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Let I start the episode.
Laksh and Ragini take rest in their respective rooms. Sanskar and Uttara feels something different in them.
Purab.x posses Laksh and Ammu.x posses Ragini.
Sanskar and Uttara walks to in hall. Both are in their thoughts. Both collides with each other.
Sanskar: sorry Uttara..
Uttara: sorry Bhai.. I also not saw you.
Sanskar: why are you look like disturbed?
Uttara: I will some difference with Ragini.
Sanskar: I am also same felt with Laksh.
Uttara: what happening to them?
Sanskar: I don’t know.hope they are back to normal, soon.

In Hall, Ammu sits in couch and makes a sweater for her child.
[email protected] enters the MM to see Abigya.
Sultan sees Ammu and shocked.
Sultan(whispers): Ammu..
Ammu sees him.” sir, what you want?”
At that time, Dp comes there.
Dp: Come in Veer. Ammu, He is my friend Veer. Veer she is pragya’s DIL Ammu.
At that time, Purab comes there .
Veer is hell shocked.
Veer: Purab..
Purab gives him a confused look like that DO YOU KNOW ME.
At that time, Abigya comes there.
Pragya: Veer bhai..
Pragya sees [email protected], and vice versa. Both their eyes are moist.
Veer: Pragya ..Abhi..
Abhi hugs Veer” How are you my friend? “
Veer: where you gone both guys? And (points Purab and Ammu) who are they ? they look like..
Pragya: he is Purab and Ammu son. He is also named Purab and she is Ammu,Purab’s wife.
Veer: meri Abigya is back. I am so happy for that.
Ammu feels so tired and pragya observes it.
Pragya: Purab .. take Ammu to her room.
Purab nods and takes Ammu to their room.
After few minutes,
A voice comes there” I am also happy to see you guys, back”
Dp: Raj…Meri Friend.
Veer and Abhigya is also happy.
Laksh and Ragini wake up with jerk in their body.
Laksh takes a knife and goes to hall but Ragini holds his hands.
Ragini:purab it’s not correct time.
Laksh: but Ammu, he is the one who killed us.
Ragini: Purab, first we sort out other matters.
Laksh places a knife in nearby table.

In Hall,
Raj: Abhi.. Pragya .. I am very happy to see you alive.
Abhi: it’s god grace, Raj. How are you?
Raj: fine.
Pragya: Veer bhai, where is Sara?
Veer nods his head down.
Dp: she left the world when you left us.
Pragya:What? ..
Abhi consoles Pragya.
Raj consoles Veer. Veer composed himself soon.
RAGLAK comes there .
Pragya: He is my son Laksh. and she is Ragini.
RagLak: Pranam..
RagLak take blessings from Veer.
Raj: Dp, I need my maa’s Kalash. Tomorrow I am going to Kasi to mix her ashes in Ganges. Can you guys accompany me?
Abigya: Definetely Raj..
Dp: Ragini, In Pooja room, there is a Kalash. Take it and give it to him.
Ragini: ji uncle.
Ragini goes and sees the Kalash. The red thread is automatically binds the Kalash and come to Ragini’s hands.
A curve is shown in Ragini’s face.
Ragini gives Kalash to Raj .
Raj: guys don’t forget. I will pickup in early morning and we will reach Kasi at evening.
Veer: But security..
Raj: I will take care of it.
Veer nods.
Soon, veer leaves the house.

