SwaRagini (Kismat Connection) Episode 24


Kismat connection

The episode starts with RagLak hugging. They are lost in their own world. Then, they break their hug. Lakshya cups Ragini’s face.

“Ragini, are you happy? I mean that
……” Lakshya says but gets interrupted.

“I know Lakshya, our families will not accept us. What I am thinking is that after SwaSan tell about them to parents, we will tell our parents about us….Okay?” Ragini asks.

“Yes Ragini.. But what if it’s too late?”
Lakshya asks.

“No.. Because maa papa themselves said they will not search anyone for me now..” Ragini says.

Lakshya doesn’t say anything but kissed her forehead. She smiles.

Screen shifts to SwaSan. They are seen walking and talking in the garden holding hands.

(There’s no one in the garden except them.)

“Swara.. I’m sure our parents wouldn’t accept us..” Sanskar asks worridly and Swara smiles.

“Then we’ll run away..” Swara says smiling.

“I’m serious Swara..” Sanskar says.

“I know they will. Sujata ma is always adamant but later on she always has to agree with me. She also wanted to choose the best life partner for me and you’re the only one.” Swara says and Sanskar kisses her forehead.

“What about you..?” Swara asks.

“Same as yours..” Sanskar says.

“Sanskar…Catch me if you can..” Swara says and starts running without giving him a chance to understand what she’s saying. After a minute he finally understands. He too starts running behind her.

“Swara… you won’t win from me..” Sanskar says and chases her.

“Then cache me..” Swara says.

When they were running, Swara suddenly slips and Sanskar too slips due to her. they’re in such a position that Swara is on top of him. They have completely lost their senses?!

Her face was so close to his. Her hairs are cut in such a shape that some of it is coming at the front. He tucked her hair behind her ear. They didn’t remeber that they were in public place (although they are alone). They were about to kiss but just then the reality strucks them and immediately Swara gets up from him. She was blushing hard.

Precap: SwaSan gets to know about RagLak and family’s decision.

Hey friends.. you all know that I’m the writer of Tujhse Hi also.. But I will not post Tujhse Hi for some days as I have to end Kismat Connection and Sanskar : I love you Swara. Swara : I love you too… Maybe after 15 days also.. I’m serious..

Answer my few questions.. (PLEASE EVERYONE ANSWER)

•Do you really want me to continue??
• Please silent readers comment..Will you all?
• Also I know that there’s no twist till now.. But there is gonna be a huge twist..
• Before 3 episodes I got 26 comments but now only 15!! Whats this?? I’m not saying to the one who are commenting regularly.. This really hurts a lot..
• Do you want SwaSan romance or a twist straight after 1 2 episodes?
• I’m really sorry to the ones who love my FF a lot.. As I have many works also na.. I can take a month also..(I’m really saying the truth..)

So..Remeber the above questions are for Tujhse Hi not Kismat Connection. I’m sorry if I’m rude but that really hurts a lot….

Take Care

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    1. Shrinjal

      Thank u dear..

  1. Scooby

    Wow superb chapie.. need twist and romance tujhse hi…

  2. Scooby

    Wow superb chapie…
    need both in tujhse hi

    1. Shrinjal

      Thank u navi…hmmm…Wil try giving both..

  3. Hemanshi

    Shrinjuuu bachhaaa seer shan told me that you asked me to read ur ff for a surprise and i read it OMG….you included me woowwww I am soo happy but u included ne as sanskar’s saali….not fair…..
    This episode was awesome
    And u dont need to end any ff ni matter how irregular u r…i can understand u but pls pls pls don’t end…..muahhhhhh my bachhaaa?????????????

    1. Shrinjal

      Diiiiiiiiii!!!! Call me cupcake..okay????
      And…….I’m so sorry for making u Sanskar’s saali *puppy face
      Nd Nd…acutely Sanskar I love u……..is a short story so it will be ended very soon….Nd yes I don’t kno how to take Kismat forward….so will be ending…but don’t worry I’m thinking a plot for my new FF….
      Thank u diii!!

