SwaRagini ( Kismat Connection ) Episode 2


Hello I am back and yeah Halima di helped me in the title. So a bigg thank u to her. I saw only 6 comments yesterday. Be honest and tell me if you don’t like it, I will quit. And yeah SwaRagini are adopted by RP and DP so SwaLak aren’t brother sister and RagSan aren’t bro-sis. So if
want I can make RagSan also. Well, now I start and episode will be short as I have lack of time. Here I start-
The episode starts with SwaLak going school .
On the way Lakshaya tells-

Lakshaya- Swara, today we both have our exam
and I will be first in my class.

Swara- NO. Never. Lets do a bet

Lakshaya- Excellent! Well Father, you see I will
be first.

RP is driving the car. He says- Lakshaya, don’t be over confident. I know my son and daughter will always win.

SwaLak- Yes papa, we will always win. Afterall your SwaLak are here to make you proude.

RP- Ohh! SwaLak.. Seems interesting… You both made your nickname also.. Now I am confident that my SwaLak are here to make me proude.

SwaLak- Ohh yes we will and pappaaaa!

RP- Ufff, kya hua?

SwaLak – Papa, you left the school, it’s behind.

RP- Ohh! I totally forgot..

He takes a U- turn and leaves them to School.

RP- All the best SwaLak!

SwaLak- Thank you Dad, Love you!! See you!

They enter their classroom ( their classrooms are different, remember ) and teacher provides them worksheet and question paper. Screen shifts to Sanskar, he is concentrating on his paper. He completes after an hour and submits it. SwaLak also submits their paper.

Precap – Teacher announces the students who came first.

Hello. Please read n I want 20 comments atleast. Otherwise I will quit.

Take care
Thank you for reading

Take care


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    1. Shrinjal

      Thank u Shagun n j…

  1. Please don’t quit
    And plzzz keep it as swasan because I am a huge fan of swasan and the epi is good waiting for the next part

  2. Good one dear….

  3. Don’t quiet if this good story everyone will read… I have a pblm..I can’t read rag and San as pairs…
    Plz continue Dr…..

  4. With out ragsan scenes it’s tough to comment

  5. nice..swasan..

  6. Janviiivyas

    Hey shrinjal…if u will make more friends then you will get ?ore comments it is reality

    The episode was very good ..please you also read my 2 ff also
    Janam janam saath rehna mere
    Swasan and raglak ka love after marriage
    Flirtholics vs danceholics
    Or you should team up with someone and create a new account on tu and write the ff ….it would be more encouraging……

    So now about the epi
    It was nice and simple but very good … you need to have some intense scenes and. clear all the doubts ….so you will get great responses….. May your ff reach till 500 epi ….
    Look I am so lazy in writing ….

  7. Hey shrinj… 🙂 …it ws nyc episide dear but no ragini scene…waitng for rags n plz dnt quit…it ws an awesome ff plz cont… it dear!! N i lyk bth ragsan n raglak so wt ever u pair i”ll b happy 🙂 …keep rockng dear 😉 😉

  8. Awesome Shrinjal, actually I’m not logged on and couldn’t be asked but don’t quit, it’s a nice FF.
    Take care and keep smiling ?

  9. Hey, don’t quit, it’s good and I’m a silent reader, I thought to comment as you said you will quit.

  10. Mica

    you can write everything of your fabulous idea Shrinjal…
    but, i can’t bear ragsan for sure…
    but it’s OK ! as a reader i will just skip it.
    keep writing…

  11. Soujanya


  12. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome…. and plz continue …

  13. Arshaanya

    Jus want swasan as pair…. ragsan as bro sis luk gud… cnt bear dem as pair…

  14. Heyyy what a stupid writing. Don’t you know how to write a ff? My 5 yr old brother can write better then you..stupid girl…u shouldn’t be writing a ff..,,,maddddest girl…u should stop ur ff…these comments are totally fake. You quitted your other 2 ffs na? Quit this one also!

  15. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. Plzzz do continue.. Don’t give any damn to bashers who r commenting here.. They don’t know how to appreciate works.. And plzz try to write long parts.. Loved swasan as pair..can’t tolerate rag..San but like swalak and raglak

    1. Hey Annuan don’t u knowing how to write a ff? Mind your tongue

  16. Shrinjal I think u don’t know how to write a ff. U write very badly that I can’t express it. My 5 yr old brother can write better than u. U quitted ur 2 ffs na. Quit this one also.these comments r ll fake.m true

  17. Alia

    amazing..but pls keep it swasan

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