SwaRagini (Kismat Connection) Episode 16

Hey friends!! I’m back with next part of “Kismat Connection”..Thank you for your comments in anaylasis..I have my exams so I’ll upload irregularly (I told you in TH)..

“Ajay you are looking too thin, haven’t you been eating food properly?” Sujata tells him.

“Mom, so much of studies…Who will want to eat food then?” He asks her..

“But still, you……” She gets interrupted by Ragini..

“Maa, how are you?” She asks her..

“Haan, kyu? Mujhe kya hoga?” She asks her..

“Nahi, aise hi.” Ragini tells her.

*** ****** ****

Screen shifts to SwaLak..They’re studying together..

“No Lucky, iska answer ye nahi hai” Swara tells him.

“Oh..Then tell me what’s the answer?” He asks her..

She tells him the answer…

“Chalo, SwaLak. Come down eat your lunch.” They hear AP shouting..

“Ji maa..Aaye” SwaLak shouts..

They go and eat their food..
****** ********* ********

Screen shifts to Sanskar..He’s talking with Ajay..

“So how are you? Do you know how much we missed you?” He tells him..

“Even I missed you bhai, Maa wasn’t well from years so I had to take care of her.” He tells him..


“How’s Chachiji now?” He asks him..

“She’s good but not totally fine” He tells sadly..

Precap- Not decided!

I can’t write more..Sorry!!
Please tell me what to improve, be honest, remember?! Pleaseee!!If you’ll be honest then only I’ll improve..Thank you everyone and to silent readers also…Silent readers pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee comment!!!!!!

(How’s the cover pic for this episode?? And please suggest an actor for Ajay….Votes began now and will be closed on Friday!!)


  1. |Registered Member

    Hey Shrinju, Your ff is amazing dear….Really Loved it…But Itu sa chapter…Koi bat nahi…After Exams post regularly…Okey….I will read your other ff tomorrow…
    Bye and Take Care..
    Love u loads..

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