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Thank you for your support guys and thanks to silent readers. Before starting the episode, I say sorry to Mukund Raj . I saw his message at yesterday 6 PM . I tried to write and I posted at 11 PM. But TU posts that in morning .That’s why I posted two episodes today. Again I am sorry Mukund for not able to fulfill your wish.Please Read authors note friends.
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The next day morning,
Purab stares his parents photo. Tears flowing in his eyes.
Pragya touches his shoulders.
Pragya: Beta…
Purab wipes his tears.
Purab: Maa.. whey they leave me maa?
Pragya: they didn’t leave. They always with us, Beta. Take your child, Shiv. He needs you.
Purab stared Shiv with lots of love and take him. Shiv smiles and Purab lost him in Shiv smile.
Swara take care of Ammu and uttara and Sanskar takes care of Laksh.
Laksh wakes up with pain in his body.
Laksh(in mind): why I am feeling so much of pain in my body?
Sanskar: Laksh, are you okay?
Laksh: haan Bhai.. but I feel so much pain in my body.
Laksh sees the date. Two days are passed.
Laksh: what two days are passed? I slept for two days.
Sanskar start to told the truth”who..”
Abhi(interrupts): you had very high fever.
Laksh:ohh! Where is Ragini? She fainted naa.
Laksh stands and walks but due to weakness he falls down.
Sanskar holds him.
Laksh: Bhai.. take me to Ragini.

In Uttara room,
Ragini also wake up.
Ragini(holds her head):ouch!
Utttara: Ragini.. are you okay?
Ragini: Haan.. but I feel pain in my body.
Uttara: it will be vanished .
Ragini smiles to Uttara.
In Kalavathi’s room,
Aadi comes here to feed her.
Aadi helps her to sit in the bed.
Aadi: Maa.. open your mouth.
Kalavathi takes the bowl in her Right hand.
Aadi(surprised): Maa…(eyes become moist)
Kalavathi starts to feed him and Aadi feeds her.
Kalavathi: now I am ok beta..
Kalavathi comes to hall and all are happy by seeing her perfectly ok.
Pragya: Kala .. hugs her.
Kalavathi: now I am perfectly ok pragya.
Pragya: kala.. now you are dida.
Pragya(smiles): Ammu gave birth to a boy yesterday.
Kalavathi sits in a chair due to happiness” I am dida now” tears flow in her eyes because of happiness.
Kalavathi hugs Pragya and Pragya reciprocates it.

In Purab-Ammu’s room,
Purab places Shiv near Ammu in bed.
Ammu caresses her child and Purab caresses her hair.
Ammu sees Purab and smiles” Purab, I think my life is fulfilled. You filled my life with colours”
Purab:No Ammu.. You made my life very colourful. You accepted my maa and papa as your parents. You always treated Laksh as your child. You never show difference and you stand against even your maa for us. You always stand beside me whenever I need you.
Ammu holds both of his hands and lightly presses it.
Ammu sits in bed and Takes her shiv in her hand. Purab side hugs her. Both have a intense eyelock.
Suddenly, Shiv smiles.
Purab: ohh! Ammu he smiles(Childishly)
Ammu: haan he can smile.
Both lost them by staring her child.

In Uttara room,
Laksh comes there.
Ragini: ohh! What happened to me? uttara. I see a black one and then I am fainted due to scariness.
Uttara: you scared and have fever because of it.
Ragini: ohh!
Laksh enters the room.
Ragini worried by seeing Laksh in a weak condition.
Ragini: laksh.. she tried to stand up but she failed.
Laksh sits near Ragini and make her sit.
Laksh: Rago..
Both have an intense eyelock. Sanskar and uttara leaves the room.
Laksh holds her hands and Ragini holds Laksh hands more tightly.
Ragini places her head in Laksh chest and feels they are safe now.
Both sleeps by holding one another hands due to weakness.

At evening,
Laksh wakes up first.
Laksh starts to admire Ragini’s beauty. Ragini wakes up due to gaze of Laksh. She smiles while seeing Laksh.
Laksh: Ragini.. today I am going to tell about you to my maa and Papa.
Ragini little bit tensed” if they accept me”
Laksh: they will definitely accept you.
Everyone gathered in Hall including Veer.
Raglak enters hall.
Laksh: Maa.. you know about Ragini. I love her for past 3 years. Can you accept her as your DIL?
Pragya(smiles): Beta.. I can accept her.
Laksh smile widened.
Abhi: but don’t know that Her father accept you or not.
Raglak gives an confused look and look each other.
Ragini: But I am an orphan.
Veer: No beti.. you are my child.(kneels down and cries)
Ragini is hell shocked.
Ragini: But,..
Pragya side hugs her.” His rivals snatched you from him. he thought that you were died.”
Ragini goes near him.” Papa…”
Veer hugs her and cries.
Soon, they composed themselves.
Veer: I am so happy that I have a Son in law like Laksh.
Laksh and Ragini takes blessings from elders.
Sanskar is so happy by seeing Laksh’s happiness and he is overwhelmed and side hugs Swara.
The another eyes also watching this with happiness. Purab and Ammu souls.
Ammu and Purab comes there with Shiv.
Shiv cries.