At evening,
Uttara is in garden and stares sky and tears flowing from her eyes.
Uttara wipes her tears and shows a smile in her face.
Aadi: how many days can you act uthi?
Uttara start to walk without answering but Aadi holds her hands.
Aadi: Uttara.. and hugs her.
Uttara burst out in cry and feel comfort in him.
Uttara: first, sahil came in my life. He said that he loves me. I also accepted his love. I was happy by being loved by Sahil . But he killed by our rivals. Then Rajat came in my life. He made my life as hell. Why Aadi can I don’t deserve a true love? A smooth life?
Aadi: you can get a smooth life,Uttara.
Uttara shows a fake smile.” Who can marry me? I am a cursed one”
Aadi drags Uttara to Hall. Here, Dp and Ap, Abigya, Raglak and Swasan talks inbetween.
Dp: Pragya, sanskar loves Swara.
Pragya caresses Swara’s hair” I am happy with Swara”
Swara: but Maa.. we will wait until Uttara’s life is settled.
Sanskar stares Swara and Swara nods.
Aadi and Uttara reaches there.
Aadi: uncle.. you know about me everything. I am asking Uttara’s hands for me.
Dp(Shocked and Overwhelmed): beta..
Pragya: Uttara.. are you happy with this?
Uttara remembers Swara’s words and Nods.
Everyone is happy. Sanskar hugs Aadi.
Sanskar: Please keep my sister Happy.
Aadi Nods’ I promise you Sanskar . I always keep her happy”
They enjoying their happiness. Ragini sees Laksh and Laksh nods.
Ragini: Maa.. me and Laksh want to go temple.
Pragya:kk beta but come soon.
Time passed.
Raglak arrives to the MM.

In Hall,
Uttara and Aadi sits in Garden.
Aadi: uthi, I know that you accept me for Sanskar.
Uttara sees him with surprised look.
Aadi: but I promise you that I will wait for you. I hope that my love makes you love me.
Uttara: love.. I think that you decide to marry me because of sympathy.
Aadi: no Uthi.. I love for the past 3 years. But you loved Sahil. So, I never expressed my love. I don’t want to lose your friendship.
Uttara places her head in his shoulder” I need some time”
Aadi: kk. Uthi. Don’t forget. I am always with you whenever you need me either as a a husband or a friend.

In Hall.Dp receives a call.
Dp: what?…
Pragya: what happened bhai?
Everyone asks their way.
Dp: Rajat is mentally slipped and Someone murdered Mr.Kashyap.
Sanskar: what?..
A Voice comes there” why are shocking Ram? It’s a good news for us”
Everyone is shocked by hearing Laksh’s voice.
Pragya: Laksh, it’s not good. Even they did a mistake, we can’t get happiness in their suffering.”
Laksh: Everyone will not like you..
Abhi: Laksh..
Laksh goes to his room without answering. Ragini follows him.
Ragini goes to Kalavathi’s room.
Kalavathi sleeps in bed.
Ragini touches the handicapped hand and leg of Kalavathi.
Ragini smiles and leaves the room.

At that time, Raj and Veer comes Inside.
Raj: I make all the arrangements. But we can go now itself. We can reach Kasi in 11 hours.
Dp: Travelling in night
Raj: it’s for our safety. I think your rivals known about our travelling. So I changed the time.
Abigya nods.
Soon. Abigya, Dp, Ap , Veer , Raj is going to kasi.
The car is stopped in between the way.
Veer:what happened?
Raj: I am check this.
Raj is going outside the car.Veer is also coming outside.
Veer: all the tires are punctured. I think it’s a trap.
Veer takes his gun and start observe the surrounding.
Suddenly some 10 goons surrounds them. Abhigya, Dp and Ap comes outside.
Veer rises his hand to shoot them but suddenly he feel pain in his hand.
Raj attacked Veer and take his gun.
Veer: Raj..
Everyone is shocked.
Raj smiles devilishly
Raj goes near goons. The goons offers him a chair he sits in it.
Dp: Raj.. what’s this? Why are you doing like this?
Raj: I am the one whom make you suffer guys.
Abigya: what?
Raj: whatever you guys are going to die? I will explain you. I am the reason for all your sufferings.
Dp gives a confusing and stern look.
Dp: Don’t play Raj.
Raj(laughs): I am playing for a long period guys. Do you know guys? I was the one who made accident in your company. I created evidence against Dp. As I expected , you doubted on Dp. I planned to kill him and put the charges on you, Pragya. But Ammu got know about me then what happened you know?
Dp: I told about this to you. Dp hold his head due to shock.
Raj:ha..ha..ha.. yes. I went to Kasi and attacked them . But my goons lied me that all were dead. At that time, veer is looked into this matter. To distract him, I kidnapped his child and joined her in a orphanage.

