SwaRagini ( Kismat Connection ) Episode 8 SwaSan Meeting ( Maha Episode )

Episode 8

The episode starts with Lakshaya reaches Pankaj’s house and knocks on the door.
Pankaj’s mother openes the door and gets
surprises seeing Lakshaya.

” Lakshaya beta, kuchh kaam he kya?” Pankaj’s
mother asks.

” Ji nahi aunty, I came herw to play with Pankaj, koi kaam nahi hai. ” Lakshaya tells her.

” Oh, Okay. He is in his room. You can go there and play with him.” His mother replies him.

” Aunty, I don’t know his room, since you shifted
your house,it’s my first time coming here.” Lakshaya tells her.

” Oh sorry beta” His mother aploizes.

” Arre nahi aunty, nothing happenes. You tell me the directions where to go. ”

” Okay,go upstairs and the corner right room,he is there.” Mother tells him.

” Okay thank you aunty” Lakshaya tells her.

” No problem beta ”

Lakshaya reaches his room and sees him
playing on the computer purble place ( that’s name of a game in computer )

” Oye Pankaj, you have computer also, wah! ”
Lakshaya exclamations.

” Yes, I have it already from past 2 years, you
didn’t have one? ” Pankaj asks him.

” I have but papa doesn’t allow me to use,you know! ” A sad Lakshya tells.

” Chalo, no problem Lucky mere dost I will give you my computer to play with. ” Pankaj tells him.

“Really?” Surprised Lakshaya asks.

” Haan mere bhai,Yes!” Pankaj replies with a warm smile.

” And,you can come every weekends to my house and then we both will play together.”

“Thank you yaar Pankaj, I will come every Saturday’s. Fine?” Lakshya asks.

“Yes,call me when you come”A cute Pankaj tells.

Screen shifts to RagSan.

“Maa,can I go to Swapnil’s house to play and will come back after an hour if you agree?”Sanskar asks and requests her.

“Don’t request my child Sanku ( he is called by Sanku) , I trust you more than myself and if you want you can come after one or two,your wish” AP tells.

“Thank you maa,really every day I thank God that he gave me a mother like you and father!” Sanskar tells and a tear escapes his eyes.

“Now enough Sanku,don’t make me cry. Mujhe apne baccho ke samne rona achha nahi lagta,I will be angry with you if you make me emotianal again.”

“Okay maa..?…Bye!” Sanskar tells.

“Okay beta,bye”

He runs and on the way,he bumps into a girl.

“Sorry” The girl tells Sanskar but both couldn’t see each others face.

“That voice,I think I know that voice” Sanskar thinks to himself.

“Umm,thats fine. But may I know your name?” Sanskar asks her.

The girl gets shocked hearing that voice and turns around and sees…..

“Sanskar bhaiyya!” The girl shouts.


Yes,the girl is Ragini not Swara. I know everyone
thought it’s Swara….but my surprises never end..??…now back to episode.

“Haan,I am Ragu!” Ragini rolls her eyes.

“What are YOU doing here?” Ragini while rolling her eyes and asks him.

“Ragu!I should ask this question to you,not me.” Sanskar even rolls his eyes.

“Umm,bhai ya! !vo I came to meet Aarya…..” Ragini bites her tongue.

“Pakka Ragu? Don’t lie to your brother”Sbakr questions her.

“Haan,Sanku bhai ya. . Now what are you doing here?” Ragini aks him..

“I am going to meet Swapnil.”

“Okay bhaiyya, bye!”

“Bye Ragu! ”

Both bid bye to each other and Sanskar again runs and again bumps into a girl..

“Sorry!” The girl innocently says.

“It’s fine,may I know your name?” Sanskar asks.

“Oh yes. My name is Swara.” Swara says and forwards her hand.

“Hello Swara,I am Sanskar,nice to meet you!” Sanskar tells with a smile.

“I am also pleased to meet you,BHAIYYA!” Swara.

Sanskar gets touched by her word BHAIYYA.

“Now I have once more sister here.”He tells her happily.

“And you live in Kolkata?” He asks her.

“Yes,I live here only.” Swara replies.

“That’s excellent,we shall meet daily in nearby park?” Sanskar asks.

“Yes bhaiyya. Tommorow I will come here and you need to come also.” Swara tells him with a smile.

“Yes Swara,I promise!” Sanskar replies her again with a warm smile.

“Oh no! Time for me to go. Tommorow we will meet again!” Both say in a union and are surprised.

“Yes.” Sanskar tells with a smile.

Both of them leaves and Sanskar reaches
Swapnil’s house and his mother opens the door and he enters his room is painted and looks like a king stays here.

“Hello,Swapnil. Sanskar” Sanskar tells with a smile.

“Hello Sanskar,how are you? ” Swapnil asks.

“I am good, I came here to borrow the notes
yesterday we wrote. I couldn’t write my because
my partner and pain in her hand and couldn’t write,could you please give me?” Sanskar pleads

“Oh Sanskar,you should do your work not his. Every time you help others”Swapnil advices.

“But Swapnil…..I like to help everyone and will help them. But for now can you give me your

“Okay take it anf return Mr by tomorrow.” Swapnil gives him the notes.

“Thank you Swapnil.”Sanskar says with a smile.

“No problem,come let’s play games?”Swapnil asks him.

“Oh no,thank you. .I came here just to borrow notes,bye!”

“Okay bye!” Swapnil..

Precap- ××××××××××

That’s for today,hope you like it..Sorry I forgot to give link of previous episode.

Episode 7

Change the episode number if you want to read further episodes. Many wanted them to grow..
don’t worry after 5 6 episode,they will.. There is a phrase”sabre ka gal mitha hota hai”

Thank you for reading and I changed my writing
style. Did you like this episode? I know there’s nothing like Maha Episode,Sorry for making you bore.. Maybe I will upload next episode on Wednesday or Thursday. Till then all I can say is Take care..

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