      1. Hemanshi

        Aww my cupcake….don’t be sorry..means just joking
        Vese do you want to listen a good news??
        But it’s a top secret
        *****I am expecting*****
        Remember it’s a top secret soo shhhhh

    2. Shrinjal

      Di…can u tell me d good news again????

      1. Hemanshi

        Achha okk
        So the good news is that a new member is going to join me and my hubby?

    3. Sanswa

      Watttt I mean we heard it right…..hemanshi dii..oops can I call u dii¿¿….
      Bt wat kind of happiness is in air hunnn¿¿…. r u rly…OMG….!!!!!!☺☺☺….will u plzzz repeat what u just said…..plzz?…means dat lots of very bigggg gud news…repeat it dii again?

      1. Hemanshi

        Hehhe sanswa

        I know it’s difficult to believe even for me still I m not able to believe….but it’s true..

      2. Di..m talking with Hemanshi di

    4. Shrinjal

      Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..,……I won’t say anything here…private chat…will u chat with me???

      1. Sanswa

        Sry 2 interrupt bt hey kitten wid whom u r talking..?????

      2. Hemanshi

        Yes why not my cupcake come on let’s chat on private

      3. Hemanshi

        Shrinju there is a big surprise for u in the 13th episode of LMTA….so read it for sure

    5. Sanswa

      Welll wellll VERY BIG JUST LIKE KHALI TYPE HUGE CONGO….☺☺☺☺…..new member hunn????…..??…??…1ce again congratulations…!!!!!!

      1. Hemanshi

        *blush* *blush* *blush*
        Thanku soooo muchhhh????????????

      2. Hemanshi

        Sanswa are u there on Instagram?

    6. Sanswa

      No beautiful ladyyy..?

    7. K will read it buy u should post fast but but. ..If u will put stress na then see what will I do…??

  4. Awesome….plz don’t stop …. already swaragini going tomorrow…

    1. Shrinjal

      Thank u SwaSan…ok I will not stop but for that u have to comment…
      Nd I’ll continue my other ff not this one as I don’t know how to take d story forward…but u can res my other ff…btw thanks again

  5. Awesome dear…..

    1. Shrinjal

      Tq febi…

  6. nice as always..continue soon..bring d twist when u want to..tc..

    1. Shrinjal

      THank u much s…okk….tc

  7. Sanswa

    Just loved it

    1. Shrinjal

      Tq sanswa….I think you’re commenting for d first time..r u a silent reader??

      1. Sanswa

        No I don’t lyk 2 being a silent in any situation.. I 1st tym read dis 1 n rly liked it..u r appreciable writer..?

    2. Shrinjal

      Thank u sooooooooooooi much sanswa…….love u

      1. Sanswa

        Luv u 2 dea?…bt 4 wat dis much long chennai xpress of ‘thnxx’….hunnn???

    3. Shrinjal

      Hehe..just typed it down.,btw can I know ur age??

      1. Sanswa

        Awwe…*blushing hard…☺☺☺☺…dea dnt ask age 2 chicks…???..don’t c 2wards ms while m answering???…m of 19…*hiding face widin my pinky teddy??

    4. Oh then I should call u di..

      1. Sanswa

        No, u can call me by my nm ‘Effie’..?

  8. Mahavir

    hey shrinju….loved it dear awwwww mera bacccha how cute ff…i read this all in a go..it was really nice.keep going

    1. Shrinjal

      Maha…..muah…love u…thank u soooooiiio much dear….do u have time to read my other 2 FF??

  9. Zeestum2

    Yes I want you to continue , I want swasan romance and I was busy with exams so couldn’t comment but now I will love you and I missed you sooooooooo much Shrinjuuu ??????

  10. Zeestum2

    A BIG CONGO TO U HEMANSHI DI ??????????❤❤❤❤

  11. Aksharaa

    Mera choti Behan the episode is as cute as u r…mfabtastic love u

  12. Manasvi

    Love u shrinju..
    Dont end it yaar..
    And episode is amazing..
    Love u..
    Take care..

  13. Pls pls continue… m sorry couldn’t comment on time… its really good

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