Swaragini KKB-My life (episode 7)


Thank you for your comments and thanks for silent readers. Guys hereafter I say past purab and Ammu as purab.x. and Ammu.x. sorry for inconvenience.

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Let I start the episode.
The next day,
Pragya and Abhi stands in near Ganges and stares stream of Ganges.
Pragya: Cutie, I don’t what written in fate.
Abhi: Ohh! Doll why are speaking like this?
Pragya: nowadays, I am feel exhausted. I can’t bear more pain. If we chose a good life partner to Ragini and Aadi, then I whole heartedly welcome my death.
Abhi: Pragya, don’t speak like that. If Purab or Ammu heard that, then they will feel very bad.
But a group hears this.
DP: Till, you don’t trust me naa Pragya.
Abigya turns and sees Dp and Ap.
Pragya: Bhai .. Bhabhi..
Pragya sits where she stands.
Ap and Dp goes near and hug her.
Pragya: I trust you bhai. forgive me(cries)
Ap: why are you speaking like this, Pragya? Speaking about death .
Pragya: I am exhausted bhabhi. First I lost Dadi, then purab, ram, ammu and last my son Laksh. I can’t bear any pain more.
A hand touches her shoulder”Mumma”
Pragya turns and sees Sanskar and Sanskar nods with moist eyes.
Abhi sees Dp and Dp nods.
Abhi and Pragya hugs Sanskar tighter” Ram..(cries)
Sanskar: I am back to you mumma.. papa…
Purab and Ammu comes there.
Ap,Dp, Sanskar and Uttara shocked to see Purab and Ammu. Even though they know about them, they still in shock.
Snaskar(whispers): chacha..Maasi…
Purab and Ammu sees Pragya’s crying and misunderstands them.
Purab: Maa.. who are they? Why are you crying?
Purab get ready to fight.
Sanskar comes near to purab and sees his eyes and hugs him very tightly.
Purab feels hot tears of sanskar and unknowingly hugs him.
Purab: who is he? Why is he crying?
Pragya: He is your bhai Ram and they are your Mamu and Mami, and she is Uttara, your cousin.
Purab becomes Numb.
While Ap caresses Ammu’s hair,” you are look like our Ammu”
Sanskar breaks the hug” sorry, you are look like my chacha. That’s why I more overwhelmed”
Purab and Ammu can’t recognize anything. Suddenly, Purab have a bhai, Mami, Mamu and cousin.
Purab: till then, where are they? I can’t see them in past.
AP and DP gets hurt by Purab’s question.
Pragya: I am the reason Purab. Till we don’t know whom tried to kill us. So for our safety, I hided from all my beloved ones. I will explain you later.
A voice comes there.” Hello, I am so annoyed by these drama. I am more hungry. Can anyone get food for me?”
Purab and Ammu(whispers): Laksh
They sees Laksh stands with a smile.
Pragya starts to fall but Abhi holds her.
Ammu and Purab runs to Laksh.
LAKSH(worried): Bhabhi, you can’t run with baby .
Ammu and Purab go near him and checks is he okay and hugs him.” where did you go? Why did you play this much scary game? You are the happiness for our life. Don’t dare to do this again”
Laksh: even I don’t leave you,bhaiya.
LAKSH goes near to Pragya and Pragya touches his cheek”Laksh..”
Laksh: Maa.. I returned all your beloved ones to you. If you speak about death again, I can’t bear it.
Abhi and Pragya hugs Laksh.
Ragini and Aadi: Maa.. Papa.. first everyone get inside. We can speak later.
Everyone gets inside and DP and Sanskar explains everything except about RAGLAK.
Dp: I arranged a private flight after an hour. we should return to kolkatta. It’s our safety.
Sanskar: choti I can’t call you by your name. can I call you as choti?
Purab: it’s ok bhai.
Sanskar: what are you doing now?
Purab: I am running a company named ALP Industries and Pragya group of companies.
Sanskar is surprised.
Sanskar: ALP Industries is the second place in westbengal and first in UttraPradesh .
Purab: I am running in Kasi.
Aadi: I am running in Kolkatta, that.
