Swaragini KKB-My life (episode 6)


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Let I start the episode.
In flight, Kasi to Kolkatta,
Ragini:Aadi bhai, are you okay? Can you able to meet Uttara?
Aadi: I don’t know , Ragini. I just want to confirm that she is okay.
Ragini presses Aadi’s hands. Aadi nods.
In kolkatta hospital,
Laksh(weak tone):who are you? Where am I ?
Sanskar is shocked.Lakshhh…
Manik presses Sanskar’s shoulder and signs not to speak.
Manik: don’t worry. You are in hospital. Can I know what’s your name?
Laksh: Lakshya Dev Mehra.
Manik: can you remember anything? Why did you come Kolkatta?
Laksh: Haan.. I came here to join as trainee in Maheshwari Industries.
Laksh holds his head.
Manik: kk. Don’t take stress.
Manik injects the medicine and Laksh starts to sleep .
Manik takes Sanskar outside.
Sanskar: why he don’t recognize me? he asks me who I am.
Dp and Swara hears that.
Dp: what?
Swara understands Laksh condition.

Manik: please calm Sanskar. I expect this. He is cured perfectly but he can’t remember the in between period.
Sanskar( break down): then he can’t recognize me.
Swara consoles him.
Manik: he can recognize. But you don’t force him. it’s not good for his health.
Dp: when we discharge him?
Manik: you can discharge him, at evening. But take care for him. don’t give him stress.
Sanskar nods.
Dp: kk. Sanskar ,
Dp receives A call.
Dp: what ? KK.
Sanskar: is anything Important, Papa?
Dp: My behan, your maa is in Kasi. I will do the arrangements for going Kasi. I will arrange a private jet.
Sanskar: kk.Papa.
Sanskar get into Laksh’s ward.
After Few hours, Laksh wakes up. Sanskar sees that.
Sanskar: Laksh are you want anything?
Laksh observes his care.
Laksh: I need water.
Sanskar makes Laksh sit and feeds water.
Laksh : thanks. Can I know who are you?
Sanskar: my name is sanskar, Laksh. first you take rest. After sometime I will tell about everything.
Laksh nods.
Ragini and Aadi reaches MM.
Ragini goes inside but Aadi stands outside.
Ragini: bhai come inside
Aadi: sorry Ragini .. I can’t see Uttara in this condition. You can go.
Aadi leaves. Ragini gets inside.
Ragini: Aunty..
Ap: Beta..Ragini..
Ragini takes blessings from Ap.
Ragini: aunty.. where is Uttara? How is she?
Ap: she is in her room. Beta.. please do anything which can heal her wound.
Ragini: Aunty, I am going to uttara’s room.
Ap: Beta she is broken fully but act as she is not affected. Please take care of her.
Ragini: Aunty, she is my best friend. Taking care of her is my duty.

In uttara’s room,
Uttara stars sealing . Tears flowing from her eyes.
Ragini: Uttara.. and sits near uttara.
Uttara hugs Ragini and cries.” Ragini, what is my mistake? Why am I suffer this much?”
Ragini : Uttara, you don’t commit a mistake. It’s all bcoz of that Rajat. Don’t depress yourself.
Ragini consoles her. Ap sees that her eyes become moist.
Ragini: aunty I take her to temple.
Ap: kk. Beta.
In Sanlak side,
Sanskar: Laksh, take this clothes and change it. we are going to our house.
Laksh: Sanskar, I want to inform my parents. They should be worried.
Sanskar: tomorrow, we are going to see (Y)OUR parents.
Laksh: kk. Before going to your house, I want to go temple. And thanks for taking care of me.
Sanskar: No need of thanks, Laksh. it’s my duty.
Laksh gives a confused look.
Sanskar: you are my friend naa. That’s why I said like that.
Laksh nods.
Laksh(in mind): sanskar is so good as my purab bhai. he is very caring. But I don’t know why he takes care for me.
Sanlak reaches the temple .
Sanskar: Laksh, you get inside to temple. I will buy the pooja products.
Laksh nods.
Laksh goes inside the temple and shocked to see Ragini here.
Laksh(whispers): Rago…
Uttara stands beside Ragini.
Uttara(in mind): kali maa , please don’t give any other pain in my life. I can’t bear it.
Ragini(in mind): Kali maa,I don’t know why I am feeling that my beloved one near to me. Laksh goes near to Ragini.
A cold breeze flows in the temple.
Ragini opens her eyes and sees Laksh.
Ragini(whispers): Laksh..
Ragini touhes Laksh ‘s cheek. Tear escaped from her eyes. She starts to fall down.
Laksh holds her” Rago…, Rago…”
Uttara is worried” Laksh, are you know Ragini before?”
Laksh:” are you know about me?” wait a minute, are you the one who gives a letter to me?
Uttara observes that Laksh is cured,

