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Swaragini- Koi Mere Dil Mein Hai Episode 1


Hi friends It’s Lila here… This is my 2nd FF and it’s Ragsan and Swalak. Plz support me like u always do with my other FF…Also this will be a short Fan Fiction…

Koi Mere Dil Mein Hai- Someone is in my Heart

Introduction of the Families…
All the character are same from serial but I have added new and removed some…

Gadodia Family-

Ragini Gadodia-age 24…She lives in UK whilst her parents are in India Mumbai….she is beautiful and smart but a little spoilt…she gets everything she wants…she comes from a very rich houshold…Ragini is looking for her soul mate…she has blur picture of the guy in her heart…

Shekhar Gadodia- a very successful and rich business… Loves his wife Mishti and daughter Ragini very much…he is best friends with Ram Parsad Maheshwari…

is a housewife…loves her daughter and husband…best friends with Sujatha Maheshwari…

Maheshwari Family-

Sanskar Maheshwari- son of Ram Parsad and Sujatha…age 26…Sanskar lives in India with his parents…he is handsome and dashing…all girls want him but like Ragini he is looking for his soul mate…he also an blur image of his lady love in his heart… Sanskar is very rich but spoilt and a big time flirt…

Ram Parsad(RP)- A very Rich businessman…he owns a Pharmaceutical company…he has an elder brother Durga Parsad but is not in talking terms with him because of a misunderstanding….

Sujatha Ram Maheshwari- a housewife…a caring mother of her son Sanskar and her daughter Asha…she is in touch with Annapurna but their husbands don’t knw that…

Asha Maheshwari-age 16…loves her family and is fun loving… Always supports her brother Sanskar… Asha’s role will be played by Roshni Walia

Durga Parsad(DP)- he is also an businessman…lives with his wife Annapurna and son Laksh who is currently is in UK…he was very soft hearted but of the misunderstanding between him and his brother RP made his trust shaken on everyone…so he doesn’t trust anyone easily…

Annapurna(AP)-she is also a housewife…she is a kindhearted woman…she keeps in contact with Sujatha hiding this fact from DP…

Laksh Maheshwari-age 25 a very kindhearted person like his mother…loves his mom and dad…he is a person who is ready to help anyone anytime…

Ahluwalia Family-

Swara Ahluwalia- age 23…Swara
is also very beautiful though she come from poor household… She earns for the family with her job as a tuition teacher… Although she has no blood relation with Ahluwalia family they treat her like their own daughter…

Aarv Ahluwalia- he is a retired postman…he has one daughter and one son…19 years he found Swara under a bridge all alone when she was only 4…she was crying so much…he didn’t knw what to do so he took her in as his daughter and Swara is known to this fact…Aarav is a very humble man…role played by Bhupinder Singh

Sulekha Ahluwalia-wife of Aarav…she is a very nice person and loves Swara more than her own kids…her role is played by Supriya Pilgaonkar

Sweety Ahluwalia-age 28 she is daughter of Aarav and Sulekha… Treats Swara like her own sister…role played by Ragini Khanna
Vicky Ahluwalia-age 25… Son of Aarav and Sulekha…currently jobless…he isn’t very fond of Swara and also makes her feel unwanted in the family sometimes…role played by Akshay Sethi

Note 1-
Rp and Dp separated 17 years ago because of misunderstanding(u will get to knw about it later) so Sanlak have never met each other…they don’t anything about the misunderstanding between their
families…they are unknown of each other’s existance

Note 2-
Ragini and Sanskar have never met…they have never even seen each other in photos…

Episode 1 starts….

A man is driving his car in a very high speed… After a while he stops his car outside a club…he gets out of his car revealing his face….it is non other than Sanskar Maheshwari. He waves his hand at some girls coming out from the club…
Sans-hey girls…what’s up?
Girls-hi Sanskar….
Girl 1-we were waiting for u…
Sans-ohhh so lets go in then…
They go inside…
Everyday Sanskar meets new girls thinking he would find his soulmate…
Inside the club the girls request Sanskar to dance…he first hesitates but then agrees…
Sans-start the music….

