SwaRagini ( Kismat Connection ) Episode 5


Hello it’s me back. I know you all must be thinking that my starting lines are much more than the episode… Sorry… I changed my writing style… Let’s get to episode now


The episode starts with SO calling DP and Ragini. They comes running down.

β€œ Kya hua maa? ” A worried Ragini asks.

β€œ Ragini , don’t worry, I am fine ” Sanskar assures her.

He tries getting up, but couldn’t.

β€œ Bhaiyyaa! ” Ragini shouts

β€œ Kya hua Ragu? ” Sanskar asks her.

β€œ Don’t assure me that you are fine, I already know. Annu maa, Lets take him to hospital ” Ragini tells AP.

β€œ Ragini is right, Ji‬ please call a doctorβ€œ AP tells DP.

β€œ Sure, wait a minute β€œ DP tells her.

β€œ Ji Sharma Sir,please come hereβ€œ DP tells

β€œ Okay, I’ll be in a minute ” Sharma tells.

After ten minutes Sharma comes .

β€œ Nothing to worry, he got a sprain β€œ Sharma tells them.

β€œ Doctor when will my Sanky bhaiya be well again ? β€œ

β€œ Don’t worry beta. Tommorow he will be fine β€œ Doctor tells.

Everyone thanks him and he leaves.

Episode ends on AP, DP Ragini’s face.

Precap – Not decided yet.


I am out of station but I posted.. The comments are very less. Why? Hasina, you are a silent reader then do comment please.. I need 20+ comments.. Excluding me…

I am still planning to quit it. Comments are very less. Maybe I will quit then no next episode from me.

Take care


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  1. Nyc episode dear ..:) …waitng for nxt part.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Mica

    luv it but too short, any way, luv it
    weewww you already told us will be 100 episodes and you u planning to quite ?
    never give up please

    1. Shrinjal

      Mica… Very less comments. I already quitted a ff which was so close to my heart!

  3. Shri, why are you going to quit?
    You’re an amazing thinker, you’re creative… Good luck and keep smiling ?
    This episode was amazing but short…

    1. Shrinjal

      Thank you Di… Was just waiting for your comment!! Well, it depends on your people’s comments… But why Hasina isn’t commenting??

  4. AnuAnn

    Nice yaar bt seems short

  5. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Nyc..hope dis story is of SwaSan Only.. Plzz.take a Leap asap.m show Young SwaSan n their love trck..hehej

  6. Manya

    Good?but short a longer one next time ?plzzz

  7. Meghs

    Good one?? sri see i am here finally i got time to read ff.. i comment whenever i free pls post asap dont quit…

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