(Swaragini) kuch pyaar kuch takrar ff : chapter 1


Thank you so much guys. And sorry because I couldn’t reply to each one of your’s comment. And pairs will revealed in next chapter and thank you for your love and support. Here we go for our 1st chapter.
(Radhe krishna ki jyoti alokik tino lok me chaye rahi h……) it was about 6 o clock in morning and these beautiful words were coming from kapoor house. Hearing this mesmerizing voice every birds and plants became quite as they are listening to it. But who is singing this song? For this we have to enter kapoor’s house and here we enter. Kapoor house, a big and grand mansion where happiness arrives everyday and reason pf happiness is starting the day with god’s prayer. And yes we found the singer its a girls. The girls turns after finishing the aarti and the girl is non other than ragini. Ragini, a beautiful, sweet girl. She goes to dadi and touches her feet and gives her prasad and takes blessing. And afterwards she goes to her mom (sharmnishtha), dad (sekhar),chachi (sam’s mom -Nimmi kapoor), chacha (sam’s dad- manohar kapoor) and take their blessings. Dadi “Ragu, where are choti and sam” “Dadi sam went for jogging and I don’t about choti, she was also late at night” said ragini.
Nimmi “mummy ji, I already said this orphan will girl will….. I think she ran with sommebody…” “shut up nimmi, my choti is not that type girl and don’t dare to call her orphan I am her mother” dadi replied to nimmi angrily.
Ragini “chachi choti might have gone for work”. And dadi I knowShe will return.”
Screen shifts to a muddy playground where a girl is playing football with poor children. And suddenly a small boy gets hurt by football. She runs to him. And do his first aid. She is swara, she is also beautiful but now she is full of mud on her dress and little bit on face. She notices the time and shouts “Oo teri, 7 o clock, dadi will kill me, but swara agar tu aise muddy kapdo me jayegi to teri to band bajegi and tu sidhe upper, no no Calm down swara think positive nothing will happen”. She goes to kapoor house. Screen shifts to sam(played by aneri aka nisha of NAUC) returning to house after jogging. She reaches house. Everyone was on table waiting for breakfast. Ragini, “sam aa gayi tu, come here breakfast is almost ready”. Sam,” oh please ragu, you know na I don’t eat these oily foods”. Ragini ” I know sam and that’s why I prepared this special salad for you”.
Sam hugs ragini.
Sam,”ragu, you are the best”.
Sam also sits on table.
Swara reaches her room by climbing window. She changes and now she is dressed in a beautiful top and hot pant and a scarf.
She goes down and making her face like she was on the room. Dadi sees her and scolds her. They all have breakfast.
After some hours.

Swara is going to kitchen for taking water but she sees a door beside kitchen and stops. She checks if anyone is seeing her and then she was going to open the door but suddenly dadi comes and holds her ear. Dadi “how many times I have to tell you don’t open this door But you…. swara,”sorry dadi next time I will not do like this”.

Precap: entry of kabir. Ragini, swara and sam are thinking what is the secret of door and what is inside it.

Credit to: Manu

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