SwaRagini ( Kismat Connection ) Episode 3

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!! Love you all! After writing this update I will reply everyone. Thank u everyone once again. Sorry for short updates..,. Here I start-

The episode starts with Sanskar submitting his test paper. Then Ragini is thinking a lot what to write in a question!

” He bhagwan! Kyu mene kuch yaad nahi kiya! Mujhe first aana tha Sanky bhai ke thara! ” Ragini murmurs

She thinks something . And writes answer!

” Chalo students! Submit your paper ” Teacher finally announces.

Ragini then submits here paper and Sanskar too submits his paper. Swara is thinking something.

” Swara, what happened? Did you finish your paper ” Teacher asks.

” Umm, no ma’am , I am thinking ” Swara tells her.

” Oh okay, ”

” Ohh no! I don’t think I ‘m going to be first! Surely that Lakshaya ka bacchha would win! ” Swara murmurs while writing.

Screen shifts to Lakshaya

” Yes! I will surely win from Swara ” Swara tells

” Thanks to my Annu maa. She loves me a lot ”
Sanskar tells while writing.

SwaLak RagSan finally submits their papers. Teacher checks and it’s hee time to tell the names of persons who are first.

” So, from this class, Divya and Swara ”
” From this class, Sanskar ”
” From this class, Lakshaya and Pankaj ”
” From this class, Ragini”

The teacher announces… They jumpes with joy.. It’s recess time. SwaLak, RagSan meets each other and hugs!

They reach their houses and tells their parents. Everyone is very happy

Precap – Didnt know what to put.

I changed my writing style. Waiting to see your Lovely comments. Thank you and sorry for short update… Love you. Comment everyone… I want to make this ff reach more than 100 episodes! It’s possible if you comment…

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  1. Mica


    |Registered Member

    huft.. where is my name ? i’m topper too you know ?bleh..hehhehe
    100 episode ? you should update this ff daily then… OK!

    • Shrinjal



      Thank you Mica… And yeah for that everyone needs to comment:-D . Hasina is a silent reader but u need to comment everyday for that. I

  2. Disha

    Heyyy such a stupid writing…. My 5 yr old brother can write better than u..maddest girl…u shouldn’t be writing a ff…u quoted ur 2 ffs na? Quit this one also…what a stupid writing…these comments r fake n m true…

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