swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 2

Hi everyone…..i feel like im on seventh heaven…….so happy to see your response….so plz keep reading….one more thing ..if u come to see any swalak/raglan/ragsan/swasan scene …don’t think that it’s a swasan and raglan/ swalak and ragsan ff………
Link for episode 1

So here is the second episode….
In office.
Swara: di it’s 7 pm lets leave now..
Ragini: yes …
Sanskar- wait I’m also coming with you…
Swara: ok lets go…
At reception.
Swara: we r leaving our working time is over.
Receptionist: fine …..
At swaragini home.
Swara: lets party.
Ragini: here only…
San: fine..( swaragsan are best friends).
They all drink juice and dance ,play….and enjoy….
In Laksh house….

Laksh thinks about kavya.
Laksh: I hate u .
He throws all the photos of his and kavya.
In morning.
Swara: di today we will go to shopping.
Rag: but what about office.
Swara: I meant to say after office .
Rags: why not ….
Swara: fine than I will call sanskar too.
Ragini nods
Rags: it’s time to go office.
Swara- yes ….we will get late…let’s leave.
In office.
Rp: hey everyone….you all will be very happy to know that we have cracked the deal and became the no. 1 company here….
Everyone claps…

Rp: so want all of you to complete this project on time..
Everyone starts working..
Swara: I told na this deal we will easily get.
Rags: how were u knowing this.
Swara: after all who worked on this project.
Sanskar: ha …..our Swara Mata worked…
Swara: May God bless you child..
They laugh..
In Laksh’s cabin..
Rp: Laksh you need to take care of this project.I’m handing it to you.
Laksh: chachu such big project..do u think I Wil be able to look over it..
Rp= ofcourse…if you need any help just ask it from me…
Laksh nods.
In lunch..
Swara: lets eat something…I’m hungry.
Rags: ok….
Everyone is about to leave when Laksh comes there and ask them To stop for a while..
Laksh: hey everyone plz wait.
Laksh: I wanna talk to all of u just few minutes.I don’t know you all..so wanna have a small intro session..just wanna know your names.
Everyone starts speaking their names one by one….

Laksh: how Wil i remember all these names.wait plz one by one.
Everyone speaks one by one and the session ends….
Laksh: from the time I came here only one or two people came for asking something..so plz don’t hesitate..I don’t bite.
Everyone laughs.
Laksh: now .u all may proceed for lunch.
Everyone leaves.
Sanskar: I think he is good by nature.
Swara: God knows
Ragini smiles.
After lunch.
Rag: I’m going to show these files to sir..

Swara: ok.
Ragini was holding many files …and suddenly was about to fall when Laksh holds her….
Laksh: r u fine.
Ragini: yes thank u.
Laksh: btw..u were here for..
Rag: giving you all these files.
Laksh: o keep them there..
Ragino keeps the files and leave…
Sitting on her chair …she kept on thinking about Laksh.
Laksh was sitting in his cabin and thinks whom should he call for help…he sees Swara from the window and calls her in.
Swara: May I come in sir.
Laksh: yes Ofcourse.
Swara: u called me sir.
Laksh: yes I wanna ask that what r the demands of this company…
Swara: sir they want the products within 15 days…with assured 2 year gurantee .
Laksh: ok thanks miss Swara
Swara: your welcome sir…
She leaves.

Rags: why have he called you…
Swara: nothing he was just asking..about requirement.
Rags: ok…
Swara goes to drink water.
San: in this whole office..why did he only called Swara.
Rag: because she worked on this project…btw…why don’t u tell Swara every thing..
San: what everything.
Rag: I know the truth…don’t worry.
Sanskar blushes.( yes guys u r thinking correct sanskar loves Swara… but again I’m telling you To not to think them as permanent pair)
Swara: what r u talking about.
Rag: nothing.
Swara: ok .ragini di we have to go for shopping na.
Rag: not today swara
Swara: ok di.

Rag: so lets go home na.
Swara: sure.
In swaragini home.
It’s night…
Ragini stands on window thinking about Laksh……and Swara is sleeping….
Sanskar is thinking about Swara …….and Laksh is having teary eye thinking about kavya……..

Precap= not decided…….

Guys thanks for reading…I really need your support…plz do comment…..

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  1. don’t play with feelings, plz tell about pairs and keep remaining ás frnds

    1. See i’m not playing with any kind of feelings …thats the reason i have already informed u about everything…its my way of writing…and i m not gonna change it…if u wanna read it as it is then just your welcome and thanks…..
      sorry if i hurt you

      1. I think i have really over reacted sorry for that….really sorry ….u will come ro know about paira soon…..sorry again

  2. I think ragsan r couple

    1. Lets see….

  3. Ohh its super..i like ur story line..nd u cn make pair by ur wish its swalak or swasan i lyk both bcz i love swara d most nd she luks perfect wid both..nd if u gonna make love triangle thn also i love it..nd give swara more imps sry if i hav hurt any1 bt its jus pov..nd ya u cn take ur time to revel d pairs…waiting fr nxt

  4. Nd yaa its hurting any1s feeling or playing wid any1s feeling..so take ur time to reveal pairs nd update nxt soon nd post daily

    1. I ll reveal pairs soon….

  5. Abhi tak toh mujhe mera guess hii sahi lagraha hai….shloka…update soon..i can’t wait…plz reveal the couples asap…

    1. You will soon come to know dear..soon…very soon

  6. It was awesome

    1. Thanks abhi

  7. Hey shloka no need to worry…if u want it as suspense.go for it.very. nice episoe

    1. Thanks simi…

  8. Do u happens to watch english tele-series?

  9. Its superb stry…. So for me don’t matters couple as its different one

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