Pragya: what?
Aadi: Maa.. you get a promise from Purab. But I want a revenge. So, I established in KOLKATTA and I make it as a major firm. Because if my rival is strong means, then I also be strong. So, I make ALP INDUSTRIES strong.
Pragya: beta…
Aadi hugs Pragya.
After an hour , they all went to MM.
Pragya stands outside and remembers her memories.
Dp holds Abigya hands and takes them inside.
In hall,
Pragya: Bhai, tomorrow in Mahalya Amavasya. I think it’s correct time to give THITHI to Purab.x. and Ammu.x.
Dp: I will talk with Pandit ji.
In kasi ganges
Purab.x: soul no bhabhi don’t do this(yells)
All of them felt so tired. They go to respective rooms and take rest.
The next day,
Pandit ji
Pandit ji: Dp ji we have only twenty minutes. After that the eclipse will start.
Purab and Ammu sits in their position.
Panditji starts the pooja and chanting Mantras .
Purab puts holy rice with ghee in Agni.
Pandit ji: someone please give me turmeric powder.
Ragini: I will take it pandi ji.
Ragini goes to pooja room and takes turmeric powder. Ragini sees a kalash which is placed in a plate surrounded by water.
Ragini takes the Kalash and removes the red string and opens it.
Ragini shakes the Kalash. She hears nothing.
Ragini takes upwards and turns it in vertical. Suddenly , some ashes fall down on her from the kalash.
In Kasi, Purab.x.. soul converts into star.
In MM,
Panditji gives pindam to Purab and ask him to put in Agni.
Suddenly, a heavy breeze swings in MM.
A Voice comes there”Maa….”
Purab misses the pindam in floor and stands up and runs to pooja room. Everyone runs to pooja room.
They sees Ragini is lying on the floor, unconsciously.
Laksh: Rago..
Others yells in their way.
Purab.x back into Soul form.
Eclipse starts and Purab.x.soul is now free.
Purab.x. soul comes to kolkatta , MM and enters into pooja room.
Purab.x. soul try to enter purab’s body but suddenly Laksh stands up and Purab.x. posses Laksh body and LAKSH falls down unconsciously.
Pragya: Laksh,,
Everyone is worried.
Sanskar takes water and sprinkles it in Laksh and Ragini’s face.
RagLak opens their eyes.
Pragya& Abhi: beta what happened?
Ragini: who! I am scared to see something. It’s fully black.
Ragini holds her head.
Pragya:it’s ok, beta. Sanskar, you take Laksh with you and Uttara take Ragini with you.
Pragya turns and sees the water contained plate. It shows Purab.x and Ammu.x faces instead of RAGLAK.,
Pragya is shocked and rubs her eyes.. this time, it’s shows normal.
Pragya(in mind): Nowadays, I am remembering more my devarji and meri behan. That’s why I am having illusion.
Pandit ji: eclipse is started. we can’t continue the pooja. we have wait for one year.
Pandit ji leaves.
Sanskar takes Laksh to his room.
Sanskar: Laksh take rest, I will be back in few minutes.
Laksh: can I call you Ram?
Sanskar: if you comfort means then you can also call me Ram. meri chacha always call me Ram.
Sanskar wipes his tears and go to hall.
In Uttara’s room,
Uttara: Ragini you should be scared. Take some rest.
Ragini makes Uttara sit in bed and touches her cheeks.
Uttara(in mind): why I feel something different with Ragini?
Uttara touches Ragini’s head”are you okay naa?”
Ragini: I am okay, Uthi.
Uttara: my mom said that meri Ammu bua ji calls me like that. Why you suddenly shrink my name?
Ragini: I felt comfort in this.
Uttara smiles and leaves.
Ragini: (whispers) your ammu bua ji with you Uttara. I will kill everyone who make you cry.

Guys after two episodes will be super natural after that it will be normal. Hope you like it. positive and negative comments are also welcome.
Friends if i make my OS LET ME LIVE as SS, are you comfortable with it?
Frds you have a question how Ammu’s ashes

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