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Let I start the episode.
Swara asks Laksh about his dream.
Swara: Laksh, can you say about your dream?
Laksh: Haan di.. daily I have a dream. In this, I walk with two heavy bags in my hand. Do you know it’s very big?(shows his hands)
Swara: Haan then..
Laksh: don’t lie how can you know ?it’s my dream naa
Swara: sorry you continue(holds her ears)
Laksh: suddenly a girl hit me. we both fall in mud. Suddenly that man come with some bad peoples.
The girl gives me a letter. That man ordered to kill me. I start run. I ran so much fast.A man starts to chase me. someone try to shoot me. suddenly a car hit me. After I wake up.
Sanskar: But, you don’t told me about this. I never hear your scream,
Laksh: bhai, I don’t scream and I always felt the pain in body every day. And you always sleep like Kumbkarn. Even if thunder hits your roof, you don’t wake up.
Saying this ,Laksh starts to run.
Sanskar chase him. Finally After few minutes, Sanskar hold him in his hand and caresses his hair.
Sanskar: Am I kumbkarn?Haann..
Laksh: Sorry bhai. sometimes I will say the truth.
Both Laughs.

In hall,
Uttara: Bhabhi, the girl who give a letter to him is Me.
Swara: Uttara, so he says the incident before his accident. He had that as a dream.
Ap: Beta, can you explain me who is he?
Swara: Aunty, his name is Laksh. Sanskar is the reason for his current state. So, sanskar take care of him. Sanskar loves him a lot. He is the only companion when you kick sanskar from this house.
Ap and Dp nods heads down.
Swara: Aunty, I am not taunt you. I just say the truth. He is in deep depression and starts to drink. He thinks that Because of him, uttara is mentally slipped and Sahil was died. You both increased his depression by sent him out. Aunty, you already know he lost his family in front his eyes. Till, he could not able come out from this. Even, he thinks that he is the sinner and he don’t deserve a life. He starts to avoid me .
Ap starts to shed tears.
Sanskar and Laksh comes there. Sanskar: Swara.. stop please.
Dp: no beta she is telling the truth. Hamaari Maaf karo beta( holds his hand before)
Sanskar: papa.. situation is like that. Leave it.
Dp: your are like your mother. (Touches his cheeks)
Laksh stares Abigya group photo.
Laksh: Bhai, do you know my Doll, cutie , purab bhai and bhabhi?
Everyone is shocked.
Swara: Do you know them?(points the photo)
Laksh: I know them.(points pragya) she is my maa and he is my papa. He is purab bhaiya and she is my bhabhi.
AP and Dp ,a single tear comes from their face.
Dp: Pragya is alive and he is her son. But why he tells Purab as his bhaiya?
Sanskar is frozen.” Laksh is really my choti and my maa and papa is alive.
Sanskar hugs Laksh tighter.
Laksh: Bhaiya , let me breath.
Sanskar: sorry Laksh.
Swara:Laksh, come with me.
Swara takes him to the Sanskar’s room in MM and Make him sleep.

At the same time, in Kasi
Purab sees news. The news channel says about uttara and Rajat.
Reporter: shocking news – Maheshwari escaped from trap.
Rajat, son in law of Maheshwari’s trapped them. He killed Sahil Sengupta , fiancé of Uttara Maheshwari and convert it as a accident. He trapped sanskar Maheshwari in this. He drugged Uttara and show it as she was mentally slipped. By a stranger help, she escaped and told to the truth to police and her family. Rajat is in police custody.
A tear is escaped from Pragya’s eyes and Aadi and Ragini eyes.
Ragini: Maa.. she is my friend. I will go to Kolkatta Tommorow and I take Aadi bhai with me.

Flashback starts.
MM is fully decorated with flowers and lights.
It’s naming function of new born baby.
A baby is crying and trio ladies tries to calm down.
Lady 1: you meri sweetie naa, don’t cry
Lady 2 make faces. But still baby is crying.
Lady 3 takes Baby in her hand . Baby smiles.
Lady 2: pragya di, it’s not fair. She is smiling in your hand.
Lady 1: you are correct Ammu. Even I am her mother, she can’t stop her cry. I have a doubt that I am her mother or pragya.
Pragya: Bhabhi.. she is very comfort when she is with me.
Annapurna touches her cheek.” Her eyes like you, Pragya”
After few minutes,
Pandit ji: Child ka Bua ji come there and give a name.
Pragya takes child” she is very beauty. Her life will be beautiful. She has only happiness in her life. I name her as Uttara.( whispers in baby’s ear three times)
Flashback ends.
Pragya wipes her tears and goes to her room.

