SwaRagini (Kismat Connection) Episode 20


Hey everyone! I’m uploading two episodes today as I need to end this FF soon! Do give me rating out of 5.

The episode starts with SwaSan reaching their home. They see RagLak at the door.

“What happened Lakshya?” Swara asks him.

“Where were you?” He asks.

“I told you na…I went to meet Sanskar, my friend.” She says.

“Okay…Will you go to meet him tomorrow?” He asks.

“Yes, I’ll go. But why?” She asks him.

“Even I’ll go to meet him tomorrow.” Lakshya says..

“Okay baba..Now stop interrogating me. I’m going for having food.” Swara says.

Screen shifts to RagSan.

“Where were you?” She too asks him.

“I told you na….I went to meet Swara.” He says.

“Will you go to meet her tomorrow?” She asks.

“Yes, I will.” He says.

“The tomorrow even I’ll come with you to meet her.” She says.

“Okay..” He agrees.

Just then he sees Ajay running towards him.

“What happened Ajay?” Sanskar asks him.

“Vo….Sanskar…Ac…Actually….My frien….Friend…Had an acci…..accident..His condition is very critical..I’ll be going tomorrow..” Ajay says.

“When will you come back?” He asks.

“I don’t know…When he will be fine then I’ll come back.” He says.

“I don’t want you to go…But I know you’ll go…So come back soon.” He says.

“Okay Bhai..I’m going for packing.” Ajay says.

“I’m going for freshening, when I’ll come down I’ll help you too.” Sanskar says.

“Okay.” Ajay says.

Precap- Ragini coming with Sanskar and Lakshya coming with Swara to meet each other.

Hello guys. I’m gonna end this FF soon.. Do comment.. Some where I feel I’m dragging do I’ll be ending FF soon.


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  1. Hemanshi

    Shrinjuu uuu awesome…….
    From me 5/5…

    1. Shrinjal

      Awww…. Really di??
      Thank u so much! *kissing*

  2. Anniya

    Awsm part…..

    1. Shrinjal

      Thank u so much Anni di! *kissing*

    1. Shrinjal

      Thank u so much dear! *kissing*
      Besides, would you please rate this FF out of 5?

  3. Anu

    hey baby!! pehchanna mujhe!! its sammy only..just name change like this only!!…how r uh baby!! missing me or not?? i guess uh r not!! but i m missing uh alot!! marks kaise aaye exam me!! btw when is our birthday!! nd schul kaisa jarha h?

    1. Shrinjal

      Hey dii!! I missed you soooooooooo much! But you’re already registered and you didnt tell me! Why?!
      Results are not disclosed yet! Just hope for the best!
      My birthday..umm.I’ll MSG you.. School is going alright!!
      Have u read this episode?! If yes then do give me rating out of 5.

  4. Kakali

    Being honest n seeing d length of d chappy m giving u 3/5 okkk…
    love it…
    Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Shrinjal

      Thank u so much Kakali?

  5. Rabia

    ummmmmmm why would i tell u?? 😛 umm okay let me think……. i will give uuuu
    4.9999/5 becauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee there should always be a margin for improvement 😉
    if i gave u full marks then how can u create more awesome stories?? 😉

    1. Shrinjal

      Thank u soo much rabia di??

    1. Shrinjal

      Thank u so much s?
      Besides, would you mind rating this FF out of 5?

  6. Amazing
    And 5/5 dear .

    1. Shrinjal

      Aww..Thank u so much Ashnoor ?

  7. A.xx

    Nice loved it and waiting for the next epi,
    keep rocking.xx

    1. Shrinjal

      Thabk u so much a.xx?
      Besides, would you mind rating this FF out of 5?

      1. A.xx


    2. Shrinjal

      Thank u so much!!

  8. Aarya

    Nice ….one?sorry dear for late cmnts…….seeing ur ff and os a smile always crept to my lips…..love u dear..??i will cut 0.5 for it bcz its soo short……..but i knw u hv to manage a lot of things…..cls ,studies, dance class,thn so many ffs nd os……so for ur amazing management skills and lovely updates ,and great efforts…… Vl give u 5/5??? + ??????????so many stars and kisses als???

    1. Shrinjal

      Thank u soooooo much dii!!! Thank u sooooooo much
      No emojis r available as its my iPad..huh!
      *lots of hugs and kisses from my side too*
      Yeah! I need to manage soo much….thnk u di
      *lots of kisses*

  9. Wonderful

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