SwaRagini (Kismat Connection) Episode 18

Hello guys, I’m back! Thank you for your love..Seriously I didn’t expect that TU will give me so many friends..I’m really thankfull to everyone!
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The episode starts with Swara calling Sanskar..He picks up the phone. He sees unknown number.

“Hello? Who’s this speaking?” He asks..

“Hey Sanskar!” she says. 

He gets shocked and wonders how the girl knows his name.

“Who are you?” He asks her.

“I’m..I’m Swara. Your childhood friend.” She says.

Sanskar jumps with joy hearing this..

“Swara?? Are you really the Swara whom I knew ages before?” He asks being surprised.

“Yes Sanskar. I’m your childhood friend.” She says happily.

“Swara..I want to meet you right now..Wait for me in the place we always used to meet.” He says..

“Okay..Come soon.” She says.

Sanskar’s POV

“Huh?! It’s Swara! My childhood bestie..But why was I so happy after knowing she called me? I never got so happy like that even when Ragu surprised me…But..Today..Why?? Do I love her? I don’t know whether I love her or not..I have not ever experienced that type of feeling in my whole life…..” 

POV ends
He takes his car keys and reaches the place where Swara was standing. She was already present there. But he didn’t knew her face..But as there was only Swara standing. He went and asked her “Are you Swara?” Hoping answer is yes.

“Yes!” She says.

“Are you Sanskar?” She asks him.,

“Yea. I’m” he says..

They have a deep eye lock.

Precap- Their talk.
Sorry for short update as I need to study..And I’ve started a new FF “how much you love me?” on shakti..do read it if you can..Thank you..

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    ELSE..Thnx..I need to prepare for my test so….bye!!

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