SwaRagini ( Kismat Connection ) Episode 6

Episode 6

The episode starts with Ragini hugging Sanskar.

” Sanskar bhai ya! Now never walk carelessly. Otherwise I will not talk to you. ” Ragini tells her brother.

” Ragu. Don’t worry! I am your Sher brother na? I will recover today only ” Sanskar tells.

” Dekhte hai. Jo hara won Chuha ( mouse ) aur jo jeta who Sher! Ragini tells.

” Okay. Bet! ”

“Now childrent. Come here and finish your food fast. Please.” AP acts to plead them.

” Ji Annu maa. Don’t worry. And don’t plead” RagSan tells while chuckling.

They both finish their food by talking. AP gets teary eyed seeing their love for each other. Screen shifts to Sujata is trying hard to make SwaLak eat their lunch.

” Arre. SwaLak. Chup chap sit down! ” Sujata shouts.

” Ji maa. ” SwaLak becomes quiet and sits down

Sujata serves food to them. And she forwards a bite to Swara.

” Suji maa, aap aaj Lucky ko khilao. I will eat from my own. ” Swara tells her.

” Saachi? ” A surprised Sujata asks.

” Ji Suji maa. ” Swara tells her.

” I am proud of you Swara! ” Sujata tells.

She kisses her forehead.

” Ab maa. Feed me. ” Lucky tells again with a cute pout.

” Haa Lucky.. have patience dear” Sujata tells.

She feeds him.

Precap- ×××××××


Love u all..I thought u have lost intresting in this FF..sorry…


  1. Shrinjal



    Sorry for short update. .. … …
    I was busy
    Pls drop ur valuable comments
    I know it’s short but still ur comments are needed

  2. Anjali

    It’s OK but next time please make it longer. And today’s ep was 😍😍😍😍awesome . Update soon.

  3. Sanjanaagrawal


    |Registered Member

    Nice but plz a leap and it can’t be ragsan and swalak are bro sis I know they are not real but they are grown as bro sis it will be ridiculous …. so plz don’t make it swalak and ragsan and sry if u felt bad. …

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