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SwaRagini ( Kismat Connection ) Episode 4


Hello everyone…Shrinjal back with another update… Hope to see your wonderful comments again….thanks a lot…. Well, Halima di helped me in the title so a big thanks to her! Sorry fir short updates, I cant give long updates…. Sorry… Well and I changed my writing style… Episode is going to be small again as I have lack of time….


The episode starts with Swara telling Sujata…

β€œ You know Suji maa… I came first today in my class. ” Swara tells her happily…

β€œ See, I knew my Swara is going to do her best. ” Sujata tells her happily.

β€œ See, I knew no one loves me here ” A boy tells with a pout.

β€œ Arre, Lucky ka baccha… Where were you?” Swara asks him…

β€œ Mummy ki ladli beti, I was hiding behind the door, listening your talks. ” Lakshaya tells while being fake angry.

β€œ No Lakshaya, nothing like that, I was congratulating her ” Sujata tells.

β€œ Yes, I knew it. Do you know Suji maa that I and Pankaj are first in class ” Lakshaya tells.

β€œ Oh, Excellent! I thought Only me Swara beti cam be first ” Sujata tells while giving a hi-fi to Swara.

β€œ Maa ” Lakshaya tells while looking angry…

He goes from the room. Screen shifts to Sanskar.

β€œ You know Annu maa, again I am first ” Sanskar tells happily.

β€œ I prayed to God and see, I am confident my Sanskar will do well this year also.” AP tells while looking happy.

β€œ Ji Annu maa ”

β€œ Okay Sanskar, go get freshen up then come to eat food ” AP tells.

β€œ Okay maa, I will ” Sanskar tells.

He gets freshen up and when he was coming from the stairs, he fell down and got hurt.

β€œ Aahh ” Sanskar shouts.

AP comes running out and is shocked to see Sanskar.

β€œ SANSKAR! ” AP shouts.

Screen freezes On SwaLak, Sujata and AP’s face.

Precap – Sanskar rushed to hospital.

Sorry, TU ppl take a lot of time to upload a FF.

This is my mother’s phone and she doesn’t allow me to use phones for so long.. So bye!

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      Thanks a lot! You will know that in next episode.

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