SwaRagini (Kismat Connection) Episode 25

Kismat Connection

The episode starts with Swara getting up from him. She was blushing hard. She turns her face to the other side. Sanskar too gets up from the ground.

” Um…. Swara…” he calls out.

” yeah” she says while turning around.

” I wanna say you something,” he says.

” Ragini loves Lakshya,” He says.

Swara was numb for a moment. Then she spoke with a serious face.

“I wanna say you something too,” she said.

” What?” He asked.

” Lakshya too loves Ragini,” she said nervously.

He statered at her for a moment.

” Exactly!I was worried regarding this only,” He said and smiled.

She smiled too.

“Also, he told me that he’s gonna propose her today,” She said.

Then they headed where RagLak were there. RagLak were busy in hugging each other. Sanskar fake coughed to get their attention. They came back tu their senses. Swara starts giggling seeing es their faces.

” Stop giggling Shona,” Lakshya said embarrassed.

“Why not but you shouldn’t romance in public place…” Swara says while managing her laugh.

Lakshya gets irritated hearing her laugh and says frustratingly. ” stop!”
This time Swara stops laughing.

Precap: Family…

Sorry for the same Precap everyday.. Guys I wanted to say I might be leaving TU for some days or forever.. I don’t know whether I’ll leave it or not… Just hope for the best.. But if I’ll leave, I’ll leave after completing my FF’S.. And sorry for shirt update as j have my hindi exam tomorrow…

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