I know about that Ammu was alive in Tamilnadu. I went there and kill her during her pregnancy. She converted as a ghost and try to kill me. with the help of guruji, I got her body and made into ashes and we trapped her soul in Kalash. My Guruji advised me to keep that Kalash in your house. I lied you that the Kalash was about my mom. I went to foreign. After some years, I was back to your house. You said me about sanskar . Uttara’s eyes remembers me about this Pragya. So I decide to ruin their life. I give money to Rajat . I killed Sahil and put the blame on Sanskar by using Rajat. But one ruined all this.
Pragya: But why did you try to ruin my life?
Raj(shouts): Because of you, my brother dead.
Pragya: no. I didn’t anything.
Raj: he loved you but you married Abhi. He committed suicide and left me in pain. From that day,. Whenever I see your smile, it remembers me about by choti’s face. I decide to ruin your life . I planned all this. I acted good infront of your eyes . but I did all this. Now you are going to leave this world. I already sent goons to kill others.
Raj smiles Vigourously.” But Veer, don’t worry. I know that You want to know about your daughter. Ragini who takes care of Abigya is your daughter. For making them happy, I also decided to kill her.”
All stares Raj with an un believable look.
Pragya: till, how many of them can you kill? Why you changed into a beast? Till I can’t able to accept the truth.

Raj: I will give you more pain. First I will kill your beloved ones.
Raj points the gun on Dp.
Suddenly, a strong wind blows there.
Raj can’t see anything.
After a minute ,Raj opens his eyes and Sees RAGLAK.
Raj: how can you alive? I sent goons to kill you.
Laksh kicks the ground suddenly some bodies comes above the ground.
Laksh: Are you saying about them?
Laksh again kicks the ground and then their bodies buried in the ground.
Raj is hell shocked and the goons started to run.
Maheshwari’s and Mehra’s , veer are frozen.
Ragini takes steps to Raj and Raj goes backwards.
Laksh gets one goon and buried him under the ground. Laksh goes through another goon and the goon sliced and burnt. Laksh plucks the another goon head from his body. An twirl attacks three goons and left their bones. The other four goons burnt alive while running.
Raj hits someone while going backwards and turns. A thunder blows in sky. Purab face is shown in Laksh.
Raj:” Purab”
Laksh raises Raj in the air.
Raj: please leave me.
Ragini: Raj remember how could you killed me.at that time, I also pleased you to leave men but what you did. You didn’t show mercy on me naa.
Raj(yells): But I let your son alive.
Ragini and Laksh vigourously.
Laksh: Ready to welcome your death.
Ragini squeezes her hand and Raj struggles to breath.
Ragini releases her hand. Raj fells on ground.
Laksh raises his hand and Raj again goes to air and a sword injures both the leg of Raj and Raj falls down in Lake.

After some minutes , Raj is dead.
LAKSH raises his body above the air and Laksh clashes his hand and Raj body vanished in air as ashes.
The wind starts to reduce.
Pragya: Laksh..Ragini..
Laksh and Ragini turns to see pragya and Pragya sees Purab face in Laksh and Ammu’s face in Ragini.
At that time, Sanskar , Purab , Uttara , Swara, Ammu,Aadi comes there.
Abhi: Teddy.. purab..
Raglak smiles.
Due to shock , Ammu gets Labour pain.
Ammu: Maa… falls on road.
A cold breeze blows there.
Ragini goes towards her and touches her belly.
Ammu gives birth to a boy.
Ragini: Di..
Pragya comes to her.
Pragya: Ammu..
Ragini gives baby to Pragya” Name him as shiv Di. he will be our family Savior”
Purab: Maa..
Ragini and Laksh caresses purab’s hair.
Raglak takes few steps backwards and smiles” Di abhi, take care of meri puttar ”
Raglak faints and suddenly a light comes in sky.

Everyone sees Purab.x and Ammu.x in the sky with moist eyes.
They smiles to them and vanished in air.
Purab(Kneels down):Maa… Papa….(yells)
Pragya try to console Purab.
Sanskar takes Laksh in his hand while Aadi takes Ragini in his hand.
Purab takes Ammu in his hand and Abigya takes Shiv in their hand.
They leave the place.

Precap: LAST EPISODE –Swasan, raglak, Adittra Marriage

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