RagLak is surprised by hearing child cry.
Raglak turns and sees Purab-Ammu with Shiv.
Laksh: bhai.. bhabhi..
Laksh is go near them and touches shiv. He feels something good .
Shiv smiles by seeing Laksh.
Laksh: am I become Chacha?
Ammu caresses his hair with another hand.
Purab: yes Laksh. he is my second child and you are my grownup child.
Ammu smiles and nods.
Purab pinches his nose to get back him normal.
But ,Laksh didn’t care about anything.. he takes shiv from ammu’s hand carefully and kisses him in forehead.
Days rolled, Swasan, Raglak and Adittra married.
One year Later, at Mahalaya Amavasya
Panditji come to do pooja.
Purab.x and Ammu.x soul stands there.
Purab and Ammu sits in their position and do the pooja.
Pandit ji: pooja sampurna hogaya
Purab.x and Ammu.x sees each other with a smile.
Purab.x and Ammu.x soul is converted into star form.
The shiv idol in MM Pooja room starts to glow. Their soul is mixed with Shiv ji’s idol.
Five years later,
Sanskar takes responbility as CEO and Vice Chairman of Maheshwari Industries. Laksh reopens Mehra Industries and Makes it as a Asia’s strongest firm.
The four swalak, Purab and Aadi merges their companies and make under the one roof as Pragya PurnaVathi Group of Industries.
Veer is also stayed inMM . for outside world, he is died in an accident.

Everyone gathered in top floor.
Pragya made a habit that everyone assemble in top floor at full moon night and Kalavathi, AP and Pragya feeds all.
After that Abigya, Raglak, Purab and Ammu sits in near by chair.
Shiv plays with Adittra and Sahil(Aditya-Uttara children), Raghav, RudraVeer(Raglak children) and Swati and Swakar(Swasan children)
Abigya sits in a chair and Pragya stares sky.
Pragya: I have crossed many situations in my life. I had thought that I lost my family meri Ram, ammu , purab, Laksh. but I didn’t lost anyone. I get purab and ammu as my son and dil no no she is another daughter to me. Ram and Laksh are back. I got meri bhai and bhabhi back. Now my life is very colourful and peaceful. That’s MY LIFE.
AMMU: I got a wonderful family as my Sasural. They showering so much of love and care to me which I longed in my Child hood. Laksh is like a son to me. I am happy that Ragini is also accepting our bonding. Ragini is like a daughter to me and Swara and Uttara treates me as their sister. my life is filled with happiness. That’s MY LIFE.
Laksh: Ohh! In these five years. So many turns in my life. First I got Ragini in my life.I got my Sanskar bhai who loves me a lot and purab bhai who treats me as his son and Ammu bhabhi she shows a motherly love to me and then Shiv, I don’t know whenever I take him in my hand , my sadness is vanished. He is like my first son. My life is now peaceful. That’s MY LIFE.
Suddenly they hear Shiv’s scream. Everyone rushed to him.
Laksh takes him in his hand.” What happened Shiv? “ he checks shiv.
Shiv: sorry Dad.. you all are immersed in your thoughts. So we did a prank.
Shiv calls Laksh as Dad and Ragini as Mom.
All the children nods their head down.
Laksh: don’t do that again.
Shiv(holds his ears and pouts): can you please forgive your Shiv?
Laksh hugs him and everyone smiles.


For Readers and Motivators:
Friends I am really greatful to you all guys. There I am giving very less scenes for pairs. I am fully dealt with my story and portrayed my main leads. I give more scenes for SANLAK than pairs. You guys loved my story instead of pairs. You are my motivators. Without you,I can’t complete this. I am thank you to all Rizna, Krish, kanak, nannu,ammu,swasan,riya, dharani,akshata, Varshata venkat,aushi jain, rasha, ziya , mukund raj,Ragz-teju, ammulu, kalai,hema sampath, vaishali, soujanya, riyad cruz, lovely, j, divyanshri. if I am left anyone, please forgive me.
For Megha123 di: I am very thankful to you, Megha di.from my first episode, you motivated me. Whenever I read your comments, I feel very good myself sister.it increases my confidence that I can write a story and I can be a story teller. thank you di for motivating me.
For Yashasvi di:
I am very thankful to you, di. whenever you call me bro, it makes me smile that I have a sister. But I am a girl and my name is sara it’s also a nick name which my beloved ones calls me. Balaji is my pen name and also my choti’s name. he is the one who always makes me smile and cares and loves me a lot . he motivated me to write. So I took his name as my pen name. sometimes I worried about comments count. I felt depressed. At that time, your comments motivated me. your comments meant a lot to me. thank you di.
For Jasmine Rahul di:
Di, I can’t express my thankfulness in words. Whenever I read your comment , it makes me happy. You gave a detailed description about my ff. I feel more happy that one read my ff and give a detailed description. It motivated me very much. But I missed your comments in previous episodes. Di, I am scared to express my feelings in social media due to some incidents in my life. so I didn’t reply for your comments. If I am hurt you, Really I am very sorry for that. I am longing your comments . anyhow, thank you di for motivating me from first episode.

Kk friends. Hope you like this ff. due to some health issues, I am taking leave for a month. I request you to give me a feedback about my writing style, base story line and the way of portraying the characters. Also I want to rate this ff based on 10. silent readers please comment it’s ff’s last episode.
Till I completed three ff’s – swattaragini-meri pyarri behan, swaragini-love me or not and swaragini&kkb-my life. I want to know which character you like the most- Ragini in meri pyarri behan, Aadi @Vicky in Love me or Not and which character you like most in Swaragini KKB-my life.
Again I thanking you for reading my ff, friends. Good bye and I miss you,guys. see you soon.

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