Uttara: we can speak about it later. First , we can see about Ragini’s condition.
Sanskar sees Uttara and RAGLAK.
Sanskar: what happened Laksh ?
Sanskar sees Ragini.
Sanskar: Ragini,! what happened to her, Uttara?
Uttara: she is fainted by seeing Laksh.
Laksh: bhai(unknowingly) are they any hospital nearby?
Sanskar gives his phone to Uttara.: Uttara, call to Swara. And ask her to come Sanskar Mansion.
Laksh take Ragini and I will drive the car.
Laksh nods.
Soon, they arrived SM and at the same time, Swara is arrived there.
Laksh takes Ragini to Laksh room automatically and places her in bed.
Swara: everyone get outside. I want to check her.
Sanskar and Uttara goes Outside.
Laksh stares Ragini.
Swara: I said to go out.
Laksh moves and Ragini’s pendant stacked in Laksh’s shirt.
Laksh goes outside.
Sanskar: Laksh are you know Ragini, Before?
Laksh: she is my better half.
Uttara: are you that IIM topper whom she loved?
Laksh nods and sees pendant in his shirt.
Laksh opens the pendant and shocked. The other side is filled with Abigya with Ragini.
Laksh feels twirls in his head and faints.
Sanskar is worried.” Laksh.. Laksh..”
Uttara takes pendant and sees Raglak and Abigya with Ragini.
Swara comes outside.
Sanskar takes Laksh to his room.
Swara checks him.
In SM hall,
Swara: both are okay. Ragini is shocked so she faint and Laksh is also see something which create stress in him. that’s why he fainted.
Uttara gives pendant to Sanskar and Swara.
Sanskar: so, Ragini is living with my maa and papa.
Swara: my guess is correct. Laksh sees his parents photo with Ragini. It creates Shock in his mind.
Sanskar: kk, when will they wake up?
Swara: they will wake up after half an hour.
Sanskar: uttara, Call Mom and inform her that we don’t come home today. Don’t say about Laksh. she will be tensed.
Uttara nods and moves from that place.
Sanskar: I am very hungry, Swara, can you make paratha’s for me?
Swara sees Sanskar with teary eyes.
Sanskar kneels down” swara, I always messed my personal matters with you. I loved you. Because of Rajat , I had guilt in my heart for my behan. I avoid you. I ignored you. But whenever I need you, you always stand my side. Will you forgive me and accept me as your better half?”

Swara extends her hands . Sanskar takes swara hands and Kissed in her forehead.
Uttara(holds her hands in her waist): what is happening here?
Sanskar scratches his head and Swara blushes and ran to Kitchen.
Sanskar: Uttaraaaa..
Uttara:ok ok.I am going to take care of my friend.
In Laksh Room, Ragini wakes up.
Ragini remembers what happened in temple but confused.
Uttara: ohh! Ragini finally you wake up.
Ragini: sorry Uttara, I don’t know why I am fainted.
Uttara(in mind): she thinks that Seeing Laksh is her dream.
Uttara: are you feel okay?
Ragini:okay. Ragini sees the surrounding.
Ragini: whose house is this?
Uttara: it’s my bhaiya’s. kk.
Uttara takes a cloth and blindfolds Ragini.
Ragini: what are you doing, Uttara?
Uttara: I have a surprise to you.
Uttara takes Ragini to Laksh and removes Blindfold.
Ragini: Uttara.. and then Sees Laksh,
Ragini: Laksh…
Uttara: your Laksh is alive and he is the one who saved our family.
Tears coming from Ragini’s eyes and automatically, her hand goes to her neck to hold her pendant.
Uttara: I think that are you searching for this?
Ragini snatches pendant from Uttara and sits near to Laksh and caresses his hair and kisses his fore head.
Laksh starts to move.
Ragini: Laksh.. Laksh…
Uttara: Ragini, he needs some rest. Come with me. I explain you.
Ragini stands up half heartedly and goes with uttara.
Sanskar and Swara do the lunch.
Uttara: Ragini, who is in other side of your pendant?
Ragini: it’s my maa and Papa. I mean they are Laksh’s parents.
Uttara: they also my mamo and Bua ji.
Ragini sees Uttara with a shock.
Uttara: Haan Ragini..