In hall,
Dp(Kneels down): still, meri behan didn’t trust me.
Ap: it’s not like that. She loves you and cares you. I know about her. If she is hiding means, there is some valuable reason.
Sanskar: Papa.. what happened in past ? why my mom is hiding?
Dp: Sanskar beta, once I proposed your mom to merge Mehra and Maheshwari Industries as one. Pragya refused it. I left the matter. But after some days, Mehra industries met a fire accident and had a huge loss. Meri Behan Pragya accuses me that I was planned the accident. All the evidence are against me. Pragya trusts the evidence. But my another behan Ammu trusts me.Within a few months,Mehra’s recovered from the loss. After that, Meri jeju Abhi Ka Dadi died. They went to mix her ashes in Ganges. At that time, Ammu called me and told that she caught the real culprit and ask me to come Kasi. I went to kasi. But they are not there. I search the whole kasi and saw you sat in a rock. I saved you but I can’t able save my both Behans.
Dp cries and composed himself. “From that, I observe that Mehra had a dangerous rival.

I don’t know who tried to kill your family. So, I introduced you as Sanskar my adopted son to the world”
Dp: but today I know that my Pragya is alive and that boy is my Behan’s son.
Sanskar: don’t worry Papa. I will find the real culprit. But now I have take care of my choti and my behan.
In Kasi,
Ragini House Abigya’s room
Pragya stares Moon in the sky through the window. Tears rolling down from her eyes.
Abhi touches her shoulder. Pragya hugs him” I should trust my bhai. because of my misunderstanding, we even lost our family.”
Abhi: Doll! We can’t change the past.
Pragya: till, we don’t know whom tried to kill us. We are hiding from him. but how many days we can hide?
Abhi: Doll trust god. He saved us many times. He will save us in future.
Pragya places her head in Abhi’s shoulder. Abhi holds her.
The Next day Morning,
Aadi comes with Kalavathi.
Ammu sees Kalavathi.” Maa..”
Ammu holds Kalavathi’s hand” Maa.. sorry Maa..”
Kalavathi: Ammu I deserve this. I lost my real character and I act most worst.
Ammu: no maa it’s not like that.
Pragya: Ammu Take Behan ji to her room. We can speak her later. she needs rest.
Kalavathi: (holds Pragya’s hand) please forgive me.
Pragya: don’t need to ask forgiveness, Kala. We all are humans. Even I can commit a mistake. Forget the past. Now we are a family. Wait a minute.
Ragini comes there.
Pragya: Kala, she is my daughter Ragini.
Ragini: Pranam Aunty.
Pragya: she is a doctor. She will definitely cure you.
Kalavathi nods and Aadi take her to his room.
Ragini checks her condition and medical reports.

In Kolkatta MM
Sanskar and Dp get ready to Office.
Dp calls detective and ask him to collect details about Abigya.
Dp and Sanskar comes down.
Annapurna and Swara makes the breakfast and arrange it in dining table.
Uttara is sleeping peacefully after so many days.
Laksh is sitting in chair and he didn’t eat.
Sanskar: Laksh, take the breakfast.
Laksh: if you take me with you, I will eat.
Sanskar: but Laksh I settled in work. You feel bored.
Laksh: it’s ok. I don’t feel bored.
Sanskar starts to speak. But Swara interrupts.”your bhai will take you with him”
Laksh(Smiles): Bhai..
Sanskar: kk. I will take you with me.
Dp: Sanskar, get him ready and come soon.
Dp leaves to Office.
Sanskar make Laksh wears a black formal suit. Laksh is very handsome in the suit.
Sanskar: Laksh, If you want to come with me, I have some conditions.
Laksh(pouts):what bhai?
Sanskar(smiles): you always keep your head straight. If someone wishes you, just nod your head. And blabbers something.
Laksh(irritated): bhai, it’s enough.
Sanskar:kk. Come with me.
Ap and Swara sees SanLak.
Ap: you are very handsome Laksh( takes her kajal in her eyebrow and put it in near Laksh’s ear)
Laksh: thanks aunty(blushes)
Ap: aunty nahi Mamoni
Laksh: kk Aunty(bites his tongue)Mamoni
SanLak drops Swara in Hospital and goes to office.
Sanlak enters the office and goes directly to board room.

