka…i just love ur stories.no words to express my views..simply amazing..make it swalak please and keep dping the good work

  2. Eva

    Shloka..i know which couple’s fan u r..and trust me..i understood who r the couples here…no worries. ..i won’t reveal that…cause that’s your job and also right..byw..nice starting….keep writing dear..

      • Eva

        Shloka..tumneh agar kuch naya socha hai toh mujhe nehi pata…but jo bhi ho…i’m going to read your ff for sure….and I may not get time to comment on every episode but I will read it..and I know u r a fab writer…

    • shloka

      Thanks for commenting dear..lets see ur guess is right or not…i was really not knowing that its a name of a daily soap..

  3. Anu

    Actually i wnt swasan md raglak but i know u will make swalak nd ragsan because u r the r fan of swalak md ragsan nd for this i m 101% sure

  4. aditi syam

    Awesome yaar superb story plzzzz make it raglak I beg u they will be perfect plzzzzzzz update soon can’t wait

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