SwaRagini ( Kismat Connection ) Episode 7


Episode 7

The episode starts with Sujata feeding lucky.

” Umm, delicious suji maa. Love you ! ” Lakshaya tells her.

” Saachi? Makkhan mat laguna, Lucky beta ” Sujata glares with a different manner.

” Maa! If Swara didn’t compliment you that doesn’t mean that I am telling a lie! Lakshaya tells while rolling his eyes.

” Lucky. …I am maa’s ladli bete.. you know! ” Swara tells while giving a hi-fi.

” And! Only if I compliment her, then the food is delicious…. not by your compliment! Swara adds.

Screen shifts to a lady of 50 years.. And a lady of 30.

” Just because of her, we lost our Swara! Our Shona!” Lady of 50 says.

” But maa, it wasn’t her fault. In fact, she didn’t know that this is going to happen with us. So stop blaming Sharmistha! ”

The lady of 30 years is Sharmistha.

” Par, Shekhar……..” Sharmistha was going to say something but stops when she sees Shekhar’s ( her husband’s ) hand.

” Aaj nahi Mishti. 6 saalo se tum mujhe rom rahi ho.. Aaj nahi” Shekhar tells her.

” Shekhar, ek baat haan le. Isme Sharmistha ki galti hai. Mujhe aur kuch nahi kehena , me jaa rahi hu sone.” Parvati tells.

” Maa, it isn’t Mishti’s fault. I told you once and that’s it! ” Shekhar replies Parvati.

” Shekhar, Chalo room me and let’s sleep.” Sharmistha tries to stop the matter.

” Only because you are telling, I am stopping this matter. ” Shekhar tells with a angry face and glaring at Parvati.

The screen again shifts to RagSan.

” I am proud to have a son and daughter like this, they are always happy with each other! DP tells.

” Haan ji, you are right. Even I am proud to be their mother. They always makes their mother and father proud.” AP tells.

” Chalo, Sanskar and Ragini. Go and do your homework. ” AP and DP tells.

” Ji Annu maa ” RagSan tells.

” Tumhare Ladle baache. .. They don’t care about their father.” DP tells AP.

” Nahi ji, nothing like that” AP tells him.

Screen again shifts to SwaLak. They are running and chasing and are again making Sujata mad…

” ARRE!! CHUP! KHAMOSHHHHHH! SWALAK BE QUIET” Sujata shouts like anything.

” Maa, see Swara, Your queen! She is chasing me !” Lakshaya complains about Swara to Sujata.

” Acchaa. If he is elder then me, then he should take care of me, but instead, he is complainin about me! He is a bad brother…” Swara again complains.

” Please, I beg you SwaLak. I want to rest. I am old not of your age. So please if you want to play then don’t shout or else go to sleep.! ” Sujata tells SwaLak.

” Maa, I am going to sleep. I don’t want to play with this Lucky ka baccha. ” Swara winks to Sujata.

” Haan, like I want to play with this cat.. who want to play with you? Billi. . Billi. ..” Lakshaya starts teasing her.

” If I am a cat, then you are chipkali. .. ” Swara teases Lucky.

” I beg you my SwaLak. Chup ho jao for God sake, please! ” Sujata begs them.

” Okay maa, bye. I am going to sleep. ” Swara tells Sujata.

” Bye my princess! ” Sujata tells her.

” Mom, can I go to Pankaj’s house to play? Please, I will be back when you call me. ” Lakshaya tells.

” Oh, Okay so if you are pleading, but come soon and I will call his mom and will ask you to come then you have to come. Or else, no television for you” Sujata tells.

” Ohh, Suji maa! I will come, Okay? Bye.”

Bye Lucky!

Episode freezes on RagSan, SwaLak, DP,AP and Sujata.

Precap- Swara to go her friend’s house and on the way she meets Sanskar.


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