Uttra explains Ragini about misunderstanding between Mehra and Maheshwari’s.
Uttara: how did you get their introduction? I mean they are lived in Chennai. Why they came to Kasi?
At that time, Sanskar comes there.
Ragini: they came Kasi for suicide attempt. They lost their family including his first son in Kasi. So, they decided to finish their life in Kasi. I saved them and they accepted me.
Sanskar: what? My maa and papa came kasi to end their life.
Sanskar cries vigorously . Swara and Uttara try to calm down. by that sound , Laksh wakes up. Laksh sees Sanskar’s room and someone flashes in his mind.”Bhai”
Laksh comes to Hall.
Ragini gives a confused look to Uttara.
Uttara: he is their first son Ram.
Ragini is shocked .” what he is laksh’s elder brother Ram?”
Laksh is numb by hearing this. But no one notice Laksh. they are busy with their talk.
Uttara briefs about how Ram Mehra is converted into Sanskar Maheshwari.
Sanskar composed himself” what about my second choti? Laksh said that he is look like Purab chacha”
Ragini: he is your chacha and Maasi’s son.
Sanskar& Uttara: what?
Sanskar: but Maasi died in Ganges.
Ragini: no she is died while giving birth to her son. He is also named Purab.
Ragini explains about Kalavathi’s plan and how she get a family.
Sanskar take a deep breath.
Sanskar: Now, my family is ok. it’s enough to me.
Laksh go to sanskar’s room without making noise.
Laksh(in mind): the one who cares and loves me these days is really my Bhai. ahh! I am really lucky. Tomorrow, My family will get united. Maa and Papa, why you get such a big decision? I will never forgive you for that.
Sanskar knocks his own room.
Laksh wipes his tears.” Come in” and Laksh opens the door.
Sanskar put tray in a table.
Sanskar: Laksh, There is some Paratha’s and side dishes. Eat it and I will get your medicines.
Laksh: bhai, do you know naa I don’t like other then Idli and Sambar?(childishly)
Sanskar(turns and worried):Laksh..
Laksh widens his hand(normally): Bhai..
Sanskar hugs Laksh tightly” Do you remember me?”
Laksh: how can I forget my bhai?.
Laksh hugs Sanskar.
SanLak comes to Dining Table.
Ragini stares Laksh.
Laksh: Rago..
Ragini hugs Laksh , places her head in Laksh’s chest and Laksh feels the hot due to Ragini’s tears.
Laksh: Ragini.. see me. I am ok.
Ragini takes her head and again hugs” don’t leave me Laksh”
Laksh: I don’t leave you and thanks for taking care of our family.
Ragini sees Laksh with a question.
Laksh: I heard everything and remember everything.
Sanskar: that means
Laksh: I know bhai you are my elder brother Ram.
Laksh holds Sankar’s hands” Maa will be really happy if she know about you”
Laksh: Ragini, how do you know about Uttara di?
Ragini: she is the one who always helps me. even though she is elder than me, she always behaves like a friend. She is the one who sponsor for my studies.
Uttara: but whenever I called her to stay in my house, she always refused. Now,what can you do, Ragini?
You will come to our house a wife of my cousin .
Ragini blushes and places her head in Laksh’s chest again.
Everyone laughs.

Ragini remembers about Aadi.
Ragini calls Aadi to come SM and says it as an emergency.
Aadi enters SM and goes to Hall.
Aadi sees Ragini with others except laksh.
Aadi: Ragini, why did you called me?
A voice come backside of Aadi.
Laksh: I said to Ragini to call you, Aadi.
Aadi(whispers):Laksh and Turns..
Laksh stands with a smile.
Aadi goes near Laksh and hugs him more tighter.
Aadi: where did you go so many days? We think that someone murdered
Laksh: I am escaped from that.
Laksh explain about everything.
Aadi: so, still you don’t know who is behind this.
SanLak nods No.
Aadi: one thing is clear. I think that the enemy is same for Mehra’s and Maheshwari’s. don’t you file a complaint?
Sanskar: Papa I mean Mama deals with that.
Uttara: Aadi, you are changed so much. You didn’t speak to me.
Aadi: Uttara, it’s not like that. How can I forget my best friend? I will buy two silk for you.
Uttara snatches the chocolate and smiles.
Aadi:(in mind) Others can trust your act. But I don’t . I feel your pain in your lifeless eyes. I swear that one day you will feel really happy.

In a abandoned Place,
Dp: Sultan…
Sultan , an international Don ,glares Dp .
Dp(smiles): KK. Veer, I don’t want you messed up in this matter. I already involved police in this.
Sultan: Durga, I already lost my child in Rivals hand. You are the only friend to me. so, don’t stop me. I don’t want to lose you. I already looked into this. The enemy is back. The one who killed Mehra’s is also try to destroy your family and also business. But I don’t know who is this. If I caught him, I will show the real hell is.
Dp: Abi and Pragya is alive, Veer.
Sultan: what?
Dp: yes. They are living in Kasi. Tomorrow, I am going to see them. I don’t know if she trust me or not.
Sultan eyes become moist. He takes a photo in which young Pragya, Ammu, dp and Sultan smiles.
Sultan: I will arrange Bodyguards for your safety.
Dp nods and leaves.
In another place, which is undefined
Man: Maheshwari’s, you have escaped because of Sultan. But you can’t escape more days from me. enjoy your days as you can . After that, you can’t enjoy. I will sent you from the world.
The Man laughs evilly.

Precap: Abigya and Sanlak meeting.
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