The song Badtameez dil song plays…
Sanskar starts dancing with girls.

Paan main pudeena dekha
Naak ka nageena dekha
Chikni chameli dekhi
Chikna kameena dekha
Chaand ne cheater hoke cheat kiya toh
Saare taare bole gilli gilli akhaa

Pa para para…
Meri baat, teri baat
Zyada baatein boori baat
Thaali mein katora leke
Aaloo bhat, Muri bhat
Mere peeche kisi ne repeat kiya toh
Saala maine tere muh pe maara mukka

Sanskar takes 2 girls hand twirls them around…he keeps changing girls whilst dancing….

Ispe bhoot koi chadha hai
Theharna jaane naa
Ab toh kya buraa kyaa bhalaa hai
Fark pehchaane naa
Zidd pakad ke khadaa hai kambakht
Chhodna jaane naa
Badtameez dil, batameez dil, batamiz dil
Maane na, maane na
Badtameez dil, batameez dil, batamiz dil
Maane na, maane na

Yeh jo haal hai, sawaal hai, kamaal hai
Jaane na jaane na
Badtameez dil, battameez dil badtameez dil
Maane naa..

@RM Mansion
After 2 hours it is very late at
night…Sanskar reaches his house…he is a little drunk…he step out of his car and sees a servant standing and goes to him
Sans-hh..has ma slept?…
Serv-yes sir…
He quietly starts walking towards his house..all the lights were off… He opens the door very quietly and tip toes in…suddenly the lights come on and Sanskar stands like a statue…he turns his face to the right still standing in the same position…he sees his mum Sujatha standing on the staircase with her arms folded…
Sans-mum u are still awake?
Suj-where were u for so long at this hour of night?
Sans-wo mein….I was with friends na…
Suj whilst coming down the stairs-with friends? Or with girls?
Sans-why ma?can’t girls be friends?
Suj-girls are only girls
Sans-no ma…a girl and a boy can be friends…
He kisses Sujatha’s head…
Sans-good night ma
Sujatha stops him on time by pulling his ear…
Suj-one minute Sanskar… Did u start drinking?…chii…ur dad has spoilt u…making me sleepless he his sleeping peacefully in the room….
Sanskar takes this opportunity and runs to his room…

Sujatha goes in her room and pulls of Rp’s blanket…he wakes up horrified and sees Sujatha
Rp-what? Who is it? Where is the fire? Did the fire brigade came or not? Oh ho what happened?
Suj- ur son has came home
drunk…that’s what happened…
Rp-ooohh only for this small thing u woke me up…he probably got bore drinking water so he drank wine…
Suj-can’t we control our son… Everyday he comes in the middle of the night..
Rp-at least he come in midnight.. Other’s child don’t even come in the morning.
Suj-if gets out of hands then u will be bashing ur head… U get up…
Rp-what shall I do after getting up?
Suj-scold at him…
Rp-why should I scold him? He is handling my business…come on Sujatha his age is to enjoy, let him enjoy and my age is to sleep so let me sleep…
Suj-that’s it I can’t let him get out of our hands…becuz of him Asha is also getting spoilt
Rp-why are u bringing her in? She is also kid na..
Suj-i don’t care…now I only have one solution and that is to get Sanskar married… I also have a girl in my mind…
Rp-really? Who?
Suj-oh ho…ur childhood friend Shekhar Gadodia…his only daughter…RAGINI…

Epi ends….

Precap-Sujatha comes to Mishti for Ragini’s pics… Ragini’s intro…

Guyz it will be few episodes till Swalak’s entry… So plz bare with me…

So how was it?Did u like it?…plz do comment…Shall I continue?

Thank u all for reading…I really hope u guyz like it…enjoy and have great day☺

P.S-I will be updating Power of True Love on Tuesday

Credit to: Lila

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