Today, an important deal is signing for raw material support . all the board members of Maheshwari industries present there.
Sanlak enters and Sanskar sits in his position and Laksh sits near sanskar.
They party starts their presentation.
Laksh yawns. Every one stares Laksh differently.
Sanskar gives Laksh a file which explains about deal.
Sanskar(whispers in Laksh’s ears): act as reading the file.
Laksh nods but he starts to read the file. Soon, he immersed him in the file, unknowingly. Laksh takes another file and read it.
The presentation is over.
Mr.Kashyap(Raw Material Dealer): so can we sign the deal?
Dp: yes. We can.
Mr. Kashyap signs first and then Dp starts to Sign.
A Voice is comes” Don’t sign”
Sanskar is worried because Laksh says this. All the one surprised.
Board Member1:can I know why?
Sanskar tried to control Laksh. Laksh stands up.” See this file.” Gives the file to him.
Laksh: in fifth page, this paper says that they can supply raw materials whenever they want. We can’t force them. Then I seventh page, they said that they supply the raw materials in a constant rate. That means even the raw material rate is decreased in Market, they will don’t reduce the rate. But they can increase the rate if it is increased in market. And Last page before, they said that we will but the raw materials from them only. If we but from another supplier, they can file a case on us.
Board member sees that pages and hell shocked” It’s true. But this files( which is submitted to Board Members) is says different.
Laksh: it’s a trap. If we sign the deal, we should have a loss of 500 crores in my approximation.
Dp and Sanskar is very anger. Board members are surprised by Laksh’s intelligence.
Dp: Mr. Kashyap, we will meet in court for forgery. Get lost from here.
Sanskar is remembers Dr. Manik’s word” if he behave matured, then you should call me”
Board Member 2: Mr. Maheshwari, thank to this boy.
Board Member 3: he is very intelligent. But I can’t see him before. What is your name? where did you studied?
Laksh: IIM AHMEDABAB. While answering, Laksh holds his head.
Laksh: ahh! Bhai it’s paining more.
Sanskar is worried.” Sorry, I have to take him to Hospital. Papa, Call dr. Manik and inform about us”
Sanskar take Laksh in his car and drives to hospital.
After few minutes, a truck is following them and hits in backside of the car.
At the same time In Kasi
Purab Soul: RAMMM..(yells) and tries to go ground.
Purab soul touches Kasi’s sand and he thrown into Ganges. He tried so many times but the result is same.

A BABA comes there.
Baba: beta, you can’t step into Kasi. It’s shiv ka place . still your body is in Ganges and that’s why you have a permission to stay in Ganges.
Purab Soul: when will I can come out? I want to save my family.
Baba: After two days, There is sonar eclipse. And the same day is MAHALAYA AMAVASYA. At that time, you can leave Ganges you will be free. But remember one thing. You can get into the one whom born with the same Birth star and Lagnam. Have patience and pray to Shivji. He will help you. Jai bolonath
Baba leaves the place.
In kolkatta,
Sanskar tries to save him and Laksh from truck. Truck chases his car and hits his car’s backside many times. On the other hand, Laksh is suffering from head pain and screams in pain.
Sanskar pushes Laksh out of the car. Laksh rolls down in road and hit his head in road by stone. Sanskar jumps from the car.
Truck crashes the car.
Sanskar sees Laksh lying on the ground in unconscious state.
Sanskar calls Dp and said about murder attempt and Dp arrives here soon and Admits Laksh in hospital.
Sanskar waits outside the ward and he is so worried.
Swara touches his shoulder.
Sanskar: swara, nothing happen to him naa.(cries)
Swara: Nothing happen to our laksh.
Manik comes outside
Sanskar: is meri Laksh ok naa?
Manik: he is ok.but, after he wake up, I can say about him.
Sanskar goes inside the ward and sees Laksh who is laying in bed.
Sanskar(in mind): Please come to me, Laksh. I can’t live without you.
Sanskar holds his hands and prays to god.
Laksh opens his eyes and sees Sanskar.
Laksh(weak tone): who are you? Where am I ?
Screen freezes on Sanskar’s shocking face.

In Kasi
Ragini: Maa.. Take care.. after we reached, we will call you.
Pragya: take care beta. Inform me when you reached there.
Aadi: Aunty.. I will take care of her.
They go to kolkatta.

Guys , what about today’s episode? It’s ok naa. Jasmine Rahul asked a question why I chosen Abigya as SanLak, Purab parents. When I designing Her character, I felt that Pragya is suitable for this. I need a ideal couple. When I saw Abigya performance in Zee Rishtey, I felt that they are suitable for my story line. I don’t know I am right or wrong. If I am wrong, please forgive me. Guys I have only 8 comments. If you don’t like my story line, please intimate me.
Negative and Positive comments are welcome. Your comments are motivating